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  1. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    We know your time is valuable so Thanks for doing all this!
  2. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    Will players have to do anything and when should it be working? Mine is just sitting trying to connect.
  3. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    He said racks..... lol I like racks.....
  4. Server Down Time

    System maintenance shouldn't be more than 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.
  5. I am Muther

    Yep some OG's exist. Hi and thanks for the post!
  6. Hello from New Jersey!

    Thanks for saying hi and Welcome!
  7. Sup

    Hmm I am using MPF2.0 which has a dark grey screen. Hmm I am using MPF2.0 which has a dark grey screen.
  8. Sup

    Sounds like you roadtrippin man! I'm in that Sunday and have nothing to do. We can go to In-N-OUT Hamburgers. I'll buy!
  9. Sup

    Supi all!!! I just wanted to make sure you all knew I was still around. Having a great summer taking several trips to the lake and hanging in the pic below. I'll be around once Summer is over but I am sure you understand I have a bit of making up to do on enjoying life. Going to San Diego Calf 09-11 for a week (if there is anyone that lives there send me a pm and maybe we have a beer at the Bay Front Hotel) then another trip to KC Missouri 10-01 and after I'll be around more. Lub u all, wish you were here. See joo soon.
  10. Good bye MPF!

    Aw man I guy goes away for a bit and no bull around?? Hope to see you on TS m8
  11. Happy Independence Day

    I know it is just in the USA, but Hope you all have a safe and fun July 4th!
  12. Kickmofo

    Happy B-Day old man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Happy Fathers Day

    Hope you all have a good one (at least we have one day lol). The title holds a big responsibility so those that hold it, props to you.
  14. New Renegade Division Leader

    WooHoo!!!! Fresh Meat!!!!! LOL Congrats R3. Thanks for all you have done Sir Kick. See you around the community m8.

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