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  1. OB gun has a time restriction on it (3 mins) but the AGT does not.
  2. What you using to connect?
  3. No? They are up and running...
  4. Every month maps get reviewed and both those maps are tracking to be removed due to poor ratings anyway. Even if Tib_Waste did not have a poor rating it would have been removed because of that silo bug. Everything is taken into account before adding or removal: Current rating Any bugs discovered Past trend ratings
  5. Humm i sorta like that idea.
  6. You getting any error messages?
  7. They wont be removed. Most likely just spawn less, maybe one or 2 max per map im undecided yet. Its just another thing that makes MPF unique from everyone else. This is already being worked on by @Genesis2001 in his new code apparently, he just needs to agree with me what it looks like.
  8. No its free to use whenever.
  9. Because people hated them.
  10. As most of you are aware by now we have had the ability to be able to !fund most structures back once per map during gameplay. ie: Powerplants, Refinerys, Barracks/HON, Warfactory/Airstrip etc I want to share with you a few updates that have been made to this extra addition. Fund will be team based messages - The in game messages when you !fund or !sieze a building: [Building] r3surr3Kt|x| added 1000 to the Obelisk fund. [13251/25000] for example will now be team based messages and not public view so the opposing side will not know your plans. Only when building has been fully funded, the message will display globally - As with the above message this message will only be displayed in public when the structure has been full funded by your team: [Building] r3surr3Kt|x| purchased an Obelisk. [25000/25000]. Can only use fund if your building is dead - It is no longer possible to be able to !fund a structure unless it is destroyed. This now stops spys abusing the command and funding the opposite teams structures when they are not destroyed as this counted towards the 1 revival per game. Fund totals are now based off players per team instead of total ingame - The fund totals will now be set based on the actual players on that team. For instance if it was 17v19 (Nod has 17 players and GDI had 19 players) Nods structures would be cheaper to fund thatn Nods because of less players. That is all for now. The commands available for in game users for this mod are: !fund <building> <amount> or !fund <building> to fund all of your credits ($) to it. !seize <building> <amount> or !seize <building> to remove all of your credits ($) from it. Credits to @gkl21 for the fixes & updates. Enjoy & thanks for playing.
  11. This should be fixed now. Let me know if this is not the case.
  12. Sure noted for next month.
  13. Vet points for repairing tanks & buildings increased from 2 > 3
  14. Price increase on: !turret $2000 > $2500 & !guntower $2500 > £3000 Price decrease on !samsite $2750 > $2000 !turret removed from vet level 2 and moved up to vet level 3 !samsite removed from vet level 4 and moved up to vet level 5 !samsite should be fixed now as they were not firing until you hit them. If this is not the case message me in game or on here.
  15. Maybe, tried before everyone hated it.