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  1. Hopefully Unknown can figure it out, I can't get it to run on either of our servers...only my own pc.
  2. I just realized this a few minutes ago. So, having said that: tentatively this Saturday RC will be running that OmegaAOW server again from last year with our other stuff turned off.
  3. http://box.rencorner.com/maps/ I used to find maps for zunnie to add to the UberMapPack. There are a few oldies I found this passed year online that are in there I didn't have before.
  4. Tiny, do you have any copies of the old servers zunnie worked on?

  5. You do not need to apologize for anything Sander. You and Kees taking the time to read these is above and beyond.
  6. Your brother was the one thing every one of us had in common. He was also the one who literally did the most stuff for the gaming communities he was involved in, he was a jack-of-all-trades(tester, coder, owner, social media, helped the newbies regarding games/irc/teamspeak/servers/you name it). He would spend hours trying to help people, even if you were a regular player. A lot of us were his guinea pigs over the years for trying out new stuff he would do. Back in 2007/2008 I forget which, he was the drive behind trying to keep C&C: Renegade alive. I had a small part in that regarding collecting maps for him. Him, what he did was put that out there everywhere to be downloaded. Back then there were a lot of places he would get banned from for doing it, but you know your brother better than any of us: when he wants to do something it will get done. Jan was the heart and soul of a community. If he left a place, it was never the same again. I apologize if it seems like I am posting in here a lot. I'm just trying to get things rolling so noone ever forgets him and the stuff he's worked on, and their children will be able to play his stuff long after we all give up gaming. Your bother was the best of us, he was my first friend online back in 2004. He was the one back then(and over the years of bs'ing on irc/teamspeak) who took the time to show me the ropes. I will never forget him. I hope you and your family find some measure of peace from knowing that Jan touched a lot of lives.
  7. @ your topic post: have Cronus, unknown, fear/grime, fear/spacer, volcom, dudley, reborn, server in a pm trying to see if anyone has them. Also, I can't pm you. Did you go bananas here before? Lol if so: I guess I rubbed off on you from the old days. I was reading a log yesterday where you and I were raanting about shit in mp. xD

  8. From renalpha(renalpha@hotmail.com):
  9. Dudley: Checking logs lastnight, I'm pretty sure it was TurboAOW > OmegaAOW > UltraAOW Was going to add you into the PM conversation, I can't now. Was trying to get people from Yahoo days like FmCee. If you guys used Yahoo Messenger back then, you might want to send any messages/email requests in it now. They're closing it down July 17th. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/messenger/SLN28776.html?impressions=true In case he doesn't make it to these topics, vsutp replied: If you guys have emails of people, use them. Here's some of the oldy nicks:
  10. We do have one old server up right now if anyone wants to bop around in it. This one I think is where zunnie and crew started using purchasable buildings and poke scripts. Server name: zunnies OmegaAOW Xwis IP: GSA IP: Xwis host name: zzzzzzzzd IRC: irc.cncirc.net -or- irc.rencorner.com channel: #OmegaAOW
  11. I remember you Molov. In fact you were in some of the old irc logs I was checking last night lol. You were always the level headed one in our bunch(IronWarrior, Shoot, Halo, MrMan, me(FM Mod class of '05)).
  12. Do any of you have the old servers we used to run back in FM days? Like the ones that preceeded OmegaAOW, the oldies that pretty much made z famous. I know one was the FM CrazyCTF by Jessica, but I can't even remember the name of the one that had the agt/obi guns when we merged with DT. It'd be nice to be able to do the oldy servers in tribute as well, I have a copy of that omega one.
  13. He doesn't like Anime fr00bs. ;o
  14. It's called correcting his statement.
  15. No you do not, RC has the most up until 3pm est, m-f. MPF gets them the rest of the nights. Weekends are always different. Yesterday, Jelly had more than all of us combined at one point, then it changed.
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