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Found 2 results

  1. hello, my name is kira. 27 years old. I am a student for software practical engineering at Israel. I wanted to know how much does it cost to purchase a new better faster stronger hardware server? and can you put a new bar thing so we can target some sort of amount of donations to reach for the maintenance? lags and connection losses are very annoying and it happens a lot. i want to try help the community if it is donations, uploading videos, sharing with friends, (already showed to one of my friends and i think he likes it.) i want help. i love this mod of renegade, renegade x is beautiful. those connection losses really pisses me off. so please tell me the full details, as much as you can. like packages you purchase from servers company, costs, time of installing the server things, anything that relate. i really do want to try to help. i got some skills i think... now i am in my finals but in September i am available. you can ask me for my email in private message. or look up at steam: kirart2 , challangeme1 those are my users. i sure we can solve most of the events of lagging. just need to unite.
  2. Version 2.0


    This plugin adds support for !teamdonate, !td and !tdonate (case insensitive). It's ported from the TeamDonate plugin that reborn made for ssgm 2.0.2. I've added the following changes: 1. Players running scripts 2.9.2 or higher get a green coloured message instead of an annoying PM. 2. The amount of credits that's shared per every member of the team can't be lower than 100. 3. You get a page telling you the amount of credit per team member that was donated to them. 4. The command that was typed in isn't displayed. 5. If you don't specify an amount of credits to donate, all of your credits are donated. To install copy TeamDonate.dll to your FDS folder and add an entry for 'TeamDonate.dll' in the [Plugins] section of ssgm.ini.
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