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  1. Renegade's 22nd anniversary is approaching fast. During this time we will be limiting or even turning off our regular servers to get as many people in the event server as possible. Lets try to beat the record of 80 players from the previous anniversary!!
  2. Looks awesome can't wait to try it.
  3. Hey, is there a download for this? your gdrive says deleted and couldnt find it in our maps download area
  4. Get off my god dam porch!
  5. unknown


    28mb 👀 why so big?
  6. Download for RenList https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/70-renlist/
  7. If you are having trouble joining server through W3DHub Launcher or WOL/XWIS, Use Renlist GSA tab.
  8. Update your bookmarks to https://ren-x.com/ This is the official statement from the Totem Arts team. Sσииу — Today at 6:46 AM Dear @everyone, As of 25/07/2021 the domain renegade-x.com has been taken control of by Agent, whom is now impersonating the RenegadeX website and services, while claiming to start a new team to continue development. Although we like to support community projects regarding or related to RenegadeX, our past and current staff at Totem Arts have already notified me that they will not allow their work to be used by Agent's new team. Despite the recent hurdles, Totem Arts will continue development, producing more awesome game content, and we'll do our best to reach the set expectations and deadlines of the RenegadeX and Firestorm games and content. Due to the ownership regarding the renegade-x.com domain having been proven to be vulnerable to Agent multiple times, we have decided to migrate to a few new domain names, this has the following implications for you as the user: - The current game-launchers will have to be manually updated to point to one of our new domain; instructions will be posted at a later point in #faq - The forums will now and in the future be reachable on the new domains - There might be a hot-fix coming in the coming days for any references in the game to our domain - A lot of the links across platforms will be broken, please be patient as we try to get all of them corrected to the new domains! Our new domain names: Ren-X.com Renegade-X.org Renegade-X.cc Renegade-X.online Sincerely, Totem Arts [6:51 AM] As a side-note: We have no reason to believe that Agent has anything to do with recent DDoS Attacks, nor do we want any of you to think that Agent might be related to that. We have our suspicions set upon a person that has been known to have DDoS'd our servers in the past as well.
  9. Try this: Goto C:\Users\<Your Name>\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs and delete everything in there. Then goto your Renegade Data folder and delete everything in there, backup somewhere if you want. Then in your main Renegade folder run mixcheck.exe as admin, Once it's done run this https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/2401-mpf-mappack-installer/ And finally join the server..
  10. Sounds like something is corrupted or missing.
  11. unknown

    map pack

  12. From the 12th of March to the 14th the NewMaps server will be offline for the Spoony tribute event. https://rencorner.com/topic/14420-spoony/
  13. Hi, Are you able to try this again. And can you access http://ttfs.mpforums.com:80/newmaps/packages.dat from your browser ?
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