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  1. Ah lemme have a look at that edit button. hellosunshine and cooldude are the same person.
  2. Hey! I think i vaguely remember seeing your name in renforums.
  3. Hey, is there a download for this? your gdrive says deleted and couldnt find it in our maps download area
  4. Alternative was RenIP or XWIS or basically what Unstoppable said. Is renlist not working for you @trumpetbum?
  5. Can also probably come under ledge/glitch + out of bounds/inaccessible places
  6. I wonder if @Unstoppable's upcoming beacon stuff would detect it as a ledge beacon
  7. Hmm I don't recall making a statement on this. There is invisible barriers around that prevent you from normally accessing that spot and to get there you have to bypass them so probably leaning towards illegal. You can get there via Orca if exit in right place. But still..
  8. Get off my god dam porch!
  9. We have some updates coming. 10secs should be less frequent in it
  10. unknown


    28mb 👀 why so big?
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