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  1. Happy Birthday Goldy!

  2. New Renegade Leadership

    Not I
  3. My YouTube Channel

    Is this a good link? It says This channel doesn't have any content
  4. New Renegade Leadership

    Thank you for my recent promotion. Your confidence in my abilities means a great deal to me. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this recent promotion. I am both excited and flattered to be chosen to be part of team. Thanks, Baddog13
  5. Hi All! Robyike1 here!

    Welcome to are sever
  6. Hey Zunnie, how's it going?

    1. zunnie


      Long story lol, but i'm good :) Jump on the discord sometime?

  7. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy Birthday
  8. Happy Birthday Stephan!

  9. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's

    Same to you my Friend
  10. hey pound puppy!

         come to this team speak...... ts.soulscape.xyz

  11. Bored and messing around

    This cool......nice comments bully
  12. NXwolf

    Happy B-Day Wolf
  13. New Renegade Division Leader

    "Ain't nobody got time for that" Sorry so late on subject, Congrats to R3 and all you have done for the community. Thanks kick for job well done. Enjoy your time with the family!
  14. Been someone that has suffered?

    Cap.....I just have to say one thing. Keep your head up and enjoy life!
  15. Happy Birthday KANE!

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