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  1. I still miss you, my old friend 😡
  2. @ your topic post: have Cronus, unknown, fear/grime, fear/spacer, volcom, dudley, reborn, server in a pm trying to see if anyone has them. Also, I can't pm you. Did you go bananas here before? Lol if so: I guess I rubbed off on you from the old days. I was reading a log yesterday where you and I were raanting about shit in mp. xD

  3. Reborn longtime man I’m glad someone from the renegade community will be there, thanks! @shai, tiny might have what you need or maybe Grime? where is FMSPACER???????
  4. If you would like to attend Zunnies funeral please get in touch with his brother
  5. I have also spoken with his brother and such a tragic end to a beautiful soul. may his soul RIP and live on forever in Renegade. i know I have not Been on best terms with MPF but if you could please organise a weekend of his maps in his honour I will he happy to pay for it. Just PM Miss you Zman!!!!!!
  6. I have spoken with his sister in law who has confirmed his passing. i have provided her with the website upon her request RIP old friend.
  7. So sad in death it brings all the oldies back. We should all come together more often Zunnie I’ve known you for 14+ and every time you left MPF I would get the shits but you kept coming back. You/we become family I spent more time with you some days than my wife. take care my friend and next time I play one of your maps I will play it with great sadness and joy in your memory
  8. Just heard the sad news. Respect for Zunnie and for all his hard work in creating a place that gave me so much enjoyment MPF R.I.P. my old friend 😪 i wish i could talk talk to you one last time and say sorry...... You are in a better place
  9. vihannes2 is correct. The flame tanks were disabled and its the normal flamethrower that people realised made the same damage as the flame tank. The map would be fine if you can fix that
  10. Happy B day old man....Get in-game sometime
  11. KEn fix my Ren X please you slut
  12. Vib you bitch I missed you. Since your back get in TS so I can hear you sexy voice and call you a poof
  13. His wife knows Kenz loves me. She likes when I talk dirty to him
  14. I have to admit very impressive Kenz! Okay Ill have to give this another try. Things I hope that were improved: 1. Sniping - I hated when you killed someone and they flew to the side like a rag doll 2. Start up screen - Nearly blew my ear drums off 3. How the run function worked - Just didn't like you had to press a button 4. The chat function sucked 5. You figgin ugly ass head Kenz...love you When I'm on next if you can hook me up I would appreciate it Kick
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