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  1. irc irc name

    There's a few things you can do, one of them is start up your irc, go to: Tools > Options > Connect > edit the Nickname & Alias field(your nick of MPFpaterke and a backup nickname). The other is on a channel, just type in /nick MPFpaterke <- It's better to make sure you have the first way I mentioned as well. Then you can do what r3ssur3Ktx said in his post. What you should do is go onto your backup nickname, and type this(using your own password): /msg nickserv group MPFpaterke MPFpaterke'sPASSWORD Then you can go back to your normal nick /nick MPFpaterke, and that backup nick will also be able to be identified using the same password. So the next time you lagout of irc, it will switch to that backup nickname and still be identified.
  2. My Steam Account

    He doesn't like Anime fr00bs. ;o
  3. renegade Hell Yeah!!!!

    It's called correcting his statement.
  4. renegade Hell Yeah!!!!

    No you do not, RC has the most up until 3pm est, m-f. MPF gets them the rest of the nights. Weekends are always different. Yesterday, Jelly had more than all of us combined at one point, then it changed.
  5. Reticle

    According to your post, you already had it. ;p If you do find it, share it. The more of us who have these old rets you can't find on broken sites like fileden, the more chance one of us will be able to share them years down the road.
  6. Reticle

    https://www.mediafire.com/?6o4fkcw65cqbco4 Good lord how many rets do you need, you asked a few weeks ago for the small dot one.
  7. Heeeelp! High Ping on UltraAow NewMaps!

    Join Rencorner or Jelly, check your ping. All three of us are hosted by the same company in Dallas, Texas, USA. I know ours in RC have been screwed lately. -or- You can always open command prompt, type(top is Jelly, then MPF, then RC): tracert tracert tracert Copy/paste it, or in PM. Zunnie can give it to Limestone and complain about it. I know I've already got a support complaint open for ours too.
  8. irc System Info Script :)

    You can also type /moo and whichever area you want to display, instead of doing it all at once. /moo <os|up|cpu|gfx|res|ram|hdd|net>

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