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  1. Boo. Who will abuse?
  2. Thankyou man
  3. Download Renlist here: Then download the latest scripts (4.3 final) from here:
  4. Ren X is dead. We still have an active Ren server that gets up to 50 players. Welcome back commander!
  5. What version scripts you got? Also paste me executable path here. Do you have Team viewer?
  6. Yes that is what i was talking about, you need to hook your Ren launcher to Renlist. Go to the top Options > Settings > General > Renegade Executable and put the path to your Ren launcher in here:
  7. This is the latest one: Is it this one you have tried? If so no worries there is an auto down loader now on the scripts versions while your playing the game.
  8. Hi welcome here You should have everything you need. TT 4.3 final is the latest patch and Renlist 1.0.9 is the latest version. Make sure you hook your game launcher on Renlist to the executable, for instance mine is C:\Program Files\Renegade\Renegade.exe You may want to download Keys.cfg from here as well: This will allow you to use special keys for example here: - press Backspace to Sell vehicles on the Repair Pad - press Q to deploy vehicles and such - press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine - press F4 F5 F6 F7 F10 F11 F12 - and = for additional radio commands - press Q to deploy a tank trap - press N to deploy a barbwire - press B to deploy a sandbag - press U for chathistory window - press O to drop your current weapon - press P to drop all your picked up weapons - Press I to use Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities - Press HOME to check your veterancy status If you need anymore help send me a PM or just reply here. I have Team Viewer also if you prefer.
  9. Thanks so much man
  10. What you mean? lol
  11. So most of you will know the ability was added a while ago to extend time of the current map by 30 min blocks after some suggestions. The current system would take into account !yes & !no votes and class anyone who did not vote towards the overall percentage as well. The current percentage to pass and extend time by 30 mins is 51% and this can be done as many times as you want. The new update will only take into account actual votes based on players !yes & !no votes and not count anyone who has not voted to the actual pass percentage. So if you do not vote its your loss. No changes to percentage to pass which is still 51% (this may changes in future). You still have 5 mins to cast your vote either using !yes or !no when the time reaches 5 mins. This can still be done as many times as you want. Enjoy Credits: @sla.ro Thanks.
  12. Thanks as always
  13. Interesting, thanks.
  14. I played this a while ago its pretty fun and a good time killer if bored.
  15. You need renlist to get online now as GSA and WOL are no longer active. Get it here: If you need help setting it up let me know.