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Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

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Similar to today's maintenance, the server that is hosting the GSA list will be moved to a new rack cabinet tomorrow.


During the downtime, the GSA tab on RenList will be down.


Topic on today's downtime (doesn't affect GSA list): 




MPF Staff

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To connect directly to our server, create a shortcut to game.exe (or game2.exe, or "UAC Launcher.exe") and append the following to the target path:



+connect +netplayername "NAME"


You can run this from mIRC using the /run command. Or you can use the following script (ALT+R to open script dialog > Remotes):


alias -l renpath { return C:\Westwood\Renegade\game.exe }
alias -l renname { return MY_USERNAME }

alias ren {
  if ($1 == newmaps) { .run $renpath +connect +multi +netplayername $qt($renname) }
  else { echo -at >> Edit this script to append additional server configurations. }

Execute with /ren newmaps

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@Cronus migrated GSA master to a temporary host tonight prior to the move, so server owners need to restart their FDS's to be listed on the current master.


When our host's migration is completed, we'll update the DNS to point back to the original one (which will require an FDS restart).



A side note: It may be possible to reload instead of restarting the FDS if you're on DA by editing the GSA master list to point to a different URL: renmaster-backup.cncirc.net though our tests with our own server didn't yield success.




Here's the configuration line for da.ini:




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Nah players are all good, It should just work, It doesnt show all the servers since alot of them haven't restarted their server. But the active ones are on the list.


Today or tonight sometime I'll move the DNS back to the main server.


Going forward any server owners should have both of the following DNS in their MasterGSA List




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