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Introducing ModernAOW


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We're rolling out our new server ModernAOW!


ModernAOW is created in mind to provide a classic (or, less modified) gameplay experience.

It is created from scratch, with recommendations of well-known and long-time players of the Renegade community. Server rotation consists of classic maps, with several high-rated fan maps.

Server uses Marathon game mode with 33% chance, and AOW game mode (with 45-minute time limit) with 67% chance.

Cosmetic modifications such as join/kill sounds, holographic tags, chat sounds, etc. are included in ModernAOW.



Highlighted features: 


  • Sound Management: It is possible to mute all the sounds and musics from one central dialog by using the !setsound command. Your preferences will be remembered next join. (Support to disable miscellaneous sounds such as Kill Streaks and Countdown Timer are WIP.)


  • Fun Perks: Using the dialog opened by !fpd or !perks command, everyone can add a holographic text tag (that appears on top of player's head) or join/kill sound.


  • Veteran Store: You can buy certain weapons and Medium Tank/Light Tank from Veteran Store for veteran points or credits.Renegade Screenshot 2023.11.26 - Screenshot 2023.11.26 -


  • Voice Chat Team Switching: Our server bot automatically switches players between voice chats according to their team. Just enter the voice channel named Lobby under ModernAOW category, and that's all! Join our Discord server to enjoy the voice chat experience, by clicking here!


  • Field and Under are 100% AOW! You read it right. Field and Under are never Marathon in ModernAOW.


  • Automatic Team Donation: Credits of the player who left will be donated to the team automatically if they won't return within 5 minutes.


  • Persistent C4: Afraid of losing mines upon crash/disconnect? No need to worry here, their ownerships will be transferred to someone else in your team so they won't be automatically disarmed.


  • Map Ratings: Powered by UltraBot -our Discord bot- you can rate every map in the server using the !rate command, which will help us build the server rotation.


  • Crates: Following crates were ported from UltraAOW:
    • Beacon: Grants Ion Cannon Beacon and Nuclear Strike Beacon.
    • ButterFingers: Removes all weapons except Pistol.
    • Money Randiplicator: Multiplies or divides credits by a random multiplier.
    • Points: Adds or removes score.
    • Refill: Refills... That's all.
    • Noob Here: Displays an arrow on player. (Very low chance)


In other words, ModernAOW does NOT have any modifications from UltraAOW, except the ones above.


Server is available in the listing under the title [MPF] ModernAOW, and is also available in our Servers page.

See you in there!

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Guest Ace2047

Sounds like a good plan. But I must say I enjoy these servers a lot but getting players seems to be tough. Hopefully this will help. I would highly recommend not running marathon on field and under as thats exactly what leads me and other long time players from leaving other servers that are hosted on the "corner" of the renegade community 

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  • Unstoppable changed the title to Introducing ModernAOW
On 12/11/2023 at 6:53 PM, trunkskgb said:

Will we be seeing any Project Westwood maps in the rotation? They are the vanilla maps, with some minor tweaks to them. 


The way these maps were designed was to fit the theme and play style of UltraAOW. Since they are too deeply modified, I doubt that they would make their way in ModernAOW.

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