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Official club for Kambot server.
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  2. You can find everyone in Kambot team below. Interested to be a moderator? Read application guidelines there: ~ Administrators Kamuix @unknown @Unstoppable & Senior Moderators No one @ Full Moderators No one % Half Moderators No one
  3. Thank you for your interest to be a moderator in our server. We need some requirements to hire a moderator. These are: • You have to be active on IRC, at "irc.cncirc.net". Your nick has to be registered. • You need to have a Discord, and you have to be in MPF Games server. • You must not have/had any bans or mutes in server. If you meet the requirements above, then you will need to answer some questions. You can copy-paste the questions below and answer them in your application. • What is your in-game name? • How old are you? • Where are you from? • Why you want to be a moderator in our server? • Do you have any experience on moderation? If so, where and which position? • Anything else you want to add? Good luck! Current application status: Hiring
  4. In 2020 Summer, I met with Kamuix. I knew his works and his stuff from very old days but I actually never met him. After a bit of chatting, we decided to re-create Kambot. Me (Unstoppable) being in code and partially assets side, and Kamuix being in map/assets side. We've been working in the background for a few months, and we're finally done with closed testing! Kambot is now officially running in Open Testing! You can find the server in RenList/MasterList named "Kambot NewMaps TT 4.7". If you found a bug, want to request a feature or suggestion, read this post: Thanks to MPF for accepting to host our server.
  5. I made the issue tracker of Kambot public at https://gitlab.com/groups/mpforums/renegade/kambot/-/issues You can report issues, suggestions and enhancements to here and can check other issues. Issues created in GitLab are checked & fixed faster than posting in here. Please make sure issue does not exist before creating one. You need GitLab account to post issues.
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