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  1. Right back at ya buddy
  2. Thank you!
  3. I like the majority of upgrades nice work guys. I appreciate all your hard work so thank you!! some feedback: 1. Can you please remove the shake? It make people feel sick and his is why we removed it initially 2. The building cameras. I don't like these as its hard enough to get into a building and to let the team know I thinks it's not right. it takes a skilled player to get into a building and then for some stupid camera to detect you I just thinks it's not right. 3. I've played now for a month with the new building buyback and I think it's needs some tweaking please. I thinks it's really unfair a building get destroyed and a few players John and the price goes so high it's not achievable to get it back. Not sure what the answer is but that's just my opionin People don't see all the hard work in the back ground and the hours of testing. So once again thanks a lot of for all the upgrades appreciate your efforts. kick
  4. KEn fix my Ren X please you slut
  5. Vib you bitch I missed you. Since your back get in TS so I can hear you sexy voice and call you a poof
  6. His wife knows Kenz loves me. She likes when I talk dirty to him
  7. I have to admit very impressive Kenz! Okay Ill have to give this another try. Things I hope that were improved: 1. Sniping - I hated when you killed someone and they flew to the side like a rag doll 2. Start up screen - Nearly blew my ear drums off 3. How the run function worked - Just didn't like you had to press a button 4. The chat function sucked 5. You figgin ugly ass head Kenz...love you When I'm on next if you can hook me up I would appreciate it Kick
  8. Awesome work buddy can't wait to play them
  9. It's like ghostbusters 2 FAILED
  10. 12 x stanks rushing and that runs past classic. please add this to a few of the maps somehow. Give it and ob gun
  11. Thanks Deth....Much appreciated buddy!
  12. You're the man....thanks for helping our pwncall!!! One map today we played one of the new ones with the ugly texture people were bitching about b2b might need to set a rule there Played Ruin0X now that is a great map...loved it
  13. Maybe pwn call can fix some of the other maps that are not his???
  14. Thanks my old mate. I hope you are well? when will we see you I game buddy?
  15. I love lazer tag and Paint Ball and had it in the rotation 12 months ago for 10 mins but it got removed...Cant remember why though. I thought it gave a nice break between long map. I also had MPF snipers.