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  1. @Goldy58 Happy birthday man! 🎂 🍺 🍷 🎉 🎈 🎊 🍰 🧁
  2. I don’t know either of you, but tell your friend and OTHERS, to play Renegade!
  3. @WhiteHorse Just make sure you are available for it. Record it if you can, I know I will be if I can make it!
  4. trunkskgb


    Welcome back Commander, If you need help getting the game up and running, just give us a shout out!
  5. Not sure yet @WhiteHorse, it’s being hosted through Steam. Release date is 2020. It shows promise. That game as well as the remasters will make the C&C universe known again, and I think it will attract more players here to Renegade again.
  6. I don’t know if they’ll ever remaster Renegade, but as long as this game doesn’t die and stays available on all new Windows platforms, I’d be happy as a pig in poop! 💩
  7. We still play, but unlike when this game 1st released, there aren’t many players out there anymore. Weekends are best yes, and you will often find 25+ players, and there are peak times of the week days that you will find players. All this week, from east coast America, I’ve been playing and the server count on average has been about 20. Renegade is in a slump, but not dead! It’ll never die! I myself (and a few others) are still making maps. The development team here is making continuous improvement to the server and forums and such. Keep checking the listings, you will find us on the battlefield!
  8. Keep them coming, the more people who see these videos, will come here and maybe even play on the server.
  9. I knew the DA (Dark Angels, formerly TwA: The War Angels, which I was part of both) clan, so I wasn’t confusing you lol
  10. Great map with great gameplay!
  11. Happy birthday Fellow gamer! 🎂🥩🎉🍺🍰
  12. Happy birthday Comrade Premiere! 🎉🥩🍰🎂🍺 Best wishes! Have plenty of cake & ale & Renegade kills!
  13. I thought we could have a little fun here talking about what we’ve seen over the years, what’s changed, and what’s new/old. I’ll get it kicked off! I’ve been playing since ‘02 (demo days) Many players took avatars or names from popular movies such as the Matrix and Lord of the Rings. They also took names from musicians such as 50 cent and G-unit We didn’t have cool things like Discord on PC & Smart phones, we had teamspeak and instant messengers (rip xfire) Didn’t have a cell phone at all in ‘02! Still had and was using CD players instead of ipods Many of us played different games together besides Renegade, now it seems most of play our own thing on the side and not together. PlayStation and other consoles didn’t really have an online presence We were using Internet Explorer, MSN, and Netscape! Holy cow! Popular Instant messangers were yahoo, aol, msn, and icq. There was something called Trillian that could import all your other messenger names so it would allow you to have open only 1 messenger rather than multiples, but I remember it sucked hardcore. Xfire saved us all! Popular forums had galleries where players could upload images from in-game. Truth: I lost of ton of pics this way since I used to upload them on the Pitts and Moonlightshakers. We didn’t have facebook or social media. We had clubs on yahoo! Haha We made websites with geocities, tripod, and angelfire. 100megsfree was a decent one too! No one had gmail, we all had yahoo or hotmail! I think that’s all I have for now! What a trip down memory lane!
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