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  1. New maps and scenario

    We've just added new maps (tiberium_takeover, scorpion_hunters, temple_of_cervinae) by Jerard Gray. Also a scenario for M13 map by XD_ERROR_XD. note: Screenshots by Jerad Gray. We also updated the server to TT 4.3 SSGM (we're waiting for DA to update). Also fixed hats bug and changed bike to sedan for balancing. We hope you like the update!
  2. Christmas 2016 Update

    Hey, Christmas it's coming soon and we're happy to announce a new update to Mutant Co-Op. In the spirit of Christmas, you can use !santa command that will transform you into a Santa, with lot of weapons and health, plus healing around (like a mobile dispenser!). We've also added a new command !amin (!a for short), try it We wish you a Merry Christmas! PS: Soon we will have Jerad Gray's maps on Mutant Co-Op - Mutant Co-Op team
  3. We would like to see your ideas into reality, create scenarios, maps, etc. and we will host them for players to enjoy! You need your scenario/map to include: 1. Mutant spawners with limited number of spawns. 2. Co-op map/scenario (only one team for players, either Nod or GDI). You can also transform AOW maps into Co-Op. 3. The map must have an end. Here is a tutorial on how to make scenarios for mutant co-op. For mapping, check out this archived page of renhelp.leubi.de Post your current or finished work on forums at Mutant Co-Op General section. PS: I will post more tutorials on this subject if people are interested! Happy modding! - Mutant Co-Op Staff
  4. You can check out your current ranking on Mutant Co-Op here ! Have fun on our server! - Sla Studios
  5. Fall Update

    New updates coming soon for Mutant Co-Op coming this fall. After a pause of few months, we've decided to bring new changes to the server, we hope you'll like them: - New killing spree system. Killing spree/dominating/pentakill/etc.! - Fixed various bugs on server. - New achivement for pentakill - RF_AnotherDimension changed. - More changes coming soon.. Also, a New map is in the works.. You'll fight big Robots with big GUNS in a epic new story driven mission! You can help make scenarios or even maps for Mutant Co-Op, here is a tutorial (more to come!). Contact me if you're going to make a scenario/map so I can help you with what you need In rest, have fun on our server and give us more feedback to improve it
  6. Rank site is back!

    We've fixed the Rank system site, you can check your current ranking and much more on our rank site! Give a look here for more details! Thanks, sla.ro(master)
  7. apb New APB Team Member

    Thanks for welcoming me I hope you guys will like my co-op maps for APB. If you guys did play my mutant co-op custom maps, these maps will be in style of these (hopefully better)!
  8. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    Map is now done, It's now on the server's rotation, between RF_Intel and RF_Station. Have fun! I will work on a new map soon, more info soon if you want to make props/textures/vehicles/even maps, contact me
  9. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    Some ingame screenshoots. Map will be done by next week. But will be on server on 1st August!
  10. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    Progress so far.
  11. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    this is a screenshoot of the Subpen textured. More screenshoots soon!
  12. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    in-leveleditor screenshoot of the sub pen
  13. RF_InfectedStreet WIP - a new old map!

    the map will also feature a sub pen. You'll have to destroy it on the first part of the map. The map is now bigger. Well, I will need props for the interiors. I hope this map won't have 100 MB xD
  14. a new map! RF_InfectedStreet, it will be between RF_Intel and RF_Station. This map will combine the good old C&C_InfectedStreet (from old Mutant Co-Op) with C&C_Overlord (co-op revision for mutant co-op) in Rainbow Factory Campaign! Follow the story of Rainbow Factory in a new theatre of war, take the sea and go trough the forest! Here's an WIP (Work In Progress), everything you see might be subject of change! There's no texture yet, texture will be the last process before the level editing, now we're at map creation. Tune in for map developement www.twitch.tv/slamaster (Streaming daily/weekly, follow me for more details!) Do you like Mutant Co-Op? Give us a like on facebook ! We'll post map updates and more, you can also give feedback!
  15. We've done some work on improving the co-op experience on Mutant Co-Op, now it's time for you to test it today. Leave your feedback here! We want all to have fun with the changes, that's why we have a !like/!dislike on server for every map and changes! Here is a list of changes we've done in the past weeks: - Fixed unlimited ammo bug - Ability of Sidney PIC changed to Obelisk Explosion from Ion Cannon Explosion - Server updated to 4.2 (Clients with 4.2 will have new features!) - Repair guns for all characters - Engineer 2x more health - Fixed some bugs in Bot. - RF_Factory doesn't require key card to access the hand of nod - RF_AnotherDimension is now retextured, better teleports and other improvements. - Cooldown text for abilities, only 4.2. - Fixed a bug with gameover music, now it plays correctly. - RF_AnotherDimension now have different songs for every character. - RF_Factory is now fixed and works as expected. - Ramjet now causes explosion every 5 seconds. - Added command !bike, cost 3000 - !goto fixed on ladders - mindcontrol doesn't add death for controlled bots. - all mindcontrolled bots now give correct weapons. - Refill gave non-rounded numbers on HP/AP - !skin gave wrong health sometimes - added new sounds, check them out on !sounds, meme sounds! Note: Server won't be updated for a while, probably few months. if you want to see more future maps and scenarios, we've just started a donating campaign on our site, check it out here Have fun!

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