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  1. Happy Birthday R3s!

  2. Hi m8 , I like to thank you for all the good things you did for MPF. I started bitching you a bit in the beginning but I saw I was a little wrong .You did a awsome job bro, thank you!!!

  3. I'll be back soon and will look at the rotation with @unknown Just busy moving and stuff atm.
  4. raven (bird) :> So good to see you <3
  5. Never had a problem or a rule on clear scope, most people used it, even me. I also have that crossair and again see no problem with it as most of them turned red when on an enemy target.
  6. These maps are created to give you some variety and something new to the other servers. Unfortunately you will always get someone who is an ass. Next time tell a mod who can kick them for TH. And if there isn't one in game use !requestmod
  7. Imperial age maps (D3) vehicles are allowed in tunnels. Non D3 maps they are not. I updated rules accordingly.
  8. No ETA on fixing the broken downloads section. Your not the first person to complain. @alexrirak did you get any joy with this?
  9. hi again.. you had asked me about coming back as mod.. have had more time to play lately... still interested


    just have to get the TS and IRC details again, if you still need mods..




    rob h  aka MPFtrumpetbum

  10. this ^ so I can confirm where you mean.
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