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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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  1. Get RenList from out site, its better
  2. When anyone picks it make big pink arrow appear on its head saying "Big beacon 10 sec pig" with Porky face on the top and add also sound of German WWII sirens.
  3. Remove em or change to 30 sec originally not 45.
  4. Tib Pit 3, Torbuk Fixed (has music and units dont stuck) , Alpine night and Night ox ?
  5. Gen Blacky im the UnRules one, i have had this nick since 2005 or before even. I did play RC time to time with this nick or SnowStorm, Frozen256. This other rockstar dude was CMPS clan, i was in Sx with DarkZero.
  6. Fresh ,Chief who are they wat?
  7. I remember him, never knew he have died. Played Jelly time to time , saw him. I miss old times.
  8. Lol new, yes hi mate
  9. Siege for march or now..? cool map imo
  10. Hmm maybe Siege? A little campy map but still have backdoors to PP?
  11. I like all the maps added, hope Torbuk fixed version with music ofc I will miss RuinsOx, did remind me WW2 i fought in 1939.
  12. Was cool match, joined too late. It would be cool for a Winter Field too
  13. Man we can, but there are many new players who might not really be familiar with our server. As part of MPF i known old farts can do such a things, just comunicate. TIP, which always help me with team work. Type an idea of Plan/Rush "Stank,med,rockets meet at river" Copy Paste it Send to all PM
  14. Year ?
  15. A lot of power crates do appear here, nice map silo helps it and night version looks better