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  1. Version 1.0.4


    A map based on the iconic De_Dust2 from Counter-Strike bought into C&C Renegade. This is the night-time version which allow vehicles on the map, there's also the even smaller daytime version which is infantry only and a deathmatch version. Features of this map: - 2 Vehicle entrances and 3 infantry entrances, there are gates for 1 of the vehicle entrances and 1 of the infantry ones -Refinery/Hand of Nod/Airstrip/Silo vs Refinery/Barracks/Weapons Factory/Silo -Shrine of Nod is a building that provides nuclear strike beacons to Nod, so if destroyed you cannot buy nukes anymore -GDI Communications Center is a building that provides ion cannon beacons to GDI, so if destroyed, you cannot buy ion anymore -Guard tower and turret have EVA sounds when they are under attack or destroyed (There are 2 of each, both are near the two vehicle entrances) -Rocket Humm-vee and Recon bikes are here but they are slower as this is small map, TOW Humvee is same speed as a regular humvee, the bike have the same speed as a buggy -Bots are configured to play on this map, there are only some minor issues but they do destroy and finish the match. -Oh, and the bushes are not bulletproof, it's not like Creekdale! Special thanks to: -DemonicXTC13 (Mortalc13) for providing help on this map with GDI Comm Center and Shrine as well as placing all the manual VIS points -Blacky for providing tutorials for field lights and other things -Unstoppable for giving useful advice and tips -PwnCall for giving useful advice and tips -Trunkskgb
  2. Forithow


    Version b4


    Medium-large sized map, symmetrical from both sides, two entrances with 4 tunnels from both bases that lead into the middle or the opposing base. NIght time snowy winterland situated on a giant iceberg. Contains Recon Bike and TOW Humm-vee.
  3. Version 1.0.4


    Introduction: This is a refresh of an old project started by Gen Blacky (aka Mr. Z) with help from Slave and ErroR. It is a project that converted the first person weapon models to replace the original Westwood third person and back carried models. Read the entire description for complete list of changes. Credits.txt and Readme.txt files are included as well as the source files for both Glen Blacky's and mine. In this refresh of the project, there are multiple fixes: Global Weapon Fixes and Changes: Used the first person models (as is without scaling) for third person, back carried, and pickups to fix scaling inconsistencies Welded all the vertices on the weapon polygons; doing this fixed micro gaps Brightened the beams, displays, flares, and lights for first and third person models Added reflection to all digital displays, laser beams, rifle scopes, and laser rifle's crystal (in XXXX_alt folders) Removed all beams, display textures, flares, and lights from back carried models for proper (not in use/powered down) appearance Made all the weapon flares, and lights cam-parallel Made the weapon muzzle flashes that weren't in separate mz_xxxx#.w3d files brighter and cam-parallel Fixed the smoothing groups; doing this fixed poorly shaded and visible triangles Fixed all the back carried models' rotation and pivots Auto Rifle: Added the missing front faces and texture Fixed texture wrapping on the weapon's chassis Fixed texture wrapping on clip Fixed third person hand position C4-Proximity: Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match the original model's ***Included an alternate model with the arms fully extended out C4-Remote: Fixed the straps not being 2-sided on the side opposite to the remote Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match those of the other weapons C4-Timed: Fixed the rotation of the third person model so that the C4 now appears upright Fixed the back carried model's orientation to match those of the other weapons Chain Gun: Moved the back and front meshes closer to the weapon's chassis to remove small gaps Fixed texture inconsistencies on the chain belt and gun handle Scaled the chain mesh by -0.55% to appear more fitted Fixed the chain mesh not having inner faces Adjusted the chain texture's VPerSec from 7.0 to 10.0 to match the rotation speed of the weapon's barrels Modified the non-rotating cylindrical meshes to rotate with the barrels Chem Sprayer: Fixed texture inconsistencies Removed gaps between the tip, top bridge, and canister Fixed goo mesh's texture inconsistencies, they are now seamlessly wrapped Scaled canister's goo1 mesh by -0.80% to appear more fitted Fixed the reload animation, pc000 and pc001 weren't removing with the clip f_cm_chem due to not having checked only export geometry and unchecking transform bone Fixed the back carried model to have the goo1 and goo2 mesh texture Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate model with reflective glass over the clip canister Flamethrower: Made the torch2 flame muzzle cam-parallel Enhanced the brightness of the torch flame Fixed the trigger missing faces on the right side of the weapon Fixed third person hand position Grenade Launcher: Removed a gap between compressor canister and launcher chassis Resized the clip to remove large gaps and appear fitted Resized the f_cm_gren clip to match Ion Cannon Beacon: Moved the locks closer to the center to remove gaps Moved the panel pieces on third person model to remove gaps Rotated the third person model to match the remote C4's hand position Rotated the back carried model to match the C4'(s) facing ***Included an alternate model that has the locks and dish parts fully extended, now matches the deploying animation ***Included an alternate model with the missing lock lights restored Laser Chain Gun: Removed a gap between gun barrel rotor and gun chassis Changed the topbeam texture's VPerSec from 1 to 10 to match the barrel rotation speed Fixed the firing animation to match the rate of fire, to behave more like a chain gun, and removed gaps and mesh clipping seen in the original animation Laser Rifle: Made the crystal's color more saturated to prevent the reflective layer from washing out the color Nuclear Strike Beacon: Moved feet vertices to fix overlapping/clipping Extended the 4 receivers out on third person/world model Personal Ion Cannon: Removed a gap between the scope and gun chassis Fixed clipping between the rotor and scope Fixed the muzzle flash for first person but it doesn't appear after every shot Fixed third person hand position Pistol: Fixed the reload animation, the clip wouldn't drop from the weapon due to having an incorrect pivot hierarchy order Fixed broken vertices on clip Fixed bad texture wrapping on clip Rail Gun: Removed a small gap between suppressor support and barrel Ramjet Rifle: Removed a small gap between hydraulic and gun barrel Fixed third person hand position Repair Gun: Removed gaps between canisters and tubes Fixed the third person model's muzzle flash so that the two smaller flashes are no longer cam parallel and fixed their rotation, so they don't clip through the weapon Rocket Launcher: Removed a small gap between screen and launcher body Resized the launcher loader to remove large gaps Shotgun: Centered the back carried model Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate model that has no stock ***Included an alternate back carried model that has the stock folded to match the original back carried model Sniper Rifle: Changed the white light back to red to match the original model Removed a gap between scope and rifle body Fixed the texture wrapping on the clip Replaced the individual clip model f_cm_snip with the one that's actually used on the weapon Fixed third person hand position ***Included an alternate back carried model with the scope lid in the closed position Tiberium Auto Rifle: Changed the white lights back to green to match the original model ***Included an alternate model with an edited texture that has the canister's color changed to grayscale, added an animated goo mesh over the canister similar to the effect on the Chem Sprayer Tiberium Flechette Gun: Removed unnecessary faces from the inside of the weapon model ***Made the clip glass clear and reflective Volt Auto Rifle: Fixed the animated electric texture on the right side of the weapon Removed gaps between the electric currents and the weapon's chassis Made the electric currents 2-sided Fixed the pivot orientation of the flares on the first person model ***Included an alternate model with a glass cover over the electric currents ***Included an alternate model with a red beam styled to Westwood's original model This package contains a batch file for easy install/customization, and a readme for installation. Please enjoy and if you should use this in any mod or on a server please give credit to everyone involved in this project.
  4. Just a simple guide to install Renegade: 1: You need to have Renegade first. To acquire Renegade: • You need to buy Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection from Origin. The collection contains C&C: Renegade. You can view Origin page of it here. • You can also use Online Renegade installer built from FDS and Demo files with no Single Player support, available from here. 2: Download and install TT Patch to Renegade installation folder from here. 3: Done! You can find WOL/XWIS servers in "Multiplay Internet > Westwood Online > Advanced Game Listings" menu (if you've provided a serial key while installing, or you got the game from Origin), GSA list in "Multiplay Internet > Gamespy" menu. If you don't want to wait for TTFS installation while joining, use our mappack installer here. You can quickly join MPF Hosted Servers from here if you have MasterList or RenLauncher installed. Steps to install these are detailed in the linked page. Optionally; you can adjust display, sound, graphics settings from WWConfig.exe located in your Renegade Installation folder.
  5. Version 1.0


    This one is not actually a playable map. This map uses a single tiled texture everywhere in a large box, that allows green-screening and chroma mapping of game elements. Please refer to "readme.txt" for setup guide of the map.
  6. Version 1.1.1


    Thanks for Olaf @ xwis.net, ExEric3 and unknown for the contribution of this API! WOLSharp is a light, fast and simple WOL client written in C#, that may handle Renegade games and can send pages, manage buddies and list servers, with their datas. You may find example usages in the pack. Please read the readme file before working with API. If you experience an issue, please contact and drop a bug report at https://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv.
  7. Version 1.0


    High Resolution Playerlist by rackz
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a very simple FDS restarter, starter and stopper with IRC controls. You can start your FDS and bot which are configurable. On first launch, manager will drop a file named "Config.ini" with default values and closes itself. You should modify FDSExec, BotExec, Nickname and Ident keys before launching application. You may use ExecuteOnConnect section in Config.ini to execute commands on startup, or register your bot. Valid commands are: !startfds, !startbot, !stopfds, !stopbot, !restartfds, !restartbot, and !restart (restarts FDS and Bot) If you find a bug or application generates a crashdump, please report them to me from http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv If you have suggestions, you may comment below as well. (Support for this application is dropped.) This project uses Atlantis 4.1.3 and Atlantis.Net.Irc 4.1.6 You may find Atlantis 4.1.3 at https://github.com/zloveless/Atlantis. Thanks for using my project!
  9. Unstoppable


    Version 1.0 Hotfix #2


    This tool mixes the Renegade models, textures, sounds and text files (like cinematics). Please backup "always.dat" before messing with the tool. Application interface is intentionally bad and by running it, you will take the responsibility of unwanted behaviour or damage to game. Type bugs in comments and I will fix them next release.
  10. Looking for some testers to help with a ongoing UltraAOW overhaul project. To apply all you need to do is be a regular on server and join the Discord and you might receive an invite from us. While this is an invite only process it cant hurt to mention if you are interested.
  11. I realize its a bit late for Easter but with the release of scripts 4.7 Update 1 it is now possible to host my Easter Island map locally! Enjoy! Easter_Island.zip
  12. Version 1.32


    WARNING! This plugin only works with DA 1.10.2! Plugin reports building health percentages and repairing messages ingame with EVA sounds like below. Messages are configurable from it's configuration file "BuildingWarnings.ini". Plugin is capable of: - Reporting vehicles with building type (like Turrets). - Custom preset names to report (everything of every type). - Configurable message colors. - Sending building percentages to enemy team. - Customizable message cooldown. Configuration is self-documented so you should be able to do the configuration without an external documentation. If you find a bug, let me know in comments or join http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv and report the bug in #bug-discussion channel. I check Discord more often. Source Code
  13. Version 1.8


    https://multiplayerforums.com/games/imperial-age/ The maps and game-modes are mostly designed by current and/or former MPF Developers such as @Pwn Call @trunkskgb me @zunnie and former Developer @ImperialKaskins. Coding of the server, brenbot and veterancy were done by me @zunnie @unknown @Genesis2001 and @sla.ro for the most part. The game sport a wide range of variety to play with many units, buildings, weapons and powerups. We also have a dozen maps available that were created by the Renegade Community over the years since 2002! Fight as the Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod in a fictionary C&C World. Attack the enemy base buildings to win while protecting your own. Renegade is not needed to play this, it is a Standalone Installation. Have fun playing!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This version of Renegade is based on Renegade Demo and FDS files that EA have released freely. Single Player is not avaliable! Note this is not the full version of Renegade, If you want the full version you need to buy it from here
  15. In this tutorial I'll tell about how to create your TTFS server, containing your packages and maps. This tutorial will assume you installing the web server into a Windows system, for the first time (while no other instances of any web server running), FDS being in the same computer, and use the web server for only TTFS hosting. 1- Install XAMPP XAMPP is the most popular (as far as I know) hosting application. You can see a list of downloads at here. The main topic of this post is not how to install XAMPP, but I'll tell the steps briefly: - Download the latest version of XAMPP. - On "Select Components", we only need "Apache". You can untick everything else. But if you know what you're doing, you can choose other stuff. - You're done! You can control web server from "Apache" module in Control Panel. 2- Prepare your server Now, navigate to your XAMPP folder, then "htdocs" folder. You'll find some initial files there, you can delete them all. Open your notepad, and save that blank file at your "htdocs" folder as index.html, don't forget to choose All Files (*.*) from dropdown. This file will prevent others to see your web site root. 3- Create a symbolic link Symbolic links are shortcut-kind links which appears as folders or files. We'll use this to link our server's TTFS folder to web server. Open a Command Prompt, and navigate to your web server's "htdocs" folder with "cd" command. Then, type the following command: "mklink <Your server name here> /d <Your server's TTFS directory here>" <Your server name here>: Name of the link. <Your server's TTFS directory here>: The root folder of your TTFS. For example: "mklink MyServerTTFS /d "D:\MyServer\Renegade\FDS\ttfs" You're done! Now if you check your "htdocs" folder, you'll see a shortcut named <Your server name here>. And when you open it, it'll appear in your "htdocs" folder instead of taking you to actual place. 4- Configure tt.cfg We need to tell the server where your TTFS server is. First, you need to find out your public IP address. To do that, go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ and note down your IP address. Now, go to your server's tt.cfg and open it. Scroll down until you see "repositoryUrl". Type in "http://<Your IP address here>/<Your server name here>" <Your IP address here>: The IP address you noted down. <Your server name here>: The server name you entered in 3rd step. Now Renegade knows where your TTFS server is. 5- Final touches If you need to open ports, open the default port, which is 80, on TCP protocol. You made it! If you have any questions, problems or you think I missed something, let me know in comments.
  16. Version 1.31


    Simply when the game feature is loaded (see below), it can force team, replace player models and forces your team to a specific team when game over is triggered, by the configuration options below. The main aim of this plugin to make Deathmatch maps funnier to gather all players in a single team and freely kill themselves. Damage and kill points of all soldiers are set to negative equivalent, so nobody will have negative score for this teaming rule. You should do some configuration modifications before making the plugin fully-functional. In "da.ini", under "Plugins": In "da.ini", under "General": In "da.ini", create new section "DMPlugin": All of the settings are also compatible with gamemode specific configurations such as da_deathmatch.ini, so you can enable/disable it like, in "da_deathmatch.ini", under "General" or no category: Thank you for using this plugin! Source code is available at TheUnstoppable/DMPlugin in GitHub.
  17. So, the TT developers want to know if players are still using outdated Windows versions like XP, Vista or 7. You can contribute to poll and help them. Please choose the device(s) you use to play Renegade.
  18. Server Changes: • Powerups such as double damage, mobius shield, ammo regeneration, etc. are now back and spawning. • Crates were stopping their spawn routine after a point, now they spawn and it was related with the issue above. • We also did some changes to our crate model system that may become useful on events, or special days. • When base power goes offline then online, Stealth Generator was not working, but it works now. • Beacons that are not disarmable (such as deploying them in SAM Sites, etc.) are now automatically disarmed. • Blocked !veh command execution in enemy base. Map Fixes: - Tropical Warfare: • Fixed VIS issues in tunnel. • Fixed tiberium deposit zones. • Removed PTs from hill. • Made captured repair pads refill helicopters. • Removed extra powerup spawners. • Added tank blockers around entrances of tunnel, and behind the map. - Snowy Mountains: • Fixed a lot of VIS issues. • Added dollars to somewhere near Tiberium Field. (1 each) • Applied some gameplay balancements. • Removed the tree that was blocking GDI Harvester. - Quick Draw: • Applied a server-side fix to prevent a crash to clients when buying (or somehow spawning) Stealth Tank. This map might come back to our rotation soon Greetz, MPF Development Team; unknown, sla.ro and Unstoppable.
  19. You may improve this or suggest better ideas.
  20. Another update post yay! Fixed bug with !mindcontrol that caused unlimited ammo - thx @sla.ro Reduced number of kills required on MPF_Snipers Disabled unlimited ammo on C&C_Air Disabled unlimited ammo on C&C_Tropical2 SBH can pickup extra weapons again Tweaked beacon prevent to not be as restrictive The issue that would cause bot to go offline is hopefully fixed now. Bumped up required TT version to join the server Replaced MPF_High_Altitude with High_Altitude version for now It's no longer required to change character at the start of C&C_Mars for low gravity to take effect Melta can no longer drive vehicles Added new moderator @puppie New map Snowy_Mountains by @Unstoppable Marathon mode is now TimedMarathon at 4 hours. - May adjust later Adjusted the health of the vet !agt/!ob. Renamed the noob taunt. - poor seif Disabled 10 sec beacons on all stock maps Disabled 10 sec beacons on all IA maps Fixed vehicle crate spawn position on Lost_Coast Fixed vehicle crate spawn position on Desert_Siege @>>NF<<HAVOC has started a club called Tips & Tricks To Renegade If you know some good tips, help him out.
  21. Anyone agree with me? Often people just don't vote up and we will stuck in a suck map. Decrease the max vote amount or make them like Next Map voting.
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