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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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  1. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    Cairo with Disabled Fund if it destorys the map. Grtah3 , what Server said Alpine NIght inestad of Alpine Ruins0X again, miss this map
  2. Rotation Update July

    Deth River and Dawn Raid must be back and protected. They should never be removed .
  3. Rotation Update July

    What maps you have removed?
  4. Bunch of Pu**y

    teams are made randomly, dude dont care what people say. Enjoy game
  5. What are you currently listening to?

    R.I.P Legend ,Love This Band.
  6. Dear Renegades

    I am not joking @r3sur[r3Kt] this time. Shit happens around the world, controlled by evil goverments. Just wanted to say what i did write in first point
  7. Dear Renegades

    Hey Here's your well known player, i would like to thank you for all the time we spent playing togather. I am not leaving or having any health either mental issues, but i would like to say it was honor to meet all of you. People who have been here before, now and will be in future. I will continiu as much playing as i can apart from my hobbies,work, social life. We known all the situation around the world, someone from the top has really evil plans. Zionist took they political and economic advantage over humanity. It mind sound ridicules but 13 May 2017 might be last day where we will have freedom. Why did i mention 13.05.2017? Hundred years after Fatma. I got to admit also weird thing started to happen around. I wish best for all of you, stable financal situation, no health issues, take care of your families. Raphael "Rockstar" J. K.
  8. Why can't i drive APC well

  9. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Enjoy ur day
  10. How do i log on renegade i have it installed

    Help I'm trying to play renegade and this is the message I get: Execution of command 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\RenegadeLauncher.exe + connect + netplayername "heinyken131"' failed (error 740: the requested operation requires elevation.)
  11. Hey. How about we add also Agt Launcher and Ob Gun for vet points? Lets say 300 vet points each, however they would be less powerfull? Ob Gun does 150 Damage instead of 300 and has 10 ammo shells that needs to be reloaded after Agt Gun rate of fire decreased by 50% , has 10 rockets that needs to be reloaded after? Crazy idea or not ?
  12. I recall my first match in 2005, it was Islands, i had no idea what do to do shot randomly everywhere. It was sunny day back than, i was at Nod team wandering around map trying to figure out how to get to GDI base.
  13. Rotation Update April

    Love the fact littlehillrumble 2 is back Wish we had more Death Match maps
  14. r3sur[r3Kt]

    Banned. No, Joking . Happy Birthday, hope u get lots of booze and chicks , gifts
  15. Hey! :)

    Welcome mate

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