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  1. trunkskgb

    C&C Riverfalls

    Version 1.0.0



  2. trunkskgb

    C&C West

    Version 1.0.0



  3. trunkskgb

    Vile Facility Questions

    Yeah I totally didn't even think to mention it to a mod. I figured I had video proof, doesn't get more real than that for trying to prove someone was doing something they weren't supposed to. I played it again yesterday and was GDI. Someone else was doing it, but I couldn't tell. @WNxServer that was the match were you took my stolen stealth tank, hehe. I could see the big freaking huge rocket come flying over, but I never found out who did it. They must have been more cautious. @LordGalyen It's hard to see what everyone is doing sometimes, unless a mod SEE's it themselves, or someone reports it, not much they can do. It's just one of those things you know?
  4. trunkskgb

    Vile Facility Questions

    I thought so, the guy had ZERO line of sight, and he sat there just about all map and hit the WF. I'll let someone know next time.
  5. trunkskgb

    Vile Facility Questions

    So two things happened the other day, and I wanted to show everyone and to see what's up. In the 1st clip, if you navigate to about 1 minute 20 seconds, I die in my Power Plant. I only had 2 HP, but a Chemical Grenade killed me? Does that have a LARGE AOE damage because if the guy was shooting from the tunnel (I assume), I was on the FAR side of the Power Plant and died. Is that normal for that weapon? Next question is about b2b, or is where this guy shooting from legal? It's from about 1:20 to 1:50. He isn't IN our base, but he's outside of it, shooting clear across the whole map. Just curious if it's legal or not.
  6. trunkskgb

    What are you currently listening to?

    Man Zunnie went on a tear of music there, none of whom I know lol. I am and have however, been jamming out to my new Perfect Dark songs on my gaming playlist!
  7. trunkskgb

    Frank Klepacki retweeted me yayyyyyyyyyyhh

    nice one!
  8. trunkskgb

    the cinematic taht played during tib pit 3

    Is that supposed to be when Sakura's chopper goes down after the fight scene on that island?
  9. trunkskgb

    A Head shot and no rage to go with it?

    Along time ago, during the days of Renguard especially, what you will see in this clip at 00:02:59 would have caused mass rage. I know this because I would have raged if this had happened to me, and as a matter of fact, it did... plenty of times, and let me tell you, !rg <name here> and !forcerg was my best friend, and the best friend to many others. Unless of course that individual was running RG, then you just sat there in a sea of rage that was unforgiving. This is much more common on IA maps thanks to these stealth revealing units. Well, it doesn't reveal stealth, it just gives us a nice little black arrow that says, "Hey guess what?! Aim and fire here!"? How does someone NOT rage when this happens? This guy didn't say anything at all. How does someone, NOT act like this poor guy who had nothing but nice things (NOT) to me after I destroyed him? See picture attached below.....it is from MPF like, 10 years ago. I also did this to cooldude7 a few months ago on Vile Facility. I have that clip somewhere and I'm pretty sure I added the timestamp of when I did this in that video's comments. He raged, but was a little nice about it. He was hiding in the tunnel, or so he thought he would. Much like the old "ghost trick" when I see that black arrow, I fire away man, and often I am rewarded for it. For those of you who don't know what the ghost trick is, it was an old glitch in Renegade where you would be just walking around in your base, maybe inside a building, maybe taking a stroll around the Obelisk, but then your character would magically appear on a random persons screen, usually the opposing team, and if they were quick enough with a headshot, they could kill you just as fast, and you would be like, WTF!? HOW DID YOU KILL ME IN MY BASE? But on the enemy screen, you were casually walking along the hill (always long a hill which was weird), and they killed you just as if you were standing in front of them. Oh how I love this game!
  10. trunkskgb


    What was it exactly you were trying to pick up? Most likely, it was a weapon you already had.
  11. trunkskgb

    Stream highlights video

    Lot of work, but just a suggestion
  12. trunkskgb

    Stream highlights video

    It would be a ton of work, but in each of your comments, list out the start & ends times of each map, and the name of each map...if you want too lol.
  13. trunkskgb

    [VIDEO] - Heightfield from bitmap for terrain

    The "Create Polygon" tool is awesome! Ended up having to use it for a few things actually. Good video as well!!!

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