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Pwn Call

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    Ann Arbor, Michigan
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    Video Games, Competition of any type, Board games, Creating new things
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    Unreal 4

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
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  1. PwnCall nubbie

    Thanks guys, wish I could be more active, super busy lately!
  2. Control Terminal By SpEeDr

    NIce skin, did you make this yourself speedy?
  3. Med Selfie

    I didn't realize they released the canon selfy stick already
  4. New here!

    Great to see new faces! I I guarantee you won't play another game quite like Renegade. It is probably the best teamwork/strategy game out there. Also so if you have a headset or mic jump on teamspeak with us it's more fun.
  5. Warpath Pack

  6. Lightposts

  7. Powerup Pedestals

  8. Teleport Tubes

  9. Megathread: Future for MPF

    I vote for some of my other favorites, that are runescape (free to play mmorpg). And super smash brothers 4 for the wii U. Surprisingly unique and awesome fighting game.
  10. I played a weird ass game called kingdom o' magic. It was freaky. I loved the quest series a lot , c&c 95, Warcraft 1, minesweeper

    I made a minecraft renegade map. It was pretty cool but too laggy unfortunately
  12. Everyone knows it is DJ EYE K. / thread over
  13. Mom's cookies

    That better not have been a serious question...
  14. Pwn Call Texture Pack



    Texture pack for Renegade. Most are the original westwood textures and some are ones that I have made. There are also several from other people that I have used over the years. Wanted to share the textures with more people.


  15. I about fainted..............

    The production in the us is actually slowing. OPEC has so much oil in reserve they can afford to drive the price down by flooding the market. they are making gas so cheap that American and other companies can't sell the oil for a profit and it will run them out of business. Then when they have more of the market share they will drive the price back up to higher than it was before. Watch out!

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