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  1. Welcome to MultiPlayerForums.com

    Community News

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    News about MultiPlayerForums will be posted and updated here.


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    New to the forums? Please take a little moment to introduce yourself.


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    All general discussions should be posted here.


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    A list of received donations is kept here. Thank you all for donating!

    Any screenshot, or video should go here.

    Technical Support

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    Have a problem and need help? Or have any suggestions for the administrators? Post it here.

  2. Games

    Intended to bring discussion for new games the MPF community plays and would support servers.

    C&C Renegade

    7,843 posts

    Command and Conquer in First Person Shooter style. Play as a team using vehicles, characters and superweapons to conquer the enemy.

    C&C Imperial Age

    74 posts

    The standalone client based on C&C Renegade from MPF. Play as a team on new maps and vehicles to destroy your enemy as either GDI or Nod.

    C&C Renegade-X

    122 posts

    An excellent remake of Renegade built in the UDK from Epic Games.


    62 posts

    The game where you can build your own worlds with just a few building blocks.

    Team Fortress 2

    12 posts

    Play as Red or Blu with various classes and crush your opponents, this game is free and MPF hosts two servers for it.

    Unreal Tournament

    160 posts

    A free sequel in the Unreal Tournament series. The game is free. MPF hosts several ranked HUBs and Servers in the EU and the US.

  3. Public Development Area

    Open Testing Forum

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    Got something you want tested? Need volunteers? Want to help test things for MPF? Come here for posting testing requests or to look for things to test.


    1,357 posts

    Show off your projects!

    1,558 visits to this link

  4. Hosted Forums and Projects

  5. Clan Forum