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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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    [UN] and SX
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  1. Happy Birthday Comancheiv

    Happy Baguette day, gotta present for ya !
  2. Hello, by Wezza

  3. 55 people in game

    @trunkskgb Believe me if it wasnt for my, wnxserver, gkl21 and others fight , one particular english dude could ruin it entirely. Imperial maps needs tweak, me and wnx,gkl, unknown could balance it. Wish IA maps were more polished, they are still cool for what they it.
  4. 55 people in game

    Since rotation have been changed people started to play it more actively. Glad we need to keeep it 3-4 Regular New Maps and 1 Modified Imperial map.
  5. Happy Birthday Bullvipe

    Best Wishes hope u get lots of Cakes!
  6. nsfw my balls

    Balls of steel Nice cap, i see ur the drummer. Well i have Fender and Fender stap and Fender t shirt
  7. Happy Birthday WNxServer

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag !
  8. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Reload time 1 min.
  9. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Mee too, i preffer AiC and Old STP
  10. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Well i remember some parts from it, but playing now Soundgarden and Foo Fighters
  11. renegade Screenie I found

    Nice ones, i miss 2005-2010 UN Times
  12. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Show ur Christmass gifts, well this is one i bought myself, so i be off the renegade for some time
  13. Hiya

    I remember yer. Good ol' folk
  14. renegade Rotation update December

    Trunks is right man, Ravine and Overlook were cool af, cant remember Frag City

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