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  1. mpf NewMaps Extended Rule Discussions

    Imperial age maps (D3) vehicles are allowed in tunnels. Non D3 maps they are not. I updated rules accordingly.
  2. New donation: newtown19

  3. Map rules

  4. Problem Downloading from Skin Section

    No ETA on fixing the broken downloads section. Your not the first person to complain. @alexrirak did you get any joy with this?
  5. hi again.. you had asked me about coming back as mod.. have had more time to play lately... still interested


    just have to get the TS and IRC details again, if you still need mods..




    rob h  aka MPFtrumpetbum

  6. mpf NewMaps Extended Rule Discussions

    this ^ so I can confirm where you mean.
  7. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    @unknown can you have a look at this for me. I'm so busy atm. Thanks
  8. Map rules

    b2b not allowed. Warn and then !qkick etc
  9. mpf NewMaps Extended Rule Discussions

    Not allowed mate. Same with Nod hitting the GDI PP from the top side of the entrance to GDI base.
  10. Map rules

    I don't recall a rule for this. Show me next time your online and ill have a look with you.
  11. New donation: newtown19

    Thanks dude
  12. Bunch of Pu**y

    Please try and enjoy the game without all this drama. MateNone your as bad as they are.
  13. Rotation Update July

    Your fired.
  14. Rotation Update July

    Thanks m8, just busy
  15. Problems in map Mt.Pass

    No base defense has ever been fundable for either team on d3 maps...

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