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  1. What you mean you can't play industrial strength? If you can play other of my maps than you should be able to play Industrial Strength. The only map that demand a lot of resource are winter_assault. EDIT: You are playing Gobi and this does not related to Graphic Card, I think is more of a package error.
  2. meh. But I did not dream that one day I could reach this position every since it all started in MP-Gaming as a regular player. I have to thank Oxi because without him who pull me into the moderators I won't be here today. Also not to forget the buddies here that is kind enough of giving me this position but of course more work for me than because of promotion. Last but not least, I will continue to support and develop projects for MPF as long i am still breathing.
  3. It is possible but due to how the vehicle was design in real life and based on reference the vehicle is able to operate while is deploy. It is best to be undeploy/pack up when it is in mobile mode. As getting the reference is the best thing because that it how it works, and it existed. However I might consider another unit that is able to repair vehicle while is in mobile mode. For nod mobile repair vehicle will be moved back for the next E series of the release. Last but not least, thank you for bringing this up.
  4. Cleaning up Imperial Age preset... :)

    1. Hunter-Seeker


      Cleaning up ImperialKaskins

  5. Don't try. Do or don't do, there is no try. Is best to do properly. As for the main topic. just restart and keep joining if you cannot join see if its possible to join Newmaps. Also it might be a specific map on Dblaney server perhaps won't allow you to join. I think.
  6. I have no idea what is this post all about. Please elaborate.
  7. Amazing, crazy and stealth got the most votes but on the server is 25k weekend...
  8. Quite good, I was actually planning for a trailer just for Imperial Age but looks like you got it well done.
  9. I think you got the corrupted Lake Garden map files. Best solution is to pin point a map file name. Example if it were lake_garden go into %appdata%/Roaming/Renegade/Client/ttfs/ To go into roaming hit up the start window icon and search for %appdata% unless you are not using window's than I am not sure You will see files folder and packages.dat. Delete packages.dat and go into the files folder. Inside here is where all the files for a specific maps and mod are store so look for a the file name lake_garden by using the search files. Delete all lake_garden files like "1242595e.c&c_lake_garden_d2.ddb" for an example and rejoin. It should solve the issue DO NOT DELETE THE FILES FOLDER UNLESS YOU WANT TO RE-DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING. Estimate around 500mb of Imperial Age content. Cannot download a specific map most likely you either download halfway and it register as complete that is why it crash and is corrupted. Or you got the outdated one.
  10. Can you please take a screenshot when that happen again, Thank you. I will be going through all the maps and see if I can trigger this problem.
  11. p_ik_atmine.w3d is a Anti Tank mine which sapper can deploy. I did not change the model at all and it causes this issue, this is weird.
  12. Oh whow how did you get stuck like that? The only way I know you can get stuck with AMX-13/90 and 105 is that you drive off the clift and land on the ground and your tank tread and wheels stuck in the ground. Another one I would guess is an aircraft landed on you with full force Thanks for reporting I will fix the tank tread in 3dmax
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