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  1. Version 1.02


    A alternative and advanced version of RenList listing utility. This is a server listing utility which takes data from GSA feeds from GSA Master Server hosted by CnCIRC and lists server for user. The differences between RenList and MasterList and the reasons of why you should prefer MasterList is specified below. If you using my lister, thank you so much. Please always use the latest version of this • MasterList is quicker than RenList for listing speed. • MasterList is simplier and more advanced than RenList. • Usage of MasterList is easier. The changes that planned and going to add: • Buddy system. Notices you when your buddy in a/any server. • Favorites system. Notices you when a event that you want happens. Example, when the map you want starts. • Some basic improvements for visual of UI. • Some other improvements for backend. Some help?? Look below! • Find "Theme" option from Menu>Options list to change your theme. • Change your nickname or your Renegade Installation directory from the related options on Menu>Options. • And be ready for other new features! Please report bugs and suggestions to me on here or Discord ( The Unstoppable (TR)#1065 ) or find me from MPF Discord Server at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord Enjoy!


  2. Unstoppable


    Knowlegdeless people: REMASTER C&C RENEGADE NUBS
  3. Unstoppable

    my eyes are dead

    Because you using blue dot cheat lol
  4. Unstoppable

    Happy Birthday Cronus

    saving excess words lol
  5. Unstoppable

    Happy Birthday Cronus

    Happy birthday, Cronus!
  6. Unstoppable

    C&C Niagra

    It looks like a good map. But something forced me to vote 4 😕
  7. Unstoppable

    Renegade GSA API

    Version 1.1


    Basic Renegade GSA API made by C# Language. Originally by Iran (if I don't remember wrong), but modified. Have 4 functions; GetAllRenServersIPByGSA() - Returns IPEndPoint[] : Gets all servers IP GetGSData(IPEndPoint server) - Returns Dictionary<string, string> : Gets server data by server IP. Here's a basic code for lazy. //Shorter version Dictionary<string, string> mpf_server_data = new Dictionary<string, string>(); IPEndPoint mpf_ip = new IPEndPoint(); foreach(IPEndPoint ip in GetAllRenServersIPByGSA()) { if(GetGSData(ip)["hostname"].Contains("MPF")) { mpf_server_data = GetGSData(ip); mpf_ip = ip; } } You can get all servers data with this code too. If you want shorter way, here's a basic code. Dictionary<string, string> mpf_server_data = GetServerDataByKeyValue("hostname", "MPF"); It returns the same mpf_server_data value as the top. For the IP, you can write this code. IPEndPoint mpf_ip = GetServerIPByKeyValue("hostname", "MPF"); It also returns the same mpf_ip value as the top. Comment bugs, glitches and ideas about new functions.


  8. Unstoppable

    R.I.P. zunnie

  9. Unstoppable

    C&C Backstab

    Small, but good. If mappers or I have a copy of that map, it is better to make some magic touches. But my rate is 5 stars. Agree with you @newtown19. Defence need to be fortified.
  10. Unstoppable

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    I sure that i uploaded it 15xxx8xx pixels resolution. Try click the image then download.
  11. Unstoppable

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    @WNxServer. My map pictures are 1920x1080 resolution. The biggest screen resolution I can get is 1920x1080.
  12. Unstoppable


    My first map on Renegade. Some capturable things and high mountains. Map has some problems but I'll release flying version of this map. I'll gonna fix them up in that release. (And I hear comments about my map :)) This map has: Capturable Tiberium Silos Capturable Repair Facilities Capturable Tailguns that located on Bunker windows.
  13. Unstoppable


    C&C_MPF_Islands_b7 is better. I don't like this map originally.
  14. Unstoppable

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    map type? Imperial Age? I'm on it 😉
  15. Unstoppable

    Building Warnings

    Version 1.0


    This is a modify of Building Health Sounds. Originally created by Xpert from Atomix. Plugin reports building health percents and destruction imminents ingame with EVA sounds like below. If you see bug, let me know in comments or mail me canozkan145@gmail.com [BldWarning] The GDI Power Plant health at 75 percent. [BldWarning] Warning - GDI Power Plant - Destruction imminent. NOTE: Some buildings in some maps not reporting their health percent. I realized that and working on a fix.


  16. Unstoppable

    R.I.P. zunnie

    We didn't have a long time friendship. Just less than 3 months. You may rest in peace @zunnie. My condolences to his family. This community thanking you for your projects, maps, supports and more that I can't remember. We will not forget you. We will miss you. That's still shocking. I don't have much words to say. There will not come person like you in this community. The last dinosaur was gone. I hope you're in a coffee heaven now 😭😭😭
  17. Unstoppable

    R.I.P. zunnie

    My condolences Kees. Thank you for writing. We're too sad to hear that And may you tell us why Jan passed away? What happened? Maybe the entire community want to know. There are too many speculations.
  18. Rest in peace, Jan Wessels. This community and players already missed you. 😭😭

  19. Unstoppable

    The Desktop Topic

    Left one is main/gaming PC, right one is server/work PC. I can only serve with Hamachi nowadays because my ISP using CGN. Usually using tablet to expand computers screen to its screen with Spacedesk.
  20. Unstoppable

    Snowy Mountains

    Version 1.0


    My first public map on Renegade. Silos, repair facilities and tailguns are capturable. Double base defenses. Defenses, building locations, etc. are balanced as much as I can. Report bugs and glitches in the comment section. My next map will be soon.


  21. Unstoppable


    Is this updated for Scripts 4.6??
  22. Version 1.0


    A tool for RenegadeFDS Package Editor. You don't need to run command prompt continously for package editor. Open it and use. Enjoy! Planning to do in version 1.1: - Adding User Interface - App configuration for use this application without server's folder. (Now, working on new version...)


  23. Unstoppable

    Link broken downloads here

    Some of SSGM 4.0 Plugins

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