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    All general discussions should be posted here.


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    A list of received donations is kept here. Thank you all for donating!

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  2. Games

    Intended to bring discussion for new games the MPF community plays and would support servers.

    C&C Renegade

    8,007 posts

    Command and Conquer in First Person Shooter style. Play as a team using vehicles, characters and superweapons to conquer the enemy.

    C&C Imperial Age

    80 posts

    The standalone client based on C&C Renegade from MPF. Play as a team on new maps and vehicles to destroy your enemy as either GDI or Nod.

    C&C Renegade-X

    124 posts

    An excellent remake of Renegade built in the UDK from Epic Games.


    62 posts

    The game where you can build your own worlds with just a few building blocks.

    Unreal Tournament

    153 posts

    A free sequel in the Unreal Tournament series. The game is free. MPF hosts several ranked HUBs and Servers in the EU and the US.



    0 posts

    Overwatch is a first-person shooter battle arena (MOBA) where teams of six (6) fight against each other to control and defend objectives. Map types include payload-style objectives where one must control and push a payload to a certain point on the map as well as control point (KOTH) style objectives where one team must control a certain area for a certain length of time.

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  3. Public Development Area

    Open Testing Forum

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    Got something you want tested? Need volunteers? Want to help test things for MPF? Come here for posting testing requests or to look for things to test.


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    Show off your projects!

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  4. Hosted Forums and Projects

  5. MPF Clan Forums

    Unreal Division

    31 posts

    The official [MPF] clan division forums for Unreal Tournament 4. Applications are currently opened!