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  1. Hi Shaitan, Its the least we can do! You all we a very big part of Jan's life, to not fill in his friends about whats going on feels like letting him, and you all down. Thats not a option, but thank you very much! All you have sayed, and put out here, and beyond i know Jan would be so freaking proud... He did have friends, so much so and then some.. Thank you.
  2. Hi Hunt, Ive spend several nights gaming with Jan, and trust me m8 he missed talking with you as well as he mentioned to me. But he knew RL stuff gets in the way sometimes.. that didnt mean You or any lost touch....all the posts here, the reactions of friends he treasured..trust me he knew, understood and didnt mind because thats life. Thank you very much for being his friend, the gaming nights i was there and you all on TS hahaha i wish I wish for all so much the very best, You all have been such a support, Words wont cut it, but thank you for being there for my brother. Pls forgive me, if any reply takes a while after this.. im kinda empty.. May the Best of your past, be the worst for the future!!! Best regards, Sander
  3. Hahahah Omg my dog just farted, that must have been "Polle" my moms dog. Geez, so nice to read all these stories/anecdotes.... If only... Sry all, im at rock bottom atm. I know jan loved you all. Talk soon, and take care pls. Thank you all for everything, Best regards, and wishing well for all of you.. Sander
  4. Hi all, We had a very nice service this afternoon, All of the family and lots of friends were there to pay their respect for Jan. Im glad to read so much of all of you, it means a lot to all of our family! hahah that coffee machine lol yeah it does have a ring to it That did carry him through many nights playing...almost crosseyed but not giving up to solve any or help any one who needed it. As for the expenses, all is covert. But thank you very much. Jan has made sure my mom is well taken care of, thats the person he was. My mom is Lien Rolvink, she is also on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004716136785&fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab I know she would love to hear from you all, she also knows how much you all ment to Jan, and many have also talked with her while Jan was playing. The stories you all shared i think would feel like a warm blanket of comfort. She's hurting a lot, as expected and i know it will mean the world to her to hear from you all. I will remain on MPF in honor of my brother, and all of you here for being the wonderfull friends you have been to him. As you are his friend, you are mine! If any have questions feel free to ask, or post some for me on my FB https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000511690900 Jan is at peace now, i want to thank you all again for the reply's and it has been warming to all of us during these hars days. Take care, thanks for all and have fun!! Best regards, Sander
  5. Hehe, luckily we didnt get to much sleep lol, and spend a lot of time talking, playing games..you know quality time Without Jan there wouldnt be a Bol.com ..the amount of keyboards/mouse orderd would keep any Shop booming hahaha Im glad he got to know all of you, and have had a lot of good times! Today we put our brother to rest, but i hope and pray his infuence, good spirits will remain with us forever!! Ill have a coffee with him one last time at 14:00 EU time, i hope werever you all are ( and if possible ) you'll join in, a coop Coffee so to speak. Best regards, Sander
  6. Hello, Im Sander, Jan (zunnie) older brother. If any would like to come to his funeral will be more then welcome. I know considering distances, many wont be able to. But the thought of all of you wanting to be there and show our brother how much he was loved is very much appriciated and will never be forgotten I hope and pray my brother has found his peace, and sipping some coffee with Gramps. Thank you all for caring, nice words, and support! It means a lot to us and will help a lot during this terrible period. Keep up the good work on these awesome games and give people smiles and laughter. With respect and best regards, Sander Wessels
  7. Hello,


    I am Sander, Jan's older brother.

    Its sad but true, i have to inform you all that my kid brother passed away last thursday.


    I want to thank you all for all the good times you all shared with him, as i know he enjoyed many hours with all of you!


    Jan will be cremated tomoorw 17th at 14:00 EU time at Cremation centre at the city Schagen , North Holland.


    I hope you will all remember him, and keep a place in your hearts.


    Thanks all again for giving my brother so much good times and laughter.





    Sander Wessels



    jan goudvis.jpg

  8. @trunkskgb Thank you very much. I've spend several nights gaming at my brothers during last few years. I've watched him develope, fix probs..with several profanity flying across his desk when fixes either didnt work or didnt do wich he wanted them to But he kept at it untill they did, when he encountered a issue he couldnt solve no of you were reluctant to help each other and fixed and build the most amazing maps. Again thanks very much!, for bringing Joy into my brothers life. Ill pass along the condolances to the rest of our family. Regards, Sander Wessels
  9. Hi all, I am Sander, Jan's older brother and i just wanted to say that im very gratefull for all the reply's about my brother sudden death. Its been a shock to us , but i also know he spend many hours..days..years with his friends on MPF Mp, RenX and more. I understand that it comes as a shock to you all as well. I know he really loved playing, talking laughing with you all and i want to thank you for all the good times you all shared with him. We dont know what really happend, was it an accident? was it intensional we will never know. All i know is that i love him and will miss him terrible as i can imagine you all will too. Thank you all again for all the good times you shared with him, and filled his life with joy and laughter. As Jan is no more i do hope you all will continue to have fun and share the good times, its hard to look any further but i really think he would have loved to see you all enjoy the game he loved so much. Ty all very much, take care and treasure those you love!! Sincerly, Sander Wessels
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