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  1. Dethice what a great guy and plyer he was. RIP my friend, I have great memories with him.
  2. Hey, for some reason my Ip address on irc is banned.

    Not sure how to unban it my self.

    Can you help!


  3. Life is short enough as it is, but Losing a good friend is never easy, especially when you don’t understand why you lost them in the first place! Thanks for great memories and the cookies. Going to miss ya my Friend!! RIP Wyld
  4. Happy Birthday

  5. It breaks my heart; it makes me sad to think of all the times we had And all that I can do is sigh and wonder why. You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't ever forget! It seems just like yesterday we became friends on Renegade. Jan(Zunnie) thank you for being my friend, it has been an honor! My deepest condolences, will miss your voice and having coffee!
  6. Happy Birthday M0nster!

  7. Happy Fathers Day to all dads in the world!
  8. Happy Birthday R3s!

  9. Happy Birthday Goldy!

  10. Haha, LG turn your hax off Glad it's working now!
  11. Hey Zunnie, how's it going?

    1. zunnie


      Long story lol, but i'm good :) Jump on the discord sometime?

  12. Happy Birthday Stephan!

  13. "Ain't nobody got time for that" Sorry so late on subject, Congrats to R3 and all you have done for the community. Thanks kick for job well done. Enjoy your time with the family!
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