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Projectiles (Bullets,Shells,Lasers) - Author: Oblivion165

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Projectiles are simple a small low-poly mesh. For instance, this is what the MiniGun Shoots:


To make a projectile for a gun, simple model a bullet or lazer, center it in gmax, and export it as a "Hierarchical model" with these settings:


and add it to level edit as ammo:


Set the weapon that you want to use this for, to use that new ammo type. After seeing it ingame, shink/enlarge it to the right size.

You should be good to go. Enjoy



Melee Weapons


To make melee weapons, such as knifes or swords, etc. Simply make a invisible projectile (1x1x1 Square will do), Center it in gmax, apply these settings:


Export it as a "Hierarchical model" 

and add it in level edit as ammo, in its settings make its range short, 1 or so, and make sure you change the effective range to the smaller number as well. 

Thats it, enjoy. Written by Oblivion165

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