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Everything posted by Genesis2001

  1. Genesis2001

    Screenshot Call Thread

    Post your HQ/HD screenshots here.
  2. Genesis2001


    no it's not, WD seems to be MIA from the Ren community as a whole. No clue where he is, probably life stuff or something. There's a version of DA on renforums posted by a member of TT. It's updated to 4.5. Our internal source code is updated, but there's things broken due to migration in our solution.
  3. Genesis2001

    Let it snow, let it snow...

    @alexrirak made it snow here on the site.
  4. Similar to today's maintenance, the server that is hosting the GSA list will be moved to a new rack cabinet tomorrow. During the downtime, the GSA tab on RenList will be down. Topic on today's downtime (doesn't affect GSA list): Thanks, MPF Staff
  5. Genesis2001

    Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    Please see the following for more details.
  6. Genesis2001

    ren GSA Master Server Backup

    The following are GameSpy Master Servers hosted by MPF and C&C IRC. renmaster.cncirc.net renmaster-backup.cncirc.net It is highly recommended that these be the only two servers in your servers configuration. In the event of a future outage of the master server, the backup will kick in to meet the needs of the Renegade community through RenList.
  7. Genesis2001

    Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    @Cronus migrated GSA master to a temporary host tonight prior to the move, so server owners need to restart their FDS's to be listed on the current master. When our host's migration is completed, we'll update the DNS to point back to the original one (which will require an FDS restart). --- A side note: It may be possible to reload instead of restarting the FDS if you're on DA by editing the GSA master list to point to a different URL: renmaster-backup.cncirc.net though our tests with our own server didn't yield success. Addendum: Here's the configuration line for da.ini: GameSpyMasterServers=master.gamespy.com|renmaster.cncnet.org|master-gsa.renlist.n00b.hk|renmaster.cncirc.net|renmaster-backup.cncirc.net
  8. Genesis2001

    Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    To connect directly to our server, create a shortcut to game.exe (or game2.exe, or "UAC Launcher.exe") and append the following to the target path: You can run this from mIRC using the /run command. Or you can use the following script (ALT+R to open script dialog > Remotes): alias -l renpath { return C:\Westwood\Renegade\game.exe } alias -l renname { return MY_USERNAME } alias ren { if ($1 == newmaps) { .run $renpath +connect +multi +netplayername $qt($renname) } else { echo -at >> Edit this script to append additional server configurations. } } Execute with /ren newmaps
  9. Genesis2001

    announcement Overwatch Free Weekend

    Blizzard will be hosting a FREE weekend this weekend starting at 11:00 AM Pacific (West Coast USA). We'll be playing on PC, but for those of you with better consoles than computers they will be offering a trial version (equivalent I'm guessing to free weekend) on Consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). For consoles, you do need PS Plus and/or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to play. Source: https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/10/16633636/overwatch-free-weekend-dates-november-2017
  10. Genesis2001

    announcement Overwatch Free Weekend

    Minor update: Due to network issues with Blizzard's peers, I'm unable to play this weekend sadly. Hope you guys haven't had my luck this weekend and enjoy the game.
  11. Genesis2001

    announcement Overwatch Free Weekend

    Come on and try it. Maybe you'll like it! We'll be on Discord if people want to play. If we have more than 6 people, just form a second or third group. edit: Forgot to mention, we'll be playing in the North America region. edit 2: Here's a link to system requirements: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/65159
  12. Genesis2001

    Hello People!

    Hi there! Welcome to MPF!
  13. Genesis2001

    Come Join Us on Discord!

    We're migrating from TS to Discord officially, so come join us there! Link: https://multiplayerforums.com/discord This link will not work in the Discord client. So click it and sign into the Discord website to join the server. We are currently exploring integrations with the forums and Discord as well.
  14. Genesis2001

    Link broken downloads here

    Please list any download that isn't working. Please keep it to one link per post. Known files: + Imperial Age client download (literally bad URL).
  15. Genesis2001

    Inventory of broken downloads

    Please use the following topic to document which files are broken.
  16. Genesis2001

    MPF Keys.cfg Installer

    Looking into this now. Recently migrated files to another server.
  17. Genesis2001

    Something went missing...

    Paging @unknown and @gkl21
  18. Genesis2001

    What is your religion?

    Science does not try to deny god. It seeks answers through nature and the physical world whereas you may seek answers through spirituality. There are many scientists who are spiritual (and many whom aren't). Some seek answers through the physical world to prove God (or A god) exists. The big bang theory (not the TV show) is one such possibility. Then again, who also created God to create the Big Bang? Science and Spirituality both serve the Human need to solve our own existential purpose. It's sad and disturbing to see both perverted to the exclusion of the other (disclaimer: I fall somewhere on the science side of this debate due to recent perversion of Spirituality in politics).
  19. See poll question. Please provide any details below as well.
  20. Genesis2001

    forums What are your thoughts on the forum layout?

    Still pending feedback, but for a better feel of grid vs. traditional, I've restored traditional layout for the time being.
  21. Genesis2001

    Have a degree?

    No degree here, yet. I'm technically 3-4 classes away from a basic associates though. My major is Physics (Astronomy inclination) and math. I haven't finished it up because I've been having severe trouble focusing on the math to be able to pass the classes I need to take.
  22. Genesis2001

    What is your religion?

    Religion generally was created not to control really. I threw in Stargate for laughs/lightheartedness, initially. Religion was made as a way to explain the natural world before science. As we acquired more knowledge through refined sciences (mathematics, physics, astronomy, etc. (3 of my favorite subjects tbh. )), people became suspicious of science because it was dispelling their beliefs. See the geocentric ("All the planets revolve around the Earth") vs. heliocentric ("Earth, and the other planets, revolve around the Sun") debate, or flat-earthers for obvious examples. Actually going back to the Stargate thing, I really like Stargate because it touches on religion; that is, I'm talking about the Ancients, not the Goa'uld false religion. The Ancients used science to try to figure out how the universe became. in SGU, it's revealed they originally built the Stargates in order to seek out a signal they detected in the background radiation (the reason Destiny was launched). The signal had organization to it, which denoted an intelligence. In addition, the new crew of Destiny finds some strange evidence to indicate planet creation (ala "snap of the fingers"-type creation).
  23. Genesis2001

    What is your religion?

    Ever since watching Stargate (all of them), I agree with @Paterke regarding how religion started. It was a tool used to control people and make them wage war against others in the name(s) of a god(s).

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