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Everything posted by vihannes2

  1. Large map and no main defence = nod almost always win by stanks. Not the worst map tho.
  2. I've always kinda liked this one even tho its small and not so easy to break through into enemy base.
  3. This is fine map. I'm not big fan of dark maps tho.
  4. Small but well balanced map. 4 turrets on nod and 4 guard towers on gdi
  5. One of my favourites
  6. Well balanced map with many weapon and crate spawns. Two routes between bases
  7. Don't forget that rating maps in database is also important. Currently I'm only one who has rated more than couple. Don't be afraid to add maps too, currently its been mostly just me and trunks. Don't need necessary satellite image of map, few screenshots of map are fine also.
  8. I've always liked this because its so different from other maps.
  9. Game mode is little different compared to normal: GDI has objective to defend Medical center against nod attack. If nod failes to destroy it gdi wins. 3 routes between bases one agt on each side.
  10. Map with bases surrounded by mountains providing only one entrance on ground vehicles and other one for aircraft. Also many tunnels for infantry but none can be used to sneak in while base defences are alive.
  11. Fairly small map with two silos and bar/hon and wf/air. Few turrets and gts.
  12. Always liked this one.
  13. Large city map with 2 agts and obelisks but back of the bases protected only by couple small defences. Map requires about +20 players otherwise its too big. Aircraft is included
  14. Map located in island with big mountain between bases. Aircraft included. Tunnel through mountain as primary route and coastline offering alternative route between bases. Higher tunnel on mountain for infantry and aircraft. Many sams, gts and turrets but no agt/ob.
  15. Never liked this much. gameplay reminds c&c_field.
  16. Better than normal walls but I've never much liked maps that only have one entrance to base.
  17. Good map, much better than City
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