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  1. Nubbie, come discord sometime :)

  2. Happy Birthday Goldy!

  3. tcw Armory and Shrine Upgrades

  4. [Birthday]Happy bday Goldfish

    Thanks guys for the Birthday wishes . Hope y'all had a great Valentines day as well <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  5. irc Mobile irc

    AndroIRC is good too
  6. USB3 Problems

    umm............wat? lol Did u installed new Windows 8.1 on the computer? If so, I will need to test it on mines myself, to see if it works, as soon as my Hard Drive gets here.
  7. How & Why MPF?

    I followed u ever since APB NW Coop maps that you had made. I was a fan of them, and still is. I miss the good 'ol days where the maps became to be a test, then it was out for play then. Then ever since, TCW came up, and the learning of C++ coding, and more, I stayed ever since. So I been there always , *cough*(even if you are a nub xD)*cough*
  8. renegade I can whore better than falcod...

    lol falcod got 0wn3d by zun wit 1 point xD
  9. Server Maintenance @ 6/10/2014

    onoes lol
  10. it should be pretty straight forward when setting it up on Windows 7 64bit, as i had did so myself. You should have no problem, but if u do, just let us know.
  11. I say no, cause 1, i don't think i know you that well anyways, and 2, u cannot just come and say that u want admin status. That just so wrong to do. Too far to become one.
  12. [Birthday]Happy Birthday to Goldy58!

    lol thanx jks and zun
  13. [Birthday]Happy Birthday to Goldy58!

    lol thanx guys
  14. irc IRC script help

    Problem Resolved. Script was placed in his IRC instead of bot. Ppl can still execute the script with the command if the parameters (NXwolf isin $nick) wasn't there. Otherwise, it wont work for self test purpose. Bot was needed for this. Also Mauler. For your code to work with killed message if ($2 == killed) && ($3 == [MPF]Mauler) && ($4 == dumb) {timer 1 10 msg $chan !tagtext mauler policetimer 1 10 msg $chan !snda ut2_sexy_holyshit.mp3}Instead of using ($2 == killed), use $strip() as it strips out the colors, bold, italics, underlines: if ($strip($2) == killed) && ($strip($3) == [MPF]Mauler) && ($strip($4) == dumb) {timer 1 10 msg $chan !tagtext mauler policetimer 1 10 msg $chan !snda ut2_sexy_holyshit.mp3}

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