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  1. @Pwn Call happy birthday man! hope it’s a good one! 🤠
  2. Quite a few of us are still around the world of Renegade, welcome back.
  3. I might actually be available for that. I hope it’s a good turnout. I will totally stream that if I can make it. Rip Zunnie
  4. C&C Airbase Any more descriptions? Comb through my YouTube channel or the map database. Maybe it’s there?
  5. Welcome back Commander
  6. I tend to enjoy this map with less buildings, a fun map all around!
  7. I remember when Dethgogse (aka DethB0ink made this map, as well as a few others. Always a great map to play!
  8. A Zunnie map I believe, and Mauler too? I didnt get many chances to play it.
  9. My favorite map from Pwn Call. Love that fast tunnel action!
  10. One of my favorites!
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