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  • RenList By zunnie

    renlist provides the ability to retrieve server list from GameSpy and WOL. You can also connect to any listed servers by pressing "Connect" or double-clicking the selected server.     P.S.: Always wanted to play C&C 3 Tiberium Wars in a First/Third Person setting? We are developing a standalone mod based off Renegade for it, you can try our test version for free already, simply download it as this topic details how:  
  • Renegade Imperial Age By zunnie

    https://multiplayerforums.com/games/imperial-age/   The maps and game-modes are mostly designed by current and/or former MPF Developers such as @Pwn Call @trunkskgb me @zunnie and former Developer @ImperialKaskins. Coding of the server, brenbot and veterancy were done by me @zunnie @unknown @Genesis2001 and @sla.ro for the most part. The game sport a wide range of variety to play with many units, buildings, weapons and powerups. We also have a dozen maps available that were crea
  • Dragonade By Unstoppable

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    Please visit https://github.com/TheUnstoppable/Dragonade/releases to get latest version of Dragonade with hotfixes and minor changes. This post is no longer regularly maintained.     Additions:    - Added Is_Smart_Bot DA engine function.     Changes:    - Add C4/Beacon detonate and disarm messages for smart bots.    - Improve smart bot detection in kill messages and C4/Beacon pokes.    - Add Dialog event in Player Observer.    - Armor, health, weapon and keycard pow
  • demo Renegade Online Demo By Iran

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    This version of Renegade is based on Renegade Demo and FDS files that EA have released freely. Single Player is not avaliable! Note this is not the full version of Renegade, If you want the full version you need to buy it from here
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