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  1. No idea, that is the latest patch and it works.
  2. Yes make sure have the latest patch. 4.3 final is the latest patch.
  3. GSA

    Download section is broken atm, sorry.
  4. I adjusted your FLAGS, this should now be fixed.
  5. Thanks!
  6. ??
  7. Thanks you !
  8. Happy Birthday mate
  9. If it was working it would skip everything and take you straight into a loading screen before connecting you to the server online. If you have Team Viewer i maybe able to take a look and help you. Have you downloaded the latest TT patches etc? Latest one is 4.3
  10. Thanks a lot man
  11. Welcome.
  12. -NEW- D3.mix (Imperial Age maps): It is NOT allowed to use the Sapper as GDI or Nod to build Tank Blockers or Barbed Wire as stairs to access places otherwise unreachable.
  13. Interesting i will take a look at this.
  14. !rec rockstar worst idea in renegade history [20:42:36] <&NewMapsBot> Host: jeff560 has been recommended by r3surr3Kt|x| for: Worst idea in renegade history.
  15. Hi, rotation update as follows, a little bit late in updating because of giving the new rate system time to collate some stats. Added Maps: Greenery Oasis_Flying TiberiumRedux Conquest_Winter Detroit Tropics SnowStorm Hybrid_Forest Mines LittleHillRumble2 Tiberium_Temple Removed Maps: City_Flying_SE Dusk Hangmans_Canyon_Night MPF_Big_Walls Night0x RavineDB River_RaidDB SeasideCanyon Tiberium_Cave_2_b1 Tib_Field Underpass Forest_Falls RiverValley Changes will take effect next time the server is empty and can be updated. Other Updates: Time increased on Imperial (D3) maps from 72 mins to 90 mins. Mine limit increased on all maps from 90 to 100. Restricted the ability to add time to a map to 3 occasions (for instance you can vote !yes or !no to extend the map time by 30 mins 3 times in succession when the time reaches 5:00). Few other tweaks and improvements to the Veteran System. @unknown continues to work on his new bot with some new commands & recommendation system. Thanks to @gkl the ability to !fund has become a lot better and stable. More updates coming soon! Pending Fixes & Bugs Samsites on Imperial (D3) maps do not work properly sometimes until fired at. On some maps !support bots are idol and do nothing. Thanks for choosing MPF & Happy Gaming. r3s & MPF Team.