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  1. I will add more videos as they become made show the links here to your videos
  2. I made a tips and trick channel on my discord a while ago and forgot to tell in renegade section https://discord.gg/2g5Bw8B Add yourself to renegade rank or someone could make one on mpf discord might be easier then forum
  3. need video ideas like how to proplerly or secert paths to infiltrate on such and such map
  4. just checked the video it got to 50 for a few moments at 1:05:12 into the video
  5. Some People on instagram and youtube ask me how to get the game and i usally send them to w3dhub to get the launcher or the one in the downlaods here i guess they are new blood i think i am the only one doing renegade post on reddit also one person has asked me how to make a server ia got to 48 the other day while i was streaming saturday during winter assault
  6. ok is there to get rid of the gun in first person like the ss in the background of the site theres no gun or character there how was that made
  7. is there mod to remove all elements of the hud for better ss/video
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