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    and enjoy while you can. :)

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  1. Hum-Vee with Tow Missles (GMAX)

  2. Red Alert 1 Online on cnc net

    Oh yeah Warzone 2100 I spend 8 hours straight on one of the match before.
  3. Red Alert 1 Online on cnc net

    I better play OpenRA, been playing dune lately lol. http://www.openra.net/
  4. other Wyld got new memory....

    It would go here
  5. I want to play a game [Part 2]

    Eyes open : ImperialKaskins Eyes closed : ImperialKaskins I used to sms to friends with my phone in my pocket without looking at it... Piece of cake.
  6. Maybe a bug?

    I am not quite sure about this but are you able to recreate this bug scenario?
  7. Tesla Tank Bug

    Is NOT bug. It was like that all the time and I know it, when a vehicle is stealth the automated turret fire at enemy even the vehicle is stealth and the player is trying to sneak around. So either is best not to sneak around with the Tesla Tank or make sure that the Tesla Tank automated turret is not in sight of the enemy so it won't fire. Same goes for the base defenses when it is stealth the turret fires at enemy on sight. There will be a few vehicles in future will have like what the automated turret that fires at enemy even the vehicle is stealth.
  8. Help

    What you mean you can't play industrial strength? If you can play other of my maps than you should be able to play Industrial Strength. The only map that demand a lot of resource are winter_assault. EDIT: You are playing Gobi and this does not related to Graphic Card, I think is more of a package error.
  9. Bug on C_C_Gobi

    Thanks for reporting too.
  10. renegade OMG OMG OMG Promotion Time!

    meh. But I did not dream that one day I could reach this position every since it all started in MP-Gaming as a regular player. I have to thank Oxi because without him who pull me into the moderators I won't be here today. Also not to forget the buddies here that is kind enough of giving me this position but of course more work for me than because of promotion. Last but not least, I will continue to support and develop projects for MPF as long i am still breathing.
  11. No Deploy anymore for GDI repair vehicle

    It is possible but due to how the vehicle was design in real life and based on reference the vehicle is able to operate while is deploy. It is best to be undeploy/pack up when it is in mobile mode. As getting the reference is the best thing because that it how it works, and it existed. However I might consider another unit that is able to repair vehicle while is in mobile mode. For nod mobile repair vehicle will be moved back for the next E series of the release. Last but not least, thank you for bringing this up.
  12. Megathread: Future for MPF

    A few games that I know. But from my suggestion is best find and look into new and popular games like indie games. Project Zomboid ( The sims family in Zombie Apocaylse and a little bit of minecraft ) http://projectzomboid.com/ One of the warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade might be something we can take a look. Pre-alpha stage tho.

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