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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a very simple FDS restarter, starter and stopper with IRC controls. You can start your FDS and bot which are configurable. On first launch, manager will drop a file named "Config.ini" with default values and closes itself. You should modify FDSExec, BotExec, Nickname and Ident keys before launching application. You may use ExecuteOnConnect section in Config.ini to execute commands on startup, or register your bot. Valid commands are: !startfds, !startbot, !stopfds, !stopbot, !restartfds, !restartbot, and !restart (restarts FDS and Bot) If you find a bug or application generates a crashdump, please report them to me from http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv If you have suggestions, you may comment below as well. This project uses Atlantis 4.1.3 and Atlantis.Net.Irc 4.1.6 You may find Atlantis 4.1.3 at https://github.com/zloveless/Atlantis. Thanks for using my project!
  2. Version 1.0


    Is PackageEditor.exe is hard for you to use? Did you bored of long process to do a Package Editor action with console? Do you hate using console to do Package Editor actions? Here's TT Package Editor Tool! This tool will let you do amazing stuff with PackageEditor without a console, or wasting long time! Tool has some cool built-in features, and a User Interface to ease your life and time! You can find, install, download, convert, uninstall, list. And compatible with every server! You don't need to put the tool in your server directory! Just open it, and press "Open", and select your server's Package Editor executable. And BOOM! You can ask for help below, and report bugs too. BUT, For the fastest bugfix and help, please click here. Thanks for using my tool
  3. Version 1.0


    A tool for RenegadeFDS Package Editor. You don't need to run command prompt continously for package editor. Open it and use. Enjoy! Planning to do in version 1.1: - Adding User Interface - App configuration for use this application without server's folder. (Now, working on new version... Curently stopped developing) This version is no longer supported and I strongly recommend you the new version of this tool. You can view it down below.
  4. Version 1.0


    This plugin sends a host message and/or game log message when detects a ingame or joining client lost connection with server. There are 5 different client variables to send with host message. You have to add the following configuration to da.ini in order to make plugin work. This plugin is not tested properly. Please open an issue on GitHub or report the bugs on comment section. This plugin only works with RenSharp 1.3 with Dragonade 1.99! Features: - Sends host message when player disconnects. - 5 client variables to send with host messages. - Game Log feature. The source of this plugin can be found at https://github.com/TheUnstoppable01/ConnectionLostDetector. RenForums Topic: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=tree&th=41253&start=0& CONFIGURATION: (Add this into da.ini) [ConnectionLostDetector] ;Plugin made by MasterCan. ;This settings can be edited from game mode ini files as well. ;By default, these values will be used. ;This plugin only workis with RenSharp 1.3 with DA 1.99 ;GameLog: Logs a line like "_CONNLOST <Name> <ID> <Serial> <IP> <Version>" when a player loses connection with server. GameLog=true ;Message: The message that will be sent to ingame as Host message. Leaving blank won't send any message. ;Message Variables: $_PNAME = Returns player name. ; $_PID = Returns player ID. ; $_PSERIAL = Returns player serial hash. ; $_PIP = Returns player IP address. ; $_PVER = Returns player game version. ; ; !!! ALL OF THE VARIABLES ARE CASE SENSITIVE !!! Message=$_PNAME has lost their connection with server. (ID:$_PID)
  5. Version 1.0


    This plugin plays the sound that every player choose when they joins. Players can adjust their join sound and their play delay (Sound plays after X,X seconds) You can see all command helps by typing "!<command alias> help" command. You have to add the following configuration to da.ini in order to make plugin work. This plugin is not tested properly. Please open an issue on GitHub or report the bugs on comment section. This plugin only works with RenSharp 1.3 with Dragonade 1.99! Features: - Plays sound when player joins. - Players can set their play delay. - Admins can change player's sound data. - Admins can set disabled sound files. - Admins can set min and max delay times. (Set both values same to lock delay amount.) - Values are being stored in a JSON file. - A gamelog is being logged when a join sound played. The source of this plugin can be found at http://github.com/TheUnstoppable01/JoinSounds. RenForums Topic: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=493147&#msg_493147 CONFIGURATION: (Add this into da.ini) [JoinSounds] ;Plugin made by MasterCan. ;This settings can be edited from game mode ini files as well. ;By default, these values will be used. ;This plugin only works with RenSharp 1.3 with DA 1.99 ;CommandTriggers: Type here the player commands aliases that you want to trigger when executed. (Delimeter: |) ; !alias set/change <sound.wav> - Changes player sound. ; !alias remove - Remove player's join sound. ; !alias delay <decimal> - Sets player play delay. CommandTriggers=!js|!joinsnd|!snd ;AdminCommandTriggers: Type here the admin commands aliases that you want to trigger when executed. (Delimeter: |) ; !alias set/change <player name> <sound.wav> - Changes player sound. ; !alias remove <player name> - Remove player's join sound. ; !alias delay <player name> <decimal> - Sets player play delay. ; !alias show <player name> - Show player's join sound data. ; !alias clear - Removes all player datas. ; !alias save - Attempts to save changes on players datas. This is automatically executed when something changes. AdminCommandTriggers=!jsa|!joinsndadmin|!asnd ;AdminLevel: The required access level number to execute admin commands. AdminLevel=4 ;ClearLevel: The required access level number to clear player datas. This is seperated from Admin Level because of some cases. ClearLevel=6 ;DatabaseFile: File name that you want to store player's join sound information. DatabaseFile=Users.json ;MaxDelay: Maximum delay that a player can set. (in seconds, use ",") MaxDelay=10,0 ;MinDelay: Minimum delay that a player can set. (in seconds, use ",") MinDelay=1,0 ;DisableList: Type here the sound filenames to prevent users selecting. (Delimeter: |) DisableList=amb_airraid.wav ;GameLog: Logs a line like "_JOINSND <PlayerName> <SoundName>" when a join sound played. (NOT WHEN PLAYER JOINED!) GameLog=true
  6. Version 1.0


    I have been working for this for weeks!! And now it is finally done. It is a basic web server runs along with FDS. It can get game definitions such as server name, map, etc. and can create a customizable embed as picture with cool features. It logs every event in a file you specify. Just put RenWeb.dll and Newtownsoft.Json.dll into your FDS and add ONLY RenWeb.dll under RenSharpPlugins section! Plugin is designed to work with only RenSharp 1.3! This plugin automatically extracts some HTML and Embedding files as a tutorial, if your HTTP Root Folder is empty. You can access to your web server with your IP or host and your port (if it is 80, port not needed). You can specify your custom error pages and MIME types! There are some special MIME types to work with RenWeb embeds, etc. You can contact to me and tell me the variable or leave the variable you want to see in comments! So I can add it for you. My hands and my brain get tired of thinking the features of this beautiful plugin. You have to install this to see it's cool features! For instance, the MaxRen Server is running part-time. If you are lucky, you can view it live! Main Page of Default RenWeb: http://mastercan.hopto.org:7550/ Example Embed of RenWeb Render: http://mastercan.hopto.org:7550/ExampleEmbed.embed NOTE: This plugin might require administrator priviliges to run. If it's not working, please try running server as administrator. Server has a config file to work with, I'll leave that here. But just know, plugin creates it too! You don't need to add it by hand. [RenWeb] ;Plugin made by MasterCan. ;This settings can be edited from game mode ini files as well. ;By default, these values will be used. ;This plugin only works with RenSharp 1.3 with DA 1.99 ;Basic documentation of RenWeb ;RenWeb is processing all of your HTML files before sending them to client. RenWeb checks all elements for it's tokens and it decides which is a server info and which is not. ;RenWeb replaces any text when it finds a match with it's prefix. If the variable is wrong, it returns nothing. ;Example: "<span class="MyServerName">$RenWebHTML_ServerName</span>". RenWeb processes and sends this to client as "<span class="MyServerName">Example Test Server</span>" ; ; ;All Variables of RenWeb: ;Here's the list of all variables usable. Server eturns nothing if it finds a invalid variable that starts with "$RenWebHTML_". ;These values are case sensitive. ;PLUGIN ONLY CHECKS HTML FILES FOR MATCH!!! CSS and JS files will not be checked. If you need these values in CSS and JS, please implement them in HTML file. ;=========================================================================================================================================== ;$RenWebHTML_Version : Returns RenWeb version. ;$RenWebHTML_ServerName : Returns server name. ;$RenWebHTML_CurrentMap : Returns current map. ;$RenWebHTML_NextMap : Returns next map. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeLeft : Returns time left as seconds. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeLeftF : Returns time left as HH:MM:SS formatted. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeElapsed : Returns time elapsed as seconds. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeElapsedF : Returns time elapsed as HH:MM:SS formatted. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeTotal : Returns total time as seconds. ;$RenWebHTML_TimeTotalF : Returns total time as HH:MM:SS formatted. ;$RenWebHTML_GameMode : Returns game mode name. ;$RenWebHTML_SGameMode : Returns short game mode name. ;$RenWebHTML_CurrentPlayerCount : Returns the ingame player count. ;$RenWebHTML_MaxPlayerCount : Returns the maximum player count. ;$RenWebHTML_GDIPoints : Returns GDI team total points. ;$RenWebHTML_GDIKills : Returns GDI team total kills. ;$RenWebHTML_GDIDeaths : Returns GDI team total deaths. ;$RenWebHTML_GDIName : Returns GDI team name. Useful for some mods. ;$RenWebHTML_NodPoints : Returns Nod team total points. ;$RenWebHTML_NodKills : Returns Nod team total kills. ;$RenWebHTML_NodDeaths : Returns Nod team total deaths. ;$RenWebHTML_NodName : Returns Nod team name. Useful for some mods. ;GameLog: Logs a line like "_RENWEB <IP> <Page>" when a player connects to server. GameLog=true ;Port: Determines the server port to host. Min: 1, Max: 65535 Port=7550 ;RootHTTPFolder: Root folder of your RenWeb HTML documents. RootHTTPFolder=RenWebHTTP ;MaxPendingConnections: Determines the maximum clients that connect at the same time. MaxPendingConnections=5 ;IndexFile: If no file name specified and client requests a folder name, this file will be loaded. If this file can't be located too, 404 will be sent. IndexFile=index.html ;LogFile: The file which will be written logs of RenWeb stuff. All events will be here. Default folder is root folder of FDS. LogFile=RenWeb.log [RenWeb_ErrorPages] ;You can specify your special error pages to send when a error occurs. ;If you supply error code in other different entries, first occurrence will be used. ;Usage: ErrorCodes=WebPage (You can seperate error codes with | delimeter) 404=404.html 500|502=ServerError.html [RenWeb_MimeTypes] ;You can specify your MIME types when client requests files. ;Most used MIME types are specified below. ;When client requests a file that does not exist in MIME list, will be returned 404. ;If you supply extension more than once, first occurrence will be used. ;Use lowercase to prevent bugs. ;================================ RenWeb MIME Types ================================ ;renweb/embed-file-png: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/png". ;renweb/embed-file-jpeg: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/jpeg". ;renweb/embed-file-gif: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/gif". ;=================================================================================== ;Usage: Extension=MIMEType .html=text/html .css=text/css .js=application/x-javascript .htm=text/html .mp4=video/mpeg .png=image/png .jpg=image/jpeg .exe=application/octet-stream .embed=renweb/embed-file-png GitHub Link: https://github.com/TheUnstoppable01/RenWeb
  7. Version 1.0

    1 download

    Add this plugin to your RenSharp enabled server and it will enable you to put funding (credits) towards restoring dead buildings. For functionality, see the INI spoiler below. To enable: Add the DLL and INI file to your server directory. RenSharpBuildingRestoreFunding.ini: ; This plugin adds the following chat commands: ; - !fund <acronym> [<amount>] ; Funds a building <amount> credits with <acronym>. If <amount> is not specified it takes all the player's money. ; - !totalfund <acronym> ; Outputs the current total funds for a given building with <acronym>. Also displays how many credits you have put towards the funding ; - !refund [<acronym>] ; Refunds your credits that have been put towards building with <acronym>. If no <acronym> is specified it will refund funds on all dead buildings ; Global settings for the plugin ; All these global settings can be overridden on a per-map basis [RenSharpBuildingRestoreFunding] ; BRFEnabled ; Boolean value to specify if building funding is enabled. BRFEnabled = 1 ; BRFScaleWithPlayerCount ; Boolean value to specify if the cost of the building restore should go up based on the team's player count ; It uses the following formula: BRFRestoreCost * team player count * BRFScale BRFScaleWithPlayerCount = 1 ; BRFScale ; Float value for the scale to multiply the team player count by BRFScale = 1.0 ; BRFMaxRestoreCount ; Integer value to specify the maximum restore count for buildings, this is the default if none is specified for that particular building ; Declare a value < 0 for infinite restores BRFMaxRestoreCount = 2 ; BRFRestoreCost ; Integer value to specify the base restore costs for restoring a building. When BRFEnabled is enabled it uses the formula declared above. ; When disabled the absolute costs for the building is the same as BRFRestoreCost BRFRestoreCost = 2000 ; BRFAllowRefund ; Boolean value to allow refunds on funding of dead buildings BRFAllowRefund = 1 ; Example per map basis settings for the map C&C_Field.mix [C&C_Field.mix_RenSharpBuildingRestoreFunding] ; All below settings do the same as in the global settings, but they are only applied to the building presets that correspond with the acronym 'agt' ; The acroynms per building presets are declared below BRFMaxRestoreCount_agt = 1 BRFRestoreCost_agt = 1500 BRFScaleWithPlayerCount_agt = 1 BRFScale_agt = 0.9 ; Declare your building presets -> acronyms mappings ; Separate them by a '|'. Building preset names are case-sensitive. Acronym's are not. [RenSharpBuildingRestoreFundingDefs] SP_Comm_Center_Nod|mp_GDI_Com_Center|mp_Nod_Com_Center = com|comm|commcenter|comcenter|communicationcenter SP_Hand_Of_Nod_Nod|mp_Hand_of_Nod = hon|hand|handofnod Tut_Infantry_Barracks_GDI|mp_GDI_Barracks = bar|barracks|infantrybarracks|inf SP_Refinery_Nod|Tut_Tiberium_Refinery_GDI|Test_nod_refinery|mp_GDI_Refinery|mp_N od_Refinery = ref|refinery|refine SP_Power_Plant_Nod|SP_Power_Plant_GDI|Tut_Power_Plant_GDI|mp_GDI_Power_Plant|mp_ Nod_Power_Plant = pp|powerplant|power|plant SP_Con_Yard_GDI|SP_Con_Yard_Nod = cyard|conyard|constructionyard|cy SP_Obelisk_Nod|mp_Nod_Obelisk = ob|obby|obelisk|obl|obi Tut_Advanced_Guard_Tower_GDI|mp_GDI_Advanced_Guard_Tower = agt|gt|advanced|advancedguardtower SP_Weapons_Factory_GDI|Tut_Weapons_Factory_GDI|mp_GDI_War_Factory = wf|factory|weapons|weaponsfactory|weps|wepfac SP_Nod_Air_Tower|test_nod_airtower|mp_Nod_Airstrip = air|strip|airstrip|airtower SP_Silo_Nod = silo|tibsilo|tiberiumsilo mp_GDI_Helipad|mp_Nod_Helipad|SP_Helipad_Nod = helipad|heli|pad mp_Mutant_Lab = lab|mutantlab|mutant mp_GDI_Repair_Bay|mp_Nod_Repair_Bay = rep|repairbay|bay|repbay Source code: https://github.com/Neijwiert/RenSharpBuildingRestoreFunding
  8. zunnie

    Renegade FDS

    Version 1.037


    To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts with 0669. For example: 0669714956637887900319 (Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in XWIS/WOL mode with this serial, it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs.) To host a server on XWIS enter your Renegade serial in server.ini After installation it is highly recommended to upgrade to TT SSGM 4.x. Click the links below to view detailed instructions on how to set that up: SSGM 4.x Download Page You can now also download an all up2date package with Dragonade 1.92 and TT 4.6 support, source code and brenbot included @
  9. zunnie


    Version 4.2.4


    This package will turn your Renegade FDS into a Co-Op server where you can fight together with other players against bots on the Single Player Mission Maps. This version has the following maps: M00_Tutorial M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M08 M10 M11 Skirmish00 Source levelfiles for M08, M11 and Skirmish00 are included.
  10. Version 1.0


    Allows mIRC to send FDS commands. v00d00 spent time on it making it more efficient and cleanup sockets after they were used. Example mIRC script for using this DLL: alias MPSENDFDS { var %msg = $1- if ($1 == msg) var %msg = $1 [MP] $2- dll mIRC_Ren.dll FDS_Send 5015 remotepw %msg}alias inlist { var %i = 1, %j = $numtok($2,32) while (%i <= %j) { if ($gettok($2,%i,32) iswm $strip($1)) return 1 inc %i } return 0}on *:text:*:#MP-AOW-Admin:{ if ($nick == MPAOW) { if (!time isin $2-) MPSENDFDS msg The time is $time Amsterdam GMT+1 if ($2 == gotya) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsniper_alt07.wav if ($2 == chicky) MPSENDFDS snda m00achk_kill0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == omg) MPSENDFDS snda oh_my_god.wav if ($2 == skill) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn014i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == snipe) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsniper_alt01.wav if ($2 == killem) MPSENDFDS snda mx1dsgn_dsgn0018i1dsgn_snd.wav if ($2 == guns) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn005i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == smile) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn004i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == toy) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0289i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == hehe) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0377a1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == haha) MPSENDFDS snda laugh1.wav if ($2 == left) MPSENDFDS snda lefty1.wav if ($2 == jerks) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0104r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == kills) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav if ($2 == ^^) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0021i1ccsf_snd.wav if ($2 == waiting) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0069i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == haveya) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0073i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == tt) MPSENDFDS snda m00mstm_kill0013i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == bwahaha) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0019i1mbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == death) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav if (n00b isin $2-) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0018i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == coffee) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0041i3nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == squirrel) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0034i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == sit) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnsn_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == ask) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kitb0029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == die) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_004in_nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == fun) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbmg_sfcx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == hunt) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbmg_sfsx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == medic) MPSENDFDS snda m00ffire_003in_gemg_snd.wav if ($2 == run) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_010in_nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == daddy) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0320a1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shoot) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == stfu) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn010i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == burn) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_009in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == boink) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnss_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == more?) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kitb0029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == nonono) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbrs_stoc0001i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == moo) MPSENDFDS snda amb_cow1.wav if ($2 == cya) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnol_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == gg) MPSENDFDS snda m00bncy_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == lucky) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0037r1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == buuurn) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_007in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == urdead) MPSENDFDS snda l02b_02_hav02.wav if ($2 == finally) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsmg_atoc0001i1gsmg_snd.wav if ($2 == strike) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kill0029i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == wasted) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kiov0016i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == present) MPSENDFDS snda bombit1.wav if ($2 == pray) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0073i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == noes) MPSENDFDS snda m00gcc3_sftd0001i1gcc3_snd.wav if ($2 == boo) MPSENDFDS snda m00kimd_001in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == udie) MPSENDFDS snda m00gcf1_decx0001i1gcf1_snd.wav if ($2 == better) MPSENDFDS snda l08b_03_pet01.wav if ($2 == hide) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_hesx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == help) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbrs_hftd0001i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2-3 == i smell)MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0020i1nctk_snd.wav if ($2 == idiot) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_poco0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == amateur) MPSENDFDS snda m00bntu_kill0040i1gcm1_snd.wav if ($2 == painless) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_heax0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == hide) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_hesx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == bonus) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0036i1nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == yourmine) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_sfcx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == eye) MPSENDFDS snda m03dsgn_dsgn0005r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == pizza) MPSENDFDS snda m01eval_dsgn0253r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == dangerous) MPSENDFDS snda i_am_dangerous.wav if ($2 == owned) MPSENDFDS snda owned.wav if ($2 == godlike) MPSENDFDS snda godlike.mp3 if ($2 == papa) MPSENDFDS snda come_to_papa.wav if ($2 == spree) MPSENDFDS snda killingspree.mp3 if ($2 == unstoppable) MPSENDFDS snda unstoppable.mp3 if ($2 == camping) MPSENDFDS snda camping_hostages.wav if ($2 == hiding) MPSENDFDS snda where_are_you_hiding.wav if ($2 == hosty) MPSENDFDS snda hosty_down.wav if ($2 == hitm) MPSENDFDS snda they_never_knew_what_hit_them.wav if ($2 == ?turret) MPSENDFDS msg Turrets cost 1000$ Type !buy turret to deploy them if ($2 == ?buy) MPSENDFDS msg Type !buy <preset> to place a cannon(500), samsite(800), turret(1000) or guntower(2000) if ($2-4 == ownedm) MPSENDFDS snda we_owned_them.wav if (($2-3 == very nice) || ($2 == vnice)) MPSENDFDS snda very_nice.wav if ($2 == rank) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0027r1gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == down) MPSENDFDS snda m10dsgn_dsgn0012r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == blabla) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn011i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == kanelives) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0024i1evan_snd.wav if ($2 == sweetheart) MPSENDFDS snda M06DSGN_DSGN0127R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == fillme) MPSENDFDS snda M06DSGN_DSGN234A1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == hero) MPSENDFDS snda M01DSGN_DSGN0292I1GCP1_SND.wav if ($2 == glad) MPSENDFDS snda M01DSGN_DSGN0293I1GCP1_SND.wav if ($2 == tag) MPSENDFDS snda m01gemg_dsgn0103i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == witch) MPSENDFDS snda M02DSGN_DSGN0129R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == stuffyou) MPSENDFDS snda M04DSGN_DSGN0061A1NOMG_SND.wav if ($2 == diat) MPSENDFDS snda M04DSGN_DSGN0082R1NEMG_SND.wav if ($2 == sleep) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0068I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == board) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0069I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == bleed) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0070I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == gunlaws) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0102I1GBMG_SND.wavv if ($2 == badluck) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0103I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == missedme?) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0104I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == blast) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0133I1GSRS_SND.wav if ($2 == fish) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0167R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == cowards) MPSENDFDS snda M07DSGN_DSGN0040I1GCF1_SND.wav if ($2 == dienod) MPSENDFDS snda mM07DSGN_DSGN0039I1GCM2_SND.wav if ($2 == humor) MPSENDFDS snda M08DSGN_DSGN0003A1NBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == heylook) MPSENDFDS snda M08DSGN_DSGN0007I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == what?) MPSENDFDS snda M10DSGN_DSGN0027A1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == likeit) MPSENDFDS snda M10DSGN_DSGN0048R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == sayno) MPSENDFDS snda M11DSGN_DSGN0074R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == dobedo) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0027i1nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == hopon) MPSENDFDS snda m00vnst_aqob0007i1gors_snd.wav if ($2 == fun) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0026i1evag_snd.wav if ($2 == warms) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kifi0011i1gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == kanelives) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0026i1evag_snd.wav if ($2 == stayout) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccfm_ctor0001i1ccfm_snd.wav if ($2 == randy) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0023i3gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == doom) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0025a2gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == flameon) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0035i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == beerpls) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0033i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == warpls) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0041i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shootmore) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_kill0009r3gomg_snd.wav if ($2 == bringit) MPSENDFDS snda m00prkv_aqob0002i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == rocknroll) MPSENDFDS snda m00vnst_aqob0044i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shootpls) MPSENDFDS snda m02dsgn_dsgn0071r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == stupid?) MPSENDFDS snda m02dsgn_dsgn0157r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == comegetsome) MPSENDFDS snda m06dsgn_dsgn221i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == getsome) MPSENDFDS snda m06dsgn_dsgn222i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == heykids) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn024i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == sexy) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn016i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == nodwins) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0045i1evag_snd.wav if ($2 == all?) MPSENDFDS snda m05dsgn_dsgn0067i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == onevision) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_pori0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == oneforkane) MPSENDFDS snda m00bmsf_kill0025i1nors_snd.wav if ($2 == rundog) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kisq0013i1nsmg_snd.wav if ($2 == forkane) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kisq0012i1nscw_snd.wav if ($2 == bykane) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kiov0014i1nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == nopain) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kiov0013i1nsmg_snd.wav if ($2 == fight?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kiam0017i1nbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == getthemboys) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_secx0041i3nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == wrong?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0028i2nsss_snd.wav if ($2 == glory) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0013i3nscw_snd.wav if ($2 == nodglory) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0013i2nsss_snd.wav if ($2 == teamwork) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0005a2neen_snd.wav if ($2 == comingforyou) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_hesx0003i3neft_snd.wav if ($2 == getcoffeepls) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0041i3nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == battleplan?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0031i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == wraft) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0015i1nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == fire?) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0012i1nors_snd.wav if ($2 == burnpls) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0007i1neen_snd.wav if ($2 == burningtime) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0096i1neft_snd.wav if ($2 == warmfire?) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0008i1neft_snd.wav if ($2 == hot?) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_004in_mstm_snd.wav if ($2 == burnem) MPSENDFDS snda m00itoc_005in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == blastem) MPSENDFDS snda m00itoc_005in_ners_snd.wav if ($2 == urdeadlol) MPSENDFDS snda m00itoc_002in_nsss_snd.wav if ($2 == haveyounow) MPSENDFDS snda m00itoc_001in_nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == readytodie?) MPSENDFDS snda m00stoc_009in_nscw_snd.wav if ($2 == cry) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_009in_nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == food) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0013i2nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == orders?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0031i2nbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == funboy?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0033i3nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == rushem?) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_hesx0005a2ners_snd.wav if ($2 == goodkd) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_secx0009r3nors_snd.wav if ($2 == kissies) MPSENDFDS snda m00nbmg_decx0001i1nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == likeme?) MPSENDFDS snda m00nbmg_dfax0001i1nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shy?) MPSENDFDS snda m00nbmg_heax0001i1nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == amcoming!) MPSENDFDS snda m00nbmg_hftd0001i1nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == playtime) MPSENDFDS snda m00nbmg_rtoc0001i1nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == scared?) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0121i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == mercy?) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0009i1nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == gdimag) MPSENDFDS snda m00kill_002in_mstm_snd.wav if ($2 == mag) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_001in_nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == where?) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0123i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == wherecoward?) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0122i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == frosty) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0085i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == smell) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0061i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == urstupid) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn028i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == sitdown) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn026i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == bodybag) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0013i1nomg_snd.wav if ($2 == aww!) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == standing) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_trooper1_98.wav if ($2 == close) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_rockettrooper_alt17.wav if ($2 == uidiot) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_alt03.wav if ($2 == pinned) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_alt01.wav if ($2 == wow!) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_175.wav if ($2 == holycow) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_174.wav if ($2 == thatrocks) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_140.wav if ($2 == omgagg) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gdireconleader_018.wav if ($2 == fancypants?) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0376a1gcls_snd.wav if ($2 == filth) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0010i1gsmg_snd.wav if ($2 == pain) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0035i1neft_snd.wav if ($2 == staydown) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kiov0036i1gctk_snd.wav if ($2 == nofights) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnaf_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == vitimins) MPSENDFDS snda M00DECX_002IN_NSCW_SND.wav if ($2 == dance) MPSENDFDS snda M00GBMG_DECX0003I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == sorry) MPSENDFDS snda M00STOI_001IN_NEFT_SND.wav if ($2 == agg!) MPSENDFDS snda M00GCIM_ATOC0001I1GCIM_SND.wav if ($2 == obi sucks) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_GCON0023I2GSMG_SND.wav if ($2 == morekillspls) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0014R3GSEN_SND.wav if ($2 == incoming!) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0018I3GOMG_SND.wav if ($2 == massacre) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0019R3GERS_SND.wav if ($2 == spidey) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0036I3GSRS_SND.wav if ($2 == popsguns) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0044R3GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == amgood) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_KILL0001I3GERS_SND.wav if ($2 == gj) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_KILL0002R3GEEN_SND.wav if ($2 == roger) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_SECX0022R3GEMG_SND.wav if ($2 == munchies) MPSENDFDS snda M00GNOD_GCON0001I2NEFT_SND.wav if ($2 == bigheads) MPSENDFDS snda M00GNOD_KILL0002R2NEEN_SND.wav if ($2 == ohpls) MPSENDFDS snda M00GNOD_SECX0045A3NBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == hurryup) MPSENDFDS snda M00GSMG_ATOS0001I1GSMG_SND.wav if ($2 == kaneftw) MPSENDFDS snda M00KILL_007IN_NSMG_SND.wav if ($2 == fallback) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsoldier2_104.wav if ($2 == retreat) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsoldier2_alt01.wav if ($2 == deadgdi) MPSENDFDS snda m00GNOD_KILL0010A1NOMG_SND.wav if ($2 == w00ts) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_KILL0016I3GEMG_SND.wav if ($2 == youknowit) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_HESX0020A1GERS_SND.wav if ($2 == hardwork) MPSENDFDS snda M00GGDI_GCON0022R3GSMG_SND.wav if ($2 == timing) MPSENDFDS snda m01evag_dsgn0269r1gbmg_snd.wav.wav }}on *:text:*:#Mp-Aow-admin:{ %nick = MPAOW if ($inlist($strip($remove($1,),~FMSpacer ~sp4c3r ~FMStrike ~Strike ~zunnie) == 1) { if ($nick == MPAOW) { if ($2 == !boinkmad) { .timer 100 0 MPSENDFDS snda correction_3.wav } } }}
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