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  1. Oh yeah Warzone 2100 I spend 8 hours straight on one of the match before.
  2. I better play OpenRA, been playing dune lately lol. http://www.openra.net/
  3. Eyes open : ImperialKaskins Eyes closed : ImperialKaskins I used to sms to friends with my phone in my pocket without looking at it... Piece of cake.
  4. meh. But I did not dream that one day I could reach this position every since it all started in MP-Gaming as a regular player. I have to thank Oxi because without him who pull me into the moderators I won't be here today. Also not to forget the buddies here that is kind enough of giving me this position but of course more work for me than because of promotion. Last but not least, I will continue to support and develop projects for MPF as long i am still breathing.
  5. A few games that I know. But from my suggestion is best find and look into new and popular games like indie games. Project Zomboid ( The sims family in Zombie Apocaylse and a little bit of minecraft ) http://projectzomboid.com/ One of the warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade might be something we can take a look. Pre-alpha stage tho.
  6. Cleaning up Imperial Age preset... :)

    1. Hunter-Seeker


      Cleaning up ImperialKaskins

  7. It needs engine horse power is good.
  8. I finish FFX on PS2. All the character basic attack deal 9999 damage at final boss challenge lol. For FFVII I only watch the film and I played FFVII Vincent valentine on PS2.
  9. I started Final fantasy when I played FF12 when it was released on PS2, after than I go for FFX and is good. When I played the FFXIII on PC is not that great when the story is a bit twisted and is hard to understand when you do not pay attention. 5 days ago I watched Angry Joe play Final Fantasy XV Not sure how good will it be but I give it a try on it.
  10. Amazing, crazy and stealth got the most votes but on the server is 25k weekend...
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