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There was a script that bot were drop in when you purchase a vehicle on nod airstrip. But why do you want to play with bots?


If you want to play with bots you can download this




But there was script out there can't remember where was it but i use it before.

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I want the bots to come from a chinook like !support but to works in singleplayer ( campaign ) :D

That is not possible from what I know that they are script trigger in Single Player.

For the command it require IRC, which is only online.

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Guest Mauler

You can get chinooks to drop bots, but not by using commands in lan... it doesn't work that way..


You need some knowledge on level edit, placing some dave's arrows and a few scripts and edit a cinematic text file to get them working


And I believe you need someone to create a custom script for timing of the drops..

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This guy asked the same crap at RenegadeForums. TWICE... He just wants someone to make things for him.

I requested it ok ? You don't need to post here if you don't want to help me.

If someone want to help me ok if no ok again nobody is bound to make it.

I requested it because i don't know how to script that's why :P

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