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renlist provides the ability to retrieve server list from GameSpy and WOL. You can also connect to any listed servers by pressing "Connect" or double-clicking the selected server.



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What's New in Version 1.0.9   See changelog


  • 1.0.9 - 14 Jun, 2016
    * Change: [General] Structure of RenList.xml has been changed and some settings are incompatible with previous versions
    * Change: [WOL] Password is now encrypted before saving to memory and configure file
    * Change: [GSA] Status bar will display "no server available" instead of "Querying..." in GSA if GSA master returns empty server list
    * Fix: [WOL] Server list menu disappeared
    * Fix: [WOL] Prompt incorrect password after password update
    * Fix: [GSA] Incorrect sorting behavior with customized columns
    * Fix: [GSA] Favorited servers sometimes don't show up
    * Fix: [GSA] Connect button is now in proper state when (de)selecting servers

  • 1.0.8 - 3 Aug, 2014
    * Change: Parsing GameSpy query header "[name]_t#" as server option to follow GameSpy specification (UI for this will be added in future update)
    * Change: Column "Favorite" can no longer be sorted
    * Fix: Catch connect throttle error from WOL
    * Fix: Sorting now works for customized GSA column order
    * Fix: Join button on WOL is now enabled when closing Server Information
    * Remove: Renegade Resurrection support

  • 1.0.7 - 10 May, 2014
    * Update: Master servers list

  • 1.0.6 - 26 Aug, 2012
    * Fix: "General" is now the default page in settings dialog
    * Fix: Handling of empty GSA server data
    * Update: WOL sign in error information

  • 1.0.5 - 28 Aug, 2011
    * Add: channel ban notification for WOL servers
    * Fix: Incorrect nickname to join WOL servers
    * Fix: WOL servers information is now parsed correctly

  • 1.0.4 - 5th Apr, 2010
    * Change: Updated wxWidgets to 2.8.10
    * Fix: XWIS server IP and Port

  • 1.0.3 - 4th Apr, 2009
    * Add: Unlimited WOL buddy list
    * Add: Players count for GDI and Nod in WOL server info dialog
    * Add: Page ability for nicknames in buddy list
    * Add: Detection of Renegade installation from The First Decade
    * Add: Renegade Resurrection support (Disabled by default)
    * Change: RenList will ask for prompt settings dialog during first startup
    * Change: GameSpy is now enabled by default
    * Change: Reduced executable size
    * Fix: Crash when sorting WOL players in server information dialog
    * Fix: Duplicate query for favorited GameSpy servers
    * Fix: RenList process would continue running in background if it was closed after WOL Server Info was left open.
    * Fix: No longer show negative max player number for WOL servers
    * Fix: "Connect" button in WOL server info dialog no longer disabled in empty server
    * Fix: WOL Reconnect delay

  • 1.0.2 - 19th Nov, 2008
    * Add: +multi parameter support for Renegade (Default is disabled)
    * Fix: Can't enter characters in text boxes
    * Fix: Passworded WOL servers always prompt "Incorrect password"

  • 1.0.1 - 12th Nov, 2008
    * Fix: Crash when launching Renegade from selected GSA server
    * Fix: "Connect" and "Join" button won't change its state after Renegade is terminated if the section that own the button is not enabled

  • 1.0.0 - 11th Nov, 2008
    * Add: You can now copy IP:Port of GameSpy servers to clipboard from right-click menu and select "Copy IP:Port to clipboard"
    * Add: More error checking in update downloader
    * Add: It's now always check for Renegade executable existence before launching the game
    * Add: Main window position is now remembered
    * Add: Display GameSpy server info (player info and game config)
    * Add: "F5" on keyboard can now refresh servers list in selected tab
    * Add: Display WOL server game config
    * Add: Ability to use direct-connect in WOL servers and bypass direct-connect kicker
    * Fix: Item "Connect" in right click menu in GSA server list is now disabled if Renegade executable does not exist
    * Fix: Non-favorite servers no longer appear as favorites in the GSA right click menu.
    * Fix: Incorrect sort order for the servers below the last favorited server
    * Fix: Freeze while GameSpy servers list is refreshing

  • 0.3.0 - 1st Oct, 2008

    * Add: Ability to add/move/remove column (You can set by right click on server lists header or from menu "Option" -> "Column settings")
    * Add: Indicator for ascend/descend sort in GameSpy and WOL server listing
    * Add: Statusbar is now show the current status of GameSpy and WOL
    * Add: Button to control connection to WOL
    * Add: Config option for WOL reconnect delay after disconnection (5 - 30 seconds)
    * Add: Columns width is now remembered
    * Change: Adjust settings dialog checkboxes string
    * Change: Auto reconnect will be disabled if WOL responded with invalid password or serial
    * Change: Settings code has been simplified for features from the future
    * Change: Pressing enter in config dialog text fields is now equal to pressing "Save" button
    * Fix: Memory leak from WOL server player info

  • 0.2.0 - 26th Sep, 2008

    * Add: Auto updater
    * Add: New menu for settings and merged settings dialogs
    * Add: Check for Renegade executable existence
    * Add: Check for Renegade path on first start
    * Add: Ability to sort WOL server players list
    * Add: Time-left label in WOL server player list
    * Add: Refresh selected GameSpy server
    * Change: Moved to wxWidgets 2.8.9
    * Change: Blocked columns resize (except player name) in WOL server player list
    * Change: The way of how it store GameSpy favorite servers. Even GameSpy master is unavailable, it will still query favorite servers and list if available
    * Change: GameSpy and WOL servers list is now output instantly with sort ability
    * Change: WOL players list is now sort by current in-game rank by default
    * Change: RenList.xrc is no longer needed. It is being merged with RenList.exe
    * Fixed: GameSpy servers list is now decrypted properly
    * Remove: "Settings" buttons are removed

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Everything updated. :)

Guide was straight forward and easy to follow.

Its been over 20 years since I last played Renegade.

Can't wait to see how bad I've become.



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