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  1. No base defense has ever been fundable for either team on d3 maps...
  2. mpf

    C&C_GreatWall_D3.mix: It is NOT allowed as GDI or Nod to go up into the mountains and continually whore buildings or defenses, or kill units from up there. This is an unfair advantage for both teams as no one can get up there to kill you or kill you from the ground. It is allowed to take Zeplins up in the mountains and get out to repair only. Whats to clarify? Its unfair for either side to do it.
  3. Thank you
  4. No idea, that is the latest patch and it works.
  5. Yes make sure have the latest patch. 4.3 final is the latest patch.
  6. GSA

    Download section is broken atm, sorry.
  7. I adjusted your FLAGS, this should now be fixed.
  8. Thanks!
  9. ??
  10. Thanks you !
  11. Happy Birthday mate
  12. If it was working it would skip everything and take you straight into a loading screen before connecting you to the server online. If you have Team Viewer i maybe able to take a look and help you. Have you downloaded the latest TT patches etc? Latest one is 4.3
  13. Thanks a lot man
  14. Welcome.
  15. -NEW- D3.mix (Imperial Age maps): It is NOT allowed to use the Sapper as GDI or Nod to build Tank Blockers or Barbed Wire as stairs to access places otherwise unreachable.