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  1. Stream highlights video

    i guess i could do that
  2. Stream highlights video

    a assortment of clip from my streams what improvement can i make? also anyone know good free music making software so i can make a 8sec jingle or whatever for the first 8 secs?
  3. Tanks Not Aiming

    it also happens on forgoten town when looking at the bunkers by the base entrances at hand and bar
  4. Social Media Alternatives?

    https://www.instagram.com/nfhavoc/ just made a post a couple hours ago what is your instagram
  5. Social Media Alternatives?

    I upload things like screen shots and short clips to instagram and longer whole matchs and streams videos to youtube i am also active on subreddit of commandandconqer in reddit i also make very few actual twits and kinda post tumblr
  6. Iron City: a map by trunkskgb a playlist of both times yesterday that we played the map as both sides
  7. Hello, by Wezza

  8. Need test samples for stats class

    I got a statistics class group project where we are comparing ages to the amount of words you can find in 3 mins. Please answer age/words.
  9. Hello Everyone

  10. The hover rush from earlier today

    1 min of The assault of the nod base
  11. i am in group project in a stats class would this be ok to post here the survey here
  12. 55 people in game

  13. MVP with just a chemsprayer

    yayyy upgraded chemsprayer
  14. What Smartphone Games Do You Play?

    Roblox doomspire murdermystery pokemon superhero tycoon pokemon go
  15. Covering my beacon at barracks with flamer

    Droping a beacon at bar and covering in flamer

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