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  1. Ok noted will take a look tomorrow. But here is the picture of the current zone which is in Newmaps. Battle for Midway GDI Tib field you see there is 2 zones overlap each other. One is for the Ai Harvester ( Lime Green ) and another is for the player ( Green ). Same goes for Ulake on Nod side. Now I would think that Renegade Zone do not fit well on uneven terrain but I might be wrong.
  2. Alright I notice the problem with the Zone. But if you manage to drive at a spot saying that it is harvesting, please stay at the spot that and it will harvest. Do that for now until I can get a fix up. I might need to do some testing on this more as some spots or zone are ignored for some reason. Overall the zone cover the entire Tiberium Field.
  3. I will investigate this thank you for reporting. Will get back to you shortly.
  4. Oh yeah Warzone 2100 I spend 8 hours straight on one of the match before.
  5. If you pay attention to the design the Construction Yard is a very solid structure and it has a vast basement compared to other buildings. In future the Construction Yard is able to rebuild destroyed buildings by putting in an amount of cash depending on how many players are there in the match. It require at least 2 beacons to kill it. Unless you place on the PED in the construction yard.
  6. I better play OpenRA, been playing dune lately lol. http://www.openra.net/
  7. http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Tank_destroyer http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Soviet_tank_killer These are the few reference picture of the real tank killer. But I am aware of the current Tank Killer in game which do not have weak point or strong point. They lack the movement speed after I rebone them. But I still have to find a line between being able to destroy tank easily and not being overpowered. Each map I designed depends on what unit you play, some maps are better off with this unit than the other. The Tank Killer for Nod is a Tanker which is meant to absorb damage from enemy and protect your support vehicle behind you. Tank Killer + Tesla Tank , Tank Killer + Nod Mobile Repair Tank and so on up to each player play style.
  8. You have to take it from the point that this is C&C Universe is not virtual reality if you are going for that style. When you receive a direct hit from a tank shell and you are still standing, jumping around and shooting? I don't think in real life you could do that. So Stinger missile in C&C Universe might be different than the universe that we are in. Imperial Age is not a 100% realism modification but it does move Renegade slightly closer to realism. That is why infantry combat pace increase and same goes for tank battle. Most reference of weapons, vehicles and things are taken from real life, but that doesn't mean I implement them in Renegade is the same as they are in the reference. Judging from that Era of C&C Renegade it somewhere late Tiberian Dawn, which might be late 20th century or early 21st century. Also in the Great World War 2 ( 1939-1945 ) is not Nazi Germany, but is Soviet that invaded Germany instead. During one of the cutscene for the Allied faction, they have advanced technology like 3d wireframe/render tanks, touch screen tablet, life color broadcast and satellite! So this come back that Stinger might not be the one as you know, it might be a totally modified stinger not 1 kilo of explosive, it might be even more and some new material use to produce that we did not know.
  9. You have to consider the projectile velocity that kill you on impact rather than explosion. Firecrackers can kill humans, you don't think military grade weapon do?
  10. Heavy Tank hence the name that is why is not a fast tank. Most heavy tank are generally not fast. There are 2 type of heavy tank the single barrel and the double barrel. Now the single barrel move faster because the weight of the 2nd barrel is not there and do not require additional mechanism to operate. The Twin Barrel Heavy Tank does apply a little bonus damage because it has 2 guns instead of one. Distrupter is GDI unit of the Nod Flame Tank. Just that it does way more damage to structures and almost anything that is close to it. But is easily counter by most Nod vehicles. Phase Tank, you don't joke around with it. Its good mobility, decent armor, and fast rate of fire. It is effective against infantry and medium armor vehicle.
  11. Going to correct something. Melta Soldier is extremely effective against tanks that is in Urban environment when there is not enough space. If you compared to a Rocket Soldier he fire 1 shot dealing 333 damage shell damage per shot. But rocket against armor have some resistance so you are dealing 333 damage. It might be 250 or less depending on what is the armor type of that unit. Rocket soldier is a long range anti air and anti tank unit. While it does not always maintain on the stage. Melta gun on the other hand is a unit that is useful in urban close combat. With a lot of cover, it deal 57x3 true damage on any armor units. It also reloads faster than rocket soldier so you can put in more shots on the vehicle. Adding on with the carapace armor it can absorb quite a lot of damage but the trade off is speed. If you manage to hit a Mammoth Tank in the rear with a metal soldier you would be dealing 57x3x2 damage. Blackhand light tank. HEAT and APCR rounds. The APCR lacks range compared to HEAT and is quite inaccurate but if its manage to hit the target is effective enough to pierce the armor. Is Shilka as referred to some Soldiers because it sound like a sewing machine when it fire. Now Shilka cannot and will not difrect engage a FlakPanzer because FlakPanzer always win if Shilka and FlakPanzer direct front engagement. Confirm Shilka will lose in most situation. Shilka have light armor like M163 Vulcan but Shilka can tear appart M163 Vulcan but the down part is Shilka are not amphibious. FlakPanzer Gepard can destroy Shilka so stay back when you see FlakPanzer. Best counter for FlakPanzer is tick tank, once tick tank deploy it is immune to any damage from FlakPanzer. FlakPanzer Gepard is a Main Battle Tank but the big guns were removed and place it with anti air guns to engage aircraft. Is on a Leopard Chassis which I have not model it out. The longest range unit is still the Nod SSM launcher and Nod SSM MLRS Frame. 3rd only come in Prism Tanks and than Tesla Tanks. Follow on will be Mortars and Styker MGS/ Tank Killer. Oh and ADATS after Tank Killer.
  12. In renegade is enable homing or disable. Yes or No , 1 or 0 . This homing capability apply to any target, there is no such options to disable it on vehicles and infantry execpt aircraft. I am aware that it was design to shoot down aircraft only. It is able to use against ground vehicle and infantry but is not practical.
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