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  1. One year.. and still miss you alot my friend..
  2. we always had fun son.... Going to miss you so much man....



  3. his dedication to helping was randomly recorded by me... Wish i had more moments like this captured cause there was millions more times like this....
  4. This is devastating news.. As a former MPF admin and developer I spent a lot of time with zunnie. This community was all spurred by him, MPF would not exist in it's current state if not for him. Even if I've had issues in the past here causing me to depart this place, it all doesn't even matter with my best friend Jan passing. Even though we never met in real life we spent countless sleepless hours developing some stuff for Renegade and various other games over the 7 years i knew him.... Countless hours talking over TeamSpeak, countless hours getting frustrated cause we couldn't get something to work only to find out that it was something so simple we overlooked.... as I write this I am in tears... I have so many good memories with Jan and it breaks my damn heart to hear this news... I will always cherish the time we had together my friend and I really hope you are at peace Kevin Yanez aka Mauler I will always remember you.... Love you Jan..
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Created By TinkerToy Flying and non flying RenX MP Template bases files for CNC Renegade Some adjustments made to some textures and fixes to various parts.
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