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UltmaWepn last won the day on December 29 2016

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  • Birthday 04/27/1987

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    In my apartment.

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    Renegade / W3d


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  1. UltmaWepn

    Will donate to the server IF

    This convo reminds me of this song:
  2. UltmaWepn

    Will donate to the server IF

    Res you are no prostitute, you should give yourself more credit (even though I know you are only kidding) because, even though we have had our disagreements in the past, I believe you do a lot of good.
  3. UltmaWepn

    Will donate to the server IF

    I kinda thought that was funny considering Yojimbo is the only summon that is similar to a prostitute.
  4. UltmaWepn

    Merry Christmas

    I am a member of a church called cornerstone. I just got baptisted recently there. Anyway, I got a pair of Sony Bass Boosting Headphones from the church and a lot of cloths and a jacket from my sister. What did you get for Christmas?
  5. UltmaWepn

    What Smartphone Games Do You Play?

    What's that about?
  6. I play Zombie Frontier 1 (2 sucks and 3 sucks even more). I also play Coin Dozer: Casino, Bingo Bash, and Bingo Heaven (Well not yet but I have downloaded it).
  7. UltmaWepn

    Its the most wonderful time of the year....

    lol, r3s, are you homosexual?
  8. UltmaWepn

    Congratulations America

    Yeah I think Trump will make a good president. He plans on uniting the Dems and Reps which I think is a good idea. Watch it play out and you will see he will do some good.
  9. UltmaWepn

    Have you guys ever met in real life?

    I don't think any of you would want to meet me, I have a tendency to be strange sometimes.
  10. UltmaWepn

    HP Laptop error "Boot device not found"

    Yeah, it needs a whole new hard drive and reinstallation of Windows.
  11. I have a friends HP laptop here (Windows 8) and I am trying to fix it. Every time I turn it on it displays this error. Now I have done everything there is to do with BIOS and that is not fixing it. I am wondering if maybe I can fix it with a flash drive. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. UltmaWepn


    Happy Birthday! I am 3 years and 6 months older then you(3 years, 5 months and 12 days to be exact(close enough)).
  13. UltmaWepn


    Happy birthday! You are 5 years and 6 months older than me.
  14. UltmaWepn

    What is your religion?

    I mean't what I said in a civil manner and I didn't know you spoke another language.
  15. UltmaWepn

    What is your religion?

    More like newbism, in which you both qualify.

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