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  1. Welcome m8
  2. I like this old way of rushes !!! Don't see them doiing this great teamwork much these days
  3. I remember Spooner he was a great guy and yes it was in Jelly !
  4. It's old and alot of work too do before you get what you want .Also have too know how too walk on the floor the get on the otherside.
  5. Welcome m8
  6. An half hour at lest!!!
  7. Sad it goes this way, but I understand ypur decision.
  8. Erm I thought Full Mods are no longer allowed to use !time !
  9. Wooooooooow I am way too late, But still Happy Birthday m8
  10. We have all the same creator, if they like to call him God Alah or Brahma then that's ok with me !!! And yes I believe in the creator
  11. I have a degree on sitting to much on my bud
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums
  13. Good job buddy , as always !
  14. Sad to see you go bro.