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  1. Goldy58


    Did someone mentioned me? xD
  2. same with me jks. He got me UT3: Black Edition, Age of Empires II, and CS:Source. Never thought that he would just give me games like that. Such a guy with a heart man...
  3. Man dude, after all the times we had together since APB testing maps and really having fun on those co-op server, to developing. And modded TCW and grew from it, I really learned a lot from you man. Haven't been for you, I would be stuck to where to start coding from. You was the one who was very patient to me by teaching me these C++ codes, and now I have developed that mindset of what each part of codes do. Since I had left TCW for many years, you kept asking me to be back a developer for the game, and now this year, I was back. Now that everything was back to where it was, plus with new features, now you're gone. I waited for you to come back so we can make this mod grow some more, but the bad news came to me. Dam dude, R.I.P man. You'll always be remembered. Especially of how many people you really affected to really join servers to play these modded games and all.
  4. What the fucking what? Are you sure about this? All this time I'm waiting for him, and he passed away? No man, that can't be true. Fuck man 😞
  5. Revision: 487 Author: goldy Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 11:33:26 PM Message: TCW2 Launcher ( ADDED - Refresh button to Server List FIXED - Duplicated "Run TCW2" ---- Modified : /Client/TCW2Launcher.exe
  6. Revision: 485 Author: goldy Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 3:34:45 PM Message: TCW2 Launcher ( ADDED - Temporary Server List now available. ---- Modified : /Client/TCW2Launcher.exe
  7. Nubbie, come discord sometime :)

  8. Happy Birthday Goldy!

  9. Thanks guys for the Birthday wishes . Hope y'all had a great Valentines day as well <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  10. Goldy58

    How & Why MPF?

    I followed u ever since APB NW Coop maps that you had made. I was a fan of them, and still is. I miss the good 'ol days where the maps became to be a test, then it was out for play then. Then ever since, TCW came up, and the learning of C++ coding, and more, I stayed ever since. So I been there always , *cough*(even if you are a nub xD)*cough*
  11. lol falcod got 0wn3d by zun wit 1 point xD
  12. I say no, cause 1, i don't think i know you that well anyways, and 2, u cannot just come and say that u want admin status. That just so wrong to do. Too far to become one.
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