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I have been working for this for weeks!! And now it is finally done.

It is a basic web server runs along with FDS. It can get game definitions such as server name, map, etc. and can create a customizable embed as picture with cool features. It logs every event in a file you specify.

Just put RenWeb.dll and Newtownsoft.Json.dll into your FDS and add ONLY RenWeb.dll under RenSharpPlugins section! Plugin is designed to work with only RenSharp 1.3!

This plugin automatically extracts some HTML and Embedding files as a tutorial, if your HTTP Root Folder is empty. You can access to your web server with your IP or host and your port (if it is 80, port not needed). You can specify your custom error pages and MIME types! There are some special MIME types to work with RenWeb embeds, etc.


You can contact to me and tell me the variable or leave the variable you want to see in comments! So I can add it for you.

My hands and my brain get tired of thinking the features of this beautiful plugin. You have to install this to see it's cool features!
For instance, the MaxRen Server is running part-time. If you are lucky, you can view it live!

Main Page of Default RenWeb: http://mastercan.hopto.org:7550/
Example Embed of RenWeb Render: http://mastercan.hopto.org:7550/ExampleEmbed.embed


NOTE: This plugin might require administrator priviliges to run. If it's not working, please try running server as administrator.


Server has a config file to work with, I'll leave that here. But just know, plugin creates it too! You don't need to add it by hand.

;Plugin made by MasterCan.
;This settings can be edited from game mode ini files as well.
;By default, these values will be used.
;This plugin only works with RenSharp 1.3 with DA 1.99

;Basic documentation of RenWeb
;RenWeb is processing all of your HTML files before sending them to client. RenWeb checks all elements for it's tokens and it decides which is a server info and which is not.
;RenWeb replaces any text when it finds a match with it's prefix. If the variable is wrong, it returns nothing.
;Example: "<span class="MyServerName">$RenWebHTML_ServerName</span>". RenWeb processes and sends this to client as "<span class="MyServerName">Example Test Server</span>"
;All Variables of RenWeb:
;Here's the list of all variables usable. Server eturns nothing if it finds a invalid variable that starts with "$RenWebHTML_".
;These values are case sensitive.
;PLUGIN ONLY CHECKS HTML FILES FOR MATCH!!! CSS and JS files will not be checked. If you need these values in CSS and JS, please implement them in HTML file.
;$RenWebHTML_Version                : Returns RenWeb version.
;$RenWebHTML_ServerName             : Returns server name.
;$RenWebHTML_CurrentMap             : Returns current map.
;$RenWebHTML_NextMap                : Returns next map.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeLeft               : Returns time left as seconds.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeLeftF              : Returns time left as HH:MM:SS formatted.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeElapsed            : Returns time elapsed as seconds.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeElapsedF           : Returns time elapsed as HH:MM:SS formatted.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeTotal              : Returns total time as seconds.
;$RenWebHTML_TimeTotalF             : Returns total time as HH:MM:SS formatted.
;$RenWebHTML_GameMode               : Returns game mode name.
;$RenWebHTML_SGameMode              : Returns short game mode name.
;$RenWebHTML_CurrentPlayerCount     : Returns the ingame player count.
;$RenWebHTML_MaxPlayerCount         : Returns the maximum player count.
;$RenWebHTML_GDIPoints              : Returns GDI team total points.
;$RenWebHTML_GDIKills               : Returns GDI team total kills.
;$RenWebHTML_GDIDeaths              : Returns GDI team total deaths.
;$RenWebHTML_GDIName                : Returns GDI team name. Useful for some mods.
;$RenWebHTML_NodPoints              : Returns Nod team total points.
;$RenWebHTML_NodKills               : Returns Nod team total kills.
;$RenWebHTML_NodDeaths              : Returns Nod team total deaths.
;$RenWebHTML_NodName                : Returns Nod team name. Useful for some mods.

;GameLog: Logs a line like "_RENWEB <IP> <Page>" when a player connects to server.

;Port: Determines the server port to host. Min: 1, Max: 65535

;RootHTTPFolder: Root folder of your RenWeb HTML documents.

;MaxPendingConnections: Determines the maximum clients that connect at the same time.

;IndexFile: If no file name specified and client requests a folder name, this file will be loaded. If this file can't be located too, 404 will be sent.

;LogFile: The file which will be written logs of RenWeb stuff. All events will be here. Default folder is root folder of FDS.

;You can specify your special error pages to send when a error occurs.
;If you supply error code in other different entries, first occurrence will be used.
;Usage: ErrorCodes=WebPage (You can seperate error codes with | delimeter)

;You can specify your MIME types when client requests files.
;Most used MIME types are specified below.
;When client requests a file that does not exist in MIME list, will be returned 404.
;If you supply extension more than once, first occurrence will be used.
;Use lowercase to prevent bugs.
;================================ RenWeb MIME Types ================================
;renweb/embed-file-png: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/png".
;renweb/embed-file-jpeg: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/jpeg".
;renweb/embed-file-gif: A JSON content which is convertible to embed picture. This MIME processes file and returns picture to client as "image/gif".
;Usage: Extension=MIMEType

GitHub Link: https://github.com/TheUnstoppable01/RenWeb

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