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  1. trunkskgb

    Frank Klepacki & The Tiberian Sons LIVE

    Prepare for Battle, love this band! Hope they do this again at more cities! I saw tour t-shirts online but I couldn’t see how/where to purchase one. I’d so want one!
  2. trunkskgb

    C&C Battleground

    In my opinion, the best map for Renegade due to the simplicity of the level. Very little texturing and objects allowed the designed to focus on increased FPS and smoother gameplay. Small foothills and mountains break this map up. The bases have quite a few minor defenses, but many ways in. A great map! https://youtu.be/CM-ih-dqo4E
  3. trunkskgb

    C&C Battlecreek

    A unique map design where your bases are split apart which makes defense hard. Your production buildings are on one side of a raging stream, and your support buildings are on another. You can access each side easily by crossing a bridge, or walking through the water. Always a fun map! Battlecreek starts in the video below at 6:50. https://youtu.be/CM-ih-dqo4E
  4. trunkskgb

    C&C BasinTS

    Aircraftkiller’s remake of his original Basin. Features modified Construction Yard interior, Power Plant roof access, and an excellent layout for all sorts of offensive tactics. https://youtu.be/CM-ih-dqo4E
  5. trunkskgb


    I’m currently playing the missions in the original Tiberian Dawn and I’ve nearly forgotten how fun they are. They have some very large shoes to fill here, and as much as I am hoping for this to be a success, I fear it’ll tank as well. Look at Renegade-X, no doubt a true remaster on a far better engine, but it can’t hold a candle to the original at all! I hope whatever approach they take, is more of a graphical and stability approach, with some minor mechical work. Otherwise, they might as well name it C&C Tiberian Dawn: Part 2, because it won’t be a remastered version at all. I am still hopeful though
  6. trunkskgb

    C&C Arctic XP Beta

    An enhanced version of C&C Arctic (3:38 in the video) with a lot more defenses, SAM Sites, and a slightly adjusted pathways to the base, that dip down, then back up. In my opinion this version is slightly better. Arctic XP begins at 7:14 in the video.
  7. trunkskgb

    C&C Arctic

    A very small map with a Silo being the only source of income. If you lose that, and it’s very easy to, it’s pretty much game over. All and all, a fun map! Map starts at 3:38 in the attached video.
  8. trunkskgb

    C&C Antartica

    A VERY small death match map that takes place on a sunny snowy cold morning near and inside an abandoned GDI power plant. Plenty of goodies around, always a fun time due to the smalll size!
  9. trunkskgb

    C&C TheCanyon

    Needs a “minor” edit. There is a tree very close to Nod’s silo that if YOU get to close, you get stuck between the two. This is a bummer since there is hardly any income on the map. Other than that it’s not a bad map!
  10. trunkskgb

    C&C Airbase

    Infantry only map with a few spawn Orcas/Hummvees. Lots of weapons and buildings to hide in while fighting.
  11. trunkskgb

    C&C Conquest Winter

    A night time snowy map with snow & icicles added to the buildings for a custom look. A large open battlefield allows for big skirmishes, and a nice tunnel between the bases for infantry.
  12. trunkskgb

    C&C Conquest Island

    A classic map with a lot of nice features and a very nice design layout. Great for rushing on both sides with teamwork. A tunnel system, fun for Snipers, rushes and covert tactics.
  13. trunkskgb

    Happy Birthday Cronus

    Happy birthday!
  14. trunkskgb

    C&C Niagra

    This is a very solid map. Every tactic has use here, but like always....team work will win this map. This is a fan favorite for sure!
  15. trunkskgb

    C&C Tib Pit 2

    One of Titan1x77's first maps. Custom spawns, Stealth Suits, Pickup trucks, and Mini Power Plants. Glad to see this is still being played in 2018!!!

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