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  1. A Little late on this one more coming
  2. Got a second part of day one coming in like 2 days or 1 depending on time
  3. I will add more videos as they become made show the links here to your videos
  4. I made a tips and trick channel on my discord a while ago and forgot to tell in renegade section https://discord.gg/2g5Bw8B Add yourself to renegade rank or someone could make one on mpf discord might be easier then forum
  5. need video ideas like how to proplerly or secert paths to infiltrate on such and such map
  6. if anyone want s a clip of a particular match i can try to get it for you also i been meaning to do more map showcases also by the way is a place to get all the fusion maps so icna check them out tcw maps which ones work in reg renegade would the domination cnc3 map work what are some map packs and where are they? i got ubermappack buti know there are others that might have one it doesnt have are there more then just one generals themed maps
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