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Everything posted by vihannes2

  1. Well I might donate some if it would be sure that there will be one. But if its not sure thing i'm not too keen into donating as I can't play even play on current one.
  2. I'd play there if we had Java server.
  3. This is average/good map as it has two entrances and more options to win than breaking in by force.
  4. It's bit nod map as gdi doesnt have much changes sneaking in stealthed like nod. Vehicles can almost only break through by force and thus there isn't much of tactics on this map.
  5. I never liked this map due to small and one sided base entrances.
  6. This map doesn't bring much feelings. Not good or bad.
  7. 1:50 Actually you won't get hit by ob if you use that way but you need to run right next to pp. On video you ran bit towards hon and thus ob had time to hit you.
  8. Wow really? I was actually thinking one day how common cell phones were back then around the world. I got my first cell phone in 1999 just before I began 1st class and I was only one on my class who had one but until 2002 almost everybody had one.
  9. Well I think my and others point is the balance issue. Agt never shoots to top level at all while Obelisk covers top area almost 100% and quite far away also making any rushes through top almost impossible. This makes easy to shoot 3 of gdi buildings with stanks from top where base defence or any unit down in gdi base cannot reach without climbing up. Gdi doesn't really get anything in return for this weakness. Bridge and seaside routes are somewhat similiar for both teams. Sure Hon is more vulnerable than Bar but I feel like Nod has those two turrets to compensate this. Maybe could try just adding some smaller defences on Gdi side top? Like capturable turrets instead of those current emplacements.
  10. Where is Murkel. I miss cheater pig
  11. Could something be done on Pacific to balance ob / agt little bit. Agt is quite bad on that map compared to ob due to it's placement and it's lower height. If it would be even bit higher and could shoot to top area like ob it would be much more fair.

    1. RoCkStAr


      THIS IS GOLD ! Thanks you Vihannes2 :D Love it

  13. I think shotgun is way too powerful weapon for tech/hotwire. Only one or two shots is often enought to kill when encountering enemy players in buildings which is typical combat for those units. Flamethrower instead of shotgun for both teams would be much better.
  14. Should have both cuz they both look nice.
  15. There are both but they totally different maps.
  16. Well I say yes cuz vehicle can still be killed fairly easy by going close to it around back.
  17. On Alpine you could make video how to get passed behind gdi ref hill without agt shooting when going to gdi pp. I once learned how to walk properly it but I forgotten it.
  18. Can we have b2b allowed exception rule on C&C_River_RaidDB maprules? Map is so small that its obvious that you can't really use snipers/arty/mrls without b2b and everyone is doing it already. I think It's still important to have it on maprules as general rules state: @unknown@WNxServer
  19. Maybe you should set up another computer next to you and drive for yourself then lol.
  20. It can often lead into being different game indeed but it doesn't necessary have to. Stuff could have been visually changed while the actual gameplay stays exactly same. Everyone knows eg. SNES and NES versions of Super mario 3. Basically nothing changed on gameplay but still much more improvement visually in such short time between releases.
  21. I would have expected them to actually redesign stuff to look little different. Looks more like they basically just improved resolution and thats it. For good example for success in remastering game see below. One of my favourites when I was kid was Leisure Suit Larry 1. Original was from 1987 and remaster just 4 years later in 1991. Every detail in game was kept exactly the same while graphics took huge step forward from EGA into VGA and controls was changed from poor text based input into mouse based point and click. In 2013 they remastered it again but can't say that it would have been any better than 1991 version. Sure the graphics were improved again a lot but in my opinion hd graphics makes it look like some today's kids game (It's rated +16 years even tho I was playing it when I was kid). If they had not remastered it already in 1991 the 2013 one would have been surely much more pointful.
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