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  1. Version 1.2


    How to install Copy LuaTT.dll on your main FDS folder, add it to ssgm.ini at Plugins section. Create a folder (if isn't) called LuaPlugins in main FDS Folder, there your scripts goes Please look on LuaTT examples for hooks examples and on wiki for functions. IMPORTANT CHANGES All functions who are returning 0 or 1 (aka specialbool) will return bool (true or false). Is_WOL_User(nickname) is not yet tested. If doesn't work please tell us. http://www.sla-company.net
  2. Version 1.0


    This plugin requires scripts 4.0 Beta 4 or higher. THIS PLUGIN IS EXPERIMENTAL AND MIGHT CRASH OR LAG YOUR SERVER, IT MIGHT ALSO GIVE OUT FALSE WARNINGS. I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THIS PLUGIN DOES. This plugin adds detection for Rate of Fire cheats and range cheats (this includes *cheat name removed*spectate shooting in most circumstances) to the FDS, if the plugin detects odd range or Rate of Fire values it will log text to RenLog that looks like these: Range warnings look like: [19:57:38] [iRANSTUFF][Range Warning]RebdogFuckingHax (Automatic Rifle) attempted to attack Mel_Gibson from out of range. Distance: 164.42 meters Max Distance: 0.00 meters. RoF warnings look like: [19:57:38] [iRANSTUFF][RoF Exceeded]Name: RebdogFuckingHax ID: 2 Ping: 96 Hits: 79 HitMultiplier: 1 DefHits: 10 Allowance: 1 MaxHits: 11 Weapon: Automatic Rifle To install, place 'RangeRofDetection.dll' in the root FDS folder and add an entry under [Plugins] in SSGM.ini. A BRenBot plugin to output these messages to the IRC admin channel can be found here. Ported the code from OnOeS made by Hex, pvtschlag and jnz. Thanks to Tiberian Technologies for adding the damage hook to scripts 4.0 Beta 4 and StealthEye in particular for answering my questions. Additional thanks go to rebdog, Blacky and BillieJoe67 for helping me with testing. Known bugs/limitations: - Vehicle Rate of Fire isn't checked. (I'll investigate adding it in the future) - Can trigger the range warning when someone is 'ghosting'.
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a very simple tagging plugin that I made for the map/mod test server that I use. It seems to do what I want it to but if there is something wrong with the code I'm sure someone will let me know. keep in mind I know very little of making ssgm plugins. How it works: Basically it keeps track of scores over a period of a month and tags a player based on the scores they have accumulated; the tags are updated when a player joins or when a new level loads. The scores and current month are stored in a file in the server folder called scores.txt; this file gets created if it does not exist. At the beginning of a new month all data gets deleted. The scores (which cause the tag updates), and the tag titles are read from the ssgm.ini file so that they can easily be changed. By: roszek ;Add to the ssgm.ini file.[TaggingSystem]tag1=Generaltag2=Lieutenant Generaltag3=Major Generaltag4=Brigadier Generaltag5=Coloneltag6=Lieutenant Coloneltag7=Captaintag8=First Lieutenanttag9=Second Lieutenanttag10=Sergeant Majortag11=First Sergeanttag12=Master Sergeanttag13=Sergeant First Classtag14=Sergeanttag15=Corporaltag16=Private First Classtag17=Privatescore1=130000score2=105000score3=92000score4=82000SCORE5=72000score6=65000score7=58000score8=51000score9=44000score10=37000score11=30000score12=23000score13=17000score14=11000score15=5000score16=2500
  4. Version 1.0


    I threw together a simple plugin that changes spaces in nicks to underscores. It seems to work By: roszek
  5. Version 1.0


    This plugin allows players to type !stuck or !unstuck to teleport them to the last known good location when they get stuck for some reason. The last known good location is usually the location where they spawned at or last changed character. This includes the location of a crate in case they get the character crate. If they are inside a vehicle while stuck it will be destroyed, they will be refunded the cost of that vehicle, and then teleported back to the last known good location. You can configure a timer in the configuration for this command. The player must wait that time before they are actually teleported, you want to set this above 10 seconds usually to prevent them from 'quickly going back base' after a beacon has been placed for example. The plugin checks their current and stuck position, if they moved too much they wont be teleported back to their last good position. They are not really stuck then. To use the plugin add it to your [Plugins] section like for example below: [Plugins]00=BanSystem.dll01=Mute.dll02=mpf_unstuck_plugin.dllAt the bottom of ssgm.ini add a section containing this to configure a global setting: [Unstuck]Unstuck_Timer=15You can also configure it per map by adding entries like this for every map (mapnames are ALL lowercase): [c&c_field.mix_Unstuck]Unstuck_Timer=30
  6. Version 2.0


    This plugin will automatically reset the match after 120 second have expired and it will announce the time remaining until the automatic resetting. After every player has typed !ready it will reset the match, if it happens before the auto-reset. Players can't move until the match has reset. Once the match is reset every player and harvester will get killed, and every player's deaths/kills/score/credits will be reset (credits will be set to the server's starting credits). The map timer will also be reset to the time remaining on level load. Contact me under the nick "iran", you can also find me on the usual IRC networks under the nick "Iran".
  7. Version 2.0


    This simple plugin adds two console commands to the FDS to allow for destroying both teams' harvester. killharvgdi ;Destroys the GDI harvester. killharvnod ;Destroys the Nod harvester. You can contact me by PM'ing me under the name "iran" or on the usual IRC servers under the nick "Iran".
  8. Version 4.0


    With this plugin running a player can only suicide every 5 minutes. The hooking code and original hook were written by Hex, the new hook was written by Whitedragon. Doesn't work if you're using other code that hooks suicides.
  9. Version 2.0


    This is a simple SSGM 4.0 plugin that outputs when players use ingame Radio Commands. This will be the first of many stuff I plan on releasing. <CloudyServ2> [Radio] &WNxSmiLey: Affirmative.<CloudyServ2> [Radio] &WNxSmiLey: Negative.<CloudyServ2> [Radio] &WNxSmiLey: Don't get in my way!<CloudyServ2> [Radio] &WNxSmiLey: Don't get in my way!<CloudyServ2> [Radio] &WNxSmiLey: Watch where you're pointing that!
  10. Version 1.0


    Really simple plugin that adds the "!time" (alias "!t") command to a server, this command shows the time expired on the current map as HH:MM:SS, e.g. 01:10:10 for 1 hour, 10 minutes and 10 seconds.
  11. Version 1.0


    This plugin changes the armor type of Chinooks (Transport Helicopters) so they take less damage from snipers as long as they have armor, they'll take 20 damage from a Ramjet and 10 damage for a normal sniper.
  12. Version 1.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### DESCRIPTION ### This was always in the earlier versions of SSGM before 4.0, but it didn't work correctly because of incorrect IF statements in the code. This plugin will enable the extra building report sounds that EVA says such as "Structure health under 50 percent" and also "Warning - %buildingname destruction imminent". It will also report to the SSGM Log Messages prefixed with _BUILDING and state when a building is under attack like the early SSGM. Example from my bot: <CloudyServ> The Nod Power Plant is under attack! <CloudyServ> The Nod Obelisk is under attack! ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release
  13. Version 1.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### CREDITS Thanks to Black-Cell's original concept and idea for a lot of the crates. ### DESCRIPTION ### This plugin will allow you to replace those yellow boxes ingame with special crates. I added sounds to certain crate events so it won't be so plain and also extended information for the _CRATE SSGM header. ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release ### Installation ### Place this in the ssgm.ini plugins list of course. Below is what should be in your SSGM.ini for the crate settings. [Crates] ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ; ------------------------------------------- Crate Related Settings ------------------------------------------------------- ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ; NOTE: crates.dll plugin required ; EnableCrates= ; ; Decides if there will be ANY crates, both old and new, on the map. EnableCrates=1 ; EnableNewCrates= ; ; Decides if there will be new crates, if this is set to 0 and EnableAllCrates is set to 1, normal/old crates will spawn. ; New Crates turn those little yellow boxes into a lottery-based system that can help turn the tide of any game, ; and can lead to some pretty fun times. ; Crate log messages will use the "_CRATE" header. EnableNewCrates=1 ; AllowVehCrates= ; ; If set to 1, vehicles will be allowed to pick up crates. If new crates are disabled, this will always be set to 1. AllowVehCrates=0 ; Crate percent configuration. ; ; Controls crate percentages for all maps. ; If you want to disable a specific crate, set it to 0 or leave it blank. Make sure the total sum is 100, or SSGM ; will use its defaults. Weapon=9 Money=9 Points=9 Vehicle=7 MoneyMultiply=4 BlownFuse=4 BigBoom=4 Death=2 Tiberium=2 Ammo=5 Armor=5 Health=5 Character=7 ButterFingers=3 Kamikaze=2 Spy=3 God=1 Stealth=3 Refill=7 Beacon=4 Thief=2 AmmoRegen=2 HumanSilo=1
  14. Version 1.0


    This must have plugin adds vehicle shells for Harvesters after they're destroyed, when fully repaired these shells will spawn a Harvester with 4 passenger seats and a machine gun.
  15. Version 2.0


    This plugin works like the Character Refund plugin but this one should always work. If a player buys another character without dying he'll be refunded a configurable amount of money. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'. To install place 'CharacterRefundKebab.dll' inside the root FDS folder and add an entry for it under the [Plugins] section in SSGM.ini, then add and configure the following to SSGM.ini: [CharacterRefund] FractionOfRefund = 0.5 ; 0.5 gives a 50% refund
  16. Version 2.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### CREDITS Thanks to Stealtheye for explaining to me the bug with improper bandwidth detection in Renegade. ### DESCRIPTION ### This plugin is a port over of the Bandwidth Detection feature in the early SSGM. It checks the bandwidth of all players ingame every minute to see if it is below a set amount. A message will also output to the SSGM Log prefixed with _ALERT for server regulators to read. ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release V2 - Fixed a crash issue ### Installation ### Place this in the ssgm.ini plugins list of course. Below is what should be in your SSGM.ini for the BW_Detector settings. [bW_Detector] ; BWDefault= ; ; The lowest a players bandwidth can be set to. 28800 is the lowest setting Renegade has, but players can set it even lower ; with a console command. Even though 28800 is a normal setting in Renegade, this should be set at 56000 or higher as ; 28800 will cause the player to lag. BWDefault=128000 ; BWMessage= ; ; Message to send the player letting them know their bandwidth is being reset. ; You can leave this blank if you want since there's a setting within the code itself. BWMessage=Your bandwidth was detected dropping below the allowed amount. It has been reset.
  17. Version 2.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### CREDITS Thanks to iRan for the original code and concept for SSGM 2.0.2 Thanks to reborn for the original code of Find_Closest_Building in SSGM 2.0.2 ### DESCRIPTION ### This plugin will detect when players go AFK ingame. It will output through the SSGM log messages with the prefix _ALERT. The plugin doesn't do anything when there's only one player in-game. There's an option to disable checking score if Power Plant and/or Refinery is down, and an option to PM a player if he's marked AFK but it won't do any kicking. The plugin marks a player AFK during a check when first: - He hasn't gained points (with the threshold logic taken in account and the option to disable checking points when PP/Ref is destroyed). - When his position hasn't changed within a small renefeet threshold. - If his facing hasn't changed. And if he doesn't do any of the following: - When he hasn't fired any shots. - Doesn't speak. - Doesn't enter or exit a vehicle. - Doesn't purchase anything. ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release V2 - Fixed issue with closest building not showing in messages ### Installation ### Place this in the ssgm.ini plugins list of course. Below is what should be in your SSGM.ini for the AFK_Detector settings. [AFK_Detector] ; AFK_Time= ; ; Time to wait before checking again whether someone is AFK. AFK_Time=300 ; AFK_Score= ; ; Minimum score needed to not be checked for being AFK. AFK_Score=100 ; AFK_PM= ; ; Whether or not to page the player for being AFK. AFK_PM=true ; AFK_DeadPP= ; ; Check for point changes when the Power Plant is dead. AFK_DeadPP=true ; AFK_DeadREF= ; ; Check for point changes when the Tiberium Refinery is dead. AFK_DeadREF=true ; AFK_Message= ; ; Message to send the AFK player if AFK_PM is set to true. AFK_Message=You have been automatically marked as AFK. Please start playing or type something to be unmarked.
  18. Version 1.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### DESCRIPTION ### This plugin will allow you to block or unblock players ingame from using or purchasing beacons. It will inject 2 console commands; BMUTE and UNBMUTE. ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release
  19. Version 1.0


    This plugin will make purchasing a refill cost money. The cost is calculated based on the following formula: ((Max HP-Current HP) / Max HP) * Preset Cost * Fraction Of Total Cost * Base Power Multiplier Preset Cost = the cost of the object, e.g. 1000 credits for a Havoc Fraction Of Total Cost = a configurable multiplier you can set, e.g. if you want to have a refill cost 30% of the culculated cost set this to 0.3 Base Power Multiplier = if doubling cost when base power is down is configured this will be set to 2.0 when base power is down otherwise it's always 1.0 You can contact me under the nick 'iran'. To install place RefillCostsMoney.dll in the root fds folder and add an entry for it under [Plugins] in ssgm.ini, then add the following to ssgm.ini and configure it: [RefillCostsMoney] FractionOfTotalCost = 0.3 ; this number is multiplied with the calculated cost of a refill NoBasePowerDoubleCost = true ; double the cost of a refill when base power is down
  20. Version 1.0


    This plugin adds the !rweapon (alias !rw) chat command, it'll remove the weapon the player is currently holding if it's not the pistol, c4 or a beacon. To install place 'RemoveWeaponChatCommand.dll' in the FDS folder and add an entry for it under the [Plugins] section of ssgm.ini. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'.
  21. Version 1.0


    This plugin will remove the weaker version of a gun if you have two of them (or the version of the other team for e.g. Volt Rifles). This is done for the following weapons: -The Repair Guns -The Auto Rifles -The Chainguns -The Ramjet Rifles -The Rocket Launchers -The Sniper Rifles -The Volt Auto Rifles To install place 'RemoveWeakerDoubleGun.dll' in your root FDS folder and add an entry for it under [Plugins] in ssgm.ini. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'.
  22. Version 4.0


    This plugin enables infinite ammo the same the option for SSGM 2.0.2 does. To install, place 'InfiniteAmmo.dll' in the root FDS folder and add an entry under [Plugins] in SSGM.ini. Contact me under the nick iran.
  23. Version 2.0


    A simple plugin that adds the following two console commands: PROTECTPLAYER <ID> - Makes a player unkillable until they respawn. UNPROTECTPLAYER <ID> - Makes a player killable again. Found this while going through all the crap I wrote for Renegade, seems like I forgot to release this one. To install place 'ProtectConsoleCommand.dll' inside your root FDS folder and add an entry for it under the [Plugins] section in SSGM.ini. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'.
  24. Version 1.0


    This plugin will set the points and credits a sniper gives from hitting a vehicle to 1 credit and 1 point if they do less than 30 damage to the vehicle. To install place SniperPointsCreditsMod.dll inside your root FDS folder and add an entry for it under [Plugins] in ssgm.ini. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'.
  25. Version 1.0


    This plugin will add a console command to shake the camera violently for a player, if that player is running custom scripts.dll. The following console command is added: SCREENSHAKE <ID> <DURATION> - Shakes the screen of a player for a variable DURATION. To install place 'ScreenShakeConsoleCommand' in the root FDS folder and add an entry for it under [Plugins] in ssgm.ini. You can contact me under the nick 'iran'.
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