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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Want to start a Zark server? Or maybe a Zark Ladder match? This is your gun, with auto fire and ammo count is set to 50 and max 75. You'll always have to play smart and pick up drops. When it comes to getting head shots, this rifle don't care if your camping or runing. No Tracers so you don't give away your location, and faster fire rate then Zark Rifle Sniper Gun. Custom Zoom Cross-hair with see-through outer ring, so you know when someone is coming from the side. unlike the Zark Rifle Sniper Gun who's outer ring is non-see-through for sniping and camping. RedirectReferences=(PackageName="BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Tournament-WindowsNoEditor",PackageURLProtocol="http",PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/anarki02f8/BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Tournament-WindowsNoEditor.pak",PackageChecksum="3feaa7d7d0ce4f705f0f2b70e3ca4d38")


  2. Zark Rifle Sniper Edition

    Version 1.0.0


    Want to start a large map camping (Sniper) server? This is your gun, with auto fire and bonus for not moving. If you do try and run and gun, you'll have better luck winning the lotto then getting head shots. No Tracers so you don't give away your location, and slower fire rate then Zark Rifle Tournament Gun. Custom Zoom Cross-hair with dark outer ring, unlike the Zark Rifle Tournament Gun who's outer ring is see-through for running and gunning. RedirectReferences=(PackageName="BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Sniper-WindowsNoEditor",PackageURLProtocol="http",PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/anarki02f8/BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Sniper-WindowsNoEditor.pak",PackageChecksum="01d14a943f2ed0e64c41c8c4e5d173b4")


  3. Redirect pass over

    That is a rifle mod, I was asking do I change that line for a custom map.
  4. Redirect pass over

    no its a auto sniper rifle with no tracers, Zark is what we called it back in ut99
  5. Redirect pass over

    got it, thanks so much for the help! I'm slow out of the gate, but I do get better. LMAO, One thing what would I change if I added a custom map? Oh BTW very cool tool thanks again
  6. Redirect pass over

    thank you, I see it says when its downloading 0 files left in queue. Why is this? Is my lines right?
  7. @cronus Thanks for your help the other day getting me setup. But once again i'm in need of your help sorry man When I connect to the server it trying to download but after about 10sec or so just moves on. Any ideas on this? I'll post my lines below Thanks [/Script/UnrealTournament.UTBaseGameMode] RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DiRifle-WindowsNoEditor", PackageURLProtocol=https", PackageURL=redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/anarki02f8/DiRifle-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageChecksum=f2fce087cf71408edb5ddf02a0fe4dd4") It downloads great in chrome

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