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2 files

  1. Free

    Renegade Standard Buildings (gMax)

    Flying buildings for Gmax. These include AGT, OB, PP's, Ref's, WF, Air, Bar, and HON.
    There are other flying buildings out there to download but these come with proxies already in place so you don't have to add spawners or purchase terminals in Level Edit.
    Also these are aligned perfectly with the Z axis of Zero so they don't need to be moved when placed in a level.
    Flatflyingproxground includes the ground around the buildings for easier adding into levels


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  2. Free

    Renegade Standard Buildings (3DSMax8)

    This is a pack of 3 seperate 3ds Max 8 files for the Standard Renegade buildings. (Air/weps, power plant, refs, bar/hon, and obby/agt)
    One is the standard buildings with ground meshes attached
    One is the standard buildings with flying ramps and ground meshes attached
    The last one is just the flying ramps and vehicle blockers so you can add them to your pre-existing maps


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