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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
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    [UN] and SX
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  1. New Renegade Leadership

    Make Bryan admin.
  2. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Reload time 1 min.
  3. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Mee too, i preffer AiC and Old STP
  4. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Well i remember some parts from it, but playing now Soundgarden and Foo Fighters
  5. renegade Screenie I found

    Nice ones, i miss 2005-2010 UN Times
  6. New Renegade Leadership

    No its remuv Samuel.L.Jacksonmothefooker.taunt.mp3
  7. New Renegade Leadership

    Remuv hesh
  8. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Show ur Christmass gifts, well this is one i bought myself, so i be off the renegade for some time
  9. Hiya

    I remember yer. Good ol' folk
  10. renegade Rotation update December

    Trunks is right man, Ravine and Overlook were cool af, cant remember Frag City
  11. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Merry Christmass Everyone
  12. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy Birthday !
  13. Hi All! Robyike1 here!

    Hello dude, enjoy
  14. renegade Rotation update December

    Can u remove hesh94 from rotation, he nub :v

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