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About This File

This is a server-side game manager for the Renegade FDS.
It includes a wide variety of features such as additional logging, gamespy forwarding, weapon and powerup drops, new game modes, crates, vehicle shells, vehicle purchase queueing, and much more.
The source code is included and you can build your own plugins using the built in event system or use existing SSGM plugins.


Created by @Whitedragon and Black-Cell.net.

What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


- Updated to TT 4.3.
- Updated to Visual Studio 2015.
- Added DA log message for building revival.
- Added HUD message console commands and functions that display a message in the middle of the HUD.
- Crates and loot now display a HUD message when picked up.
- New game feature "Chat Sounds" which allows you to setup sounds to play for certain chat messages.
- New game feature "Purchasable Weapons" which allows players to purchase weapons with chat commands.

- Changed maximum squad size from (current players/3) to ((current_players/6)+1).

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed rare crash when deleting a DAGameObjObserverClass.
- Fixed blank game title when enabling GameSpy midgame.
- Mutants can once again heal themselves with splash damage.
- Fixed invisible vehicle death explosions for 4.3 clients.
- Fixed some bugs caused by C4/beacons with no owner.

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no it's not, WD seems to be MIA from the Ren community as a whole. No clue where he is, probably life stuff or something. There's a version of DA on renforums posted by a member of TT. It's updated to 4.5.


Our internal source code is updated, but there's things broken due to migration in our solution. 

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