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    Love boobs and booze, guitars

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    Renegade / W3d
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    [UN] and SX
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  1. What are you currently listening to?

    R.I.P Legend ,Love This Band.
  2. Why can't i drive APC well

  3. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Enjoy ur day
  4. r3sur[r3Kt]

    Banned. No, Joking . Happy Birthday, hope u get lots of booze and chicks , gifts
  5. Hey! :)

    Welcome mate
  6. Back to play

    Hi there
  7. These were gold times, i recall these folks from UnRules. I remember i started online gameplay early 2005 march
  8. Anybody has old screenshots from 2002 era or further?
  9. So can't i have my own topic?
  10. Wasnt a screen thread Yet, these screens are special
  11. Happy bithday Renegade folks, i decided to make some screens during the years and post em. Can't get screens from 2014 years or older since my old computer gone to trash. Pics since 2015 January Happy Birthday 15 years of ren
  12. Servers offline?

    Get RenList from out site, its better
  13. Hello

    Gen Blacky im the UnRules one, i have had this nick since 2005 or before even. I did play RC time to time with this nick or SnowStorm, Frozen256. This other rockstar dude was CMPS clan, i was in Sx with DarkZero.
  14. Hello

    Fresh ,Chief who are they wat?
  15. Remember?

    I remember him, never knew he have died. Played Jelly time to time , saw him. I miss old times.

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