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  1. Keep them coming, the more people who see these videos, will come here and maybe even play on the server.
  2. Great map with great gameplay!
  3. Happy birthday Fellow gamer! 🎂🥩🎉🍺🍰
  4. Happy birthday Comrade Premiere! 🎉🥩🍰🎂🍺 Best wishes! Have plenty of cake & ale & Renegade kills!
  5. @ROZPIERDALATOR how familiar are you with OBS? I’ve tried playing around with it, and that’s as good as I can get it
  6. Bandicam is so much cleaner and clearer than OBS
  7. Small map featuring good tank battles, and a good tunnel system for Infantry battles. https://youtu.be/f1MA68nNBDM
  8. Small map with a few paths to each base, no defenses.
  9. Who did that? Is that Tiberium Temple? That’s not the MPF version, right? I re-did that a few years back for Zunnie. I like it though!
  10. My old shirt from high school. Favorite shirt of all time! Long live Westwood!
  11. A great map! 2 ways in, a long narrow tunnel, and a big entrance in the front of each base. Huge open battlefield between the bases makes for open area pvp!
  12. Very well put. Blizzard is just flat out a better developer than EA can ever be. EA should have just let Petroglyph handle this from the start. I still remain hopeful though!
  13. I’m sure they’ll add more. This is still only just a teaser after all.
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