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Pwn Call

#MPF Developer
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  1. Thanks man, the big 30, feeling old!
  2. More things I have been up to. Please subscribe, like and share!
  3. Hey @Pwn Call here. Been a while since I've been around but if anyone is interested in books or needs a gift for a book lover then I have something for you. I have been writing a book the past couple years and would really appreciate any support you all could give me. I've given a lot to this community in the form of maps and since my retirement I've had to have something to create so why not a book?🤔 Anyways its a sci-fi so would most likely be interesting to you all here. If anything a simple post to social media would be extremely helpful. Here are some links for info about the book. Link for pre-order for kindle e-book. The ebook and the paper back will be released on March 1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NTMVCBX Info about the book itself, including the blurb (back cover synopsis of the main plot) and there is a link on that page that has the first 9 chapters for free in case you want to read it and see if it is interesting. http://www.entropytheory.com/corrosion/entropy-novel/ anyways its a quick read with a pretty neat twist, it appears as though its just another "aliens coming to earth" but that is not the case at all. Hope you all have had (some) fun without me!
  4. I just realized my brother works with this stuff for his job so I found a good resource thanks though!
  5. I have a website and am looking to get a little help creating simple things for it like html forms to make comments on blog posts. I'm really a novice and learning as I go, if anyone could take some time with me here and there I would appreciate it
  6. Amazing how calming a powerful @SToRMcan be.
  7. Yea it is super helpful, I wish I would have known about it way sooner. Zunnie taught me a few years back.
  8. @Scopes My only question is how did you manage to sleep over at his place with him slamming (typing) on his keyboard at wee hours of the night! And how many keyboards has he broken? We love and miss him dearly. We appreciate shedding light for us, we know how difficult it must be for you and the family. Stay strong.
  9. My coffee drinking habits are solely based off of his, he has molded myself in many ways over the years. Still can't believe it. I have my discord open nearly every morning to chat with him, its been open still since that day. I will leave it open for him for a long long time.
  10. Anyone who is going, please send along all the kind words from us at MPF. Especially myself, as I got to know him very well over the past 7 years. And if anyone from the family wants to talk about him or anything don't hesitate to send them my way.
  11. Here's one for the Z man
  12. At first hearing this I couldn't believe it. Its been setting in all day though and I'm surprised how emotional o have been about it. You don't realize how good a friend you have until they aren't here. we spent hours together playing, testing, even doing nothing, I had been on discord every morning the past couole days trying to get a hold of him, I wish we could of had even more time to talk. i thought about how my son could hear funny stories about myself from zunnie one day when we all were still playing ren. This is hard for me... after hearing the news this morning I went out to the living room where my son had been playing earlier to think about it. Out of all the blocks in my sons block set the only one that was out on the floor was the one with the "Z" on it.
  13. This is the darkest day in Renegade history. The game would not be where it is today without this man. I still can't believe this, so many countless hours modding and dreaming of new map ideas and pushing the w3d engine to its limits. Zunnie... I don't know what to say man... this is insane.
  14. Facebook died like 5 years ago, only my parents and old people use Facebook anymore. its the new myspace.
  15. Welcome back! this game is too much fun to quit I always say!
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