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  1. Hello from New Jersey!

    Welcome man 👍
  2. Hello People!

    raven (bird) :> So good to see you <3
  3. hi again.. you had asked me about coming back as mod.. have had more time to play lately... still interested


    just have to get the TS and IRC details again, if you still need mods..




    rob h  aka MPFtrumpetbum

  4. Why can't i talk in the server?

    I adjusted your FLAGS, this should now be fixed.
  5. Alex

    Happy Birthday mate
  6. How do i get on (first time setup)

    If it was working it would skip everything and take you straight into a loading screen before connecting you to the server online. If you have Team Viewer i maybe able to take a look and help you. Have you downloaded the latest TT patches etc? Latest one is 4.3
  7. Hi all

  8. Tcw Server cant be reached

    TCW is a dead mod and is no longer available.
  9. r3sur[r3Kt]

    Thank you
  10. RenList and Origin

    Resolved. Enjoy.
  11. RenList and Origin

    If you have teamviewer ill be able to help you further.
  12. RenList and Origin

    Try changing the Renegade.exe to game.exe
  13. RenList and Origin

    Whats your path look like that you put in the Renegade Executable bit?
  14. Offline for a bit

    Boo. Who will abuse?
  15. Back to play

    Download Renlist here: Then download the latest scripts (4.3 final) from here:

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