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  1. Again I am late with my response , but the same for you bro
  2. Welkom bij MPF , ik hoop dat je je zult thuisvoelen
  3. Hi and welcome:)
  4. No extra Silo . Better teamplay and defending the Ref from the beginning is a must . I think the silo idea won't chance anything and also easy to destroy quick! But thx for the idea it ain't bad. Sorry for the late respons.
  5. Welcome m8
  6. 15

    Wow that long? I din't know i play it for 15 years now. Hope on another 15 years
  7. Welcome m8
  8. I like this old way of rushes !!! Don't see them doiing this great teamwork much these days
  9. I remember Spooner he was a great guy and yes it was in Jelly !
  10. It's old and alot of work too do before you get what you want .Also have too know how too walk on the floor the get on the otherside.
  11. Welcome m8
  12. An half hour at lest!!!
  13. Sad it goes this way, but I understand ypur decision.
  14. Erm I thought Full Mods are no longer allowed to use !time !