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  1. C&C Iron City

    Version 0.0.6


    This is the 6th beta version of my Iron City map from a few years ago. It's not fully completed yet, but is ready for a live server. There are a few issues currently with the map. There are no Harvesters as there is an issue with waypoints. The special flying vehicles work, but are a bit big and bulky and I may revert them back to the original models. There are various tanks spawns on the map which might take up the vehicle limit depending on server side settings, but that's something I plan to fix regardless. If anyone finds any issues, please leave a comment here, or on the thread for this map, which is located here. More screen shots and updates to come soon.


  2. C&C Halloween 2014

    Version FINAL

    1 download

    This is the 1st beta version of my Halloween 2014 map from a few years ago. It's fully functional and is ready for a live server. If anyone finds any issues, please leave a comment here, or on the thread for this map, which is located here. More screen shots and updates to come soon.


  3. RoCkStAr Amazing RenPorn Pics 15 years of Ren

    I have some from 2002, that I haven't located yet, but the 4 below are between 2003 & 2006 1st one is the old MPF server, TurboAOW or something like that, the 2nd is from Renbattle (2003), and 3rd one is from UNRules, and the last is from the old sSs server/clan (around 2005 maybe)?
  4. Can't Play

    Well it only appears to happen on IK maps, so I'm not all that concerned. I am however reformatting my PC this evening, so I'll be starting from scratch soon anyway.
  5. Can't Play

    I suppose it could be a file conflict somewhere. I don't prefer to play IK maps anyway, but I'd like to join up near the end of a map so I'm ready for the next to start. It was quite frustrating. IK releases so much new stuff, I don't think this will be the end of my struggle. I won't be downloading a new version each time I play, I'll tell you that much.
  6. Can't Play

    I tried after THAT map, and Tobruk loaded just fine.
  7. Can't Play

    So I tried loading into Renegade last night, and was NOT able to join on Lake Garden. If I tried through Renlist 1.8, it gave me a popup telling me I was not updated to the most recent version, but I am. I couldn't connect thought the client itself either. I could ever load in Jelly and play there JUST FINE. I was also able to play Sleepy Hollow last week, and Cold River just fine. What the hell is going on here? Do I need to download like extra shit to play certain maps?
  8. renegade Server Back Up 100%

    I played last night for a solid 2 hours, and it was great!
  9. Searching a hud

    After a decade of playing this game, the standard interface gets old. That radar is very nice in the picture, but we host too many maps here for that to work.
  10. renegade I hack!!

    I only hack on Tuesdays if it's a full moon. Sometimes I hack on Thursdays, but only if the sun sets in the east.
  11. renegade I hack!!

    I was checking out my stat page yesterday and I saw this. Is there a damaging repair gun in this game, or is this a glitch? haha
  12. renegade Serverbox being replaced...

    Take your time Z man, we can be patient
  13. Very much like the old days in a few ways. I know that must be a lot of work, and we cannot thank you enough Z man!
  14. renegade Player Customizable Bounties

    I'm too selfish to bounty anyone. Like a boss.
  15. renegade This my spot lol, move damnit

    Put it on the aow server please. It has a ped, and it can use your new plugin for a kill limit.

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