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  1. Asterisk Connect Tool BETA

    Version 0.40b


    This is the current public beta version of the W3D-Asterisk Connect Tool - A direct connect tool built to be a spiritual successor to the legacy RenIP connect tool. This tool is compatible with all Renegade W3D-engine mods. It includes: A universal server connect tool, compatible with all Renegade-based mods on the W3D engine. A universal single-player game launcher. Save an entry for all of your W3D-based games and easily run them from here! The ability to save multiple server profiles for quickly changing between your various favorite games and servers. Multiple config options (with many more to come!) so that you can have things just the way you like them. An IRC !auth feature for players with protected nicknames. No more joining IRC just to run one command and leave, this will do it for you! Many features are still being developed. Stay tuned for updates!


  2. Renegade requires Win XP Service Pack 3

    This has happened to me a few times on occasion, never at the same place in the campaign. Its also happened in multiplayer a couple times. The TT scripts guys are probably aware of it though.

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