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Found 6 results

  1. This map is originally designed by @Hunter-Seeker for TCW 2.0 I've placed a few temporary textures on it so you can better see what it could look like in its final state. I think the map is greatly done by Hunter-Seeker, good layout, needs some fixing here and there but overall i'm very happy with it. Here a shot from ingame while we were testing just now (remember: Textures are temporary)
  2. Barsow Badlands, City Blue Zone and Snow are all three WIP maps created by @Hunter-Seeker for Tiberium Crystal War. Stay tuned to see them in game soon. Here some shots taken from max: City Blue Zone: Barsow Badlands: Snow:
  3. Version


    boned about 2 years ago, and accidentally found it on my harddrive lol enjoy


  4. Here a couple of props that were created by Hunter-Seeker for use on Blue Zone maps and missions:
  5. Neutral Turret

    Version 2.0


    A skin that makes Nod turret have some neutral look as I don't like when GDI team got Nod turrets


  6. C&C_Bridge_Control

    Version 1.0


    General Map Information Bridge_Control is based on the other Bridge_Control map from Tiberium Crystal War. It is a fast action paced map with only two buildings per team: GDI: Weapons Factory and Infantry Barracks Nod: Airstrip and Hand of Nod There are also Tiberium Silo's providing the teams with money, 2 on each team giving each $5/3sec. Beware that one of your silo's is very vulnerable in the middle area and is likely destroyed at the start of the map. Don't worry though, you have another one behind your Infantry Building, and on top of that you can repair the silo's back to full health after which they become operational again. The Tiberium Silo's do not have to be destroyed to end the game, so it never ends in a stalemate Silo vs Silo The ruined buildings were created by Hunter-Seeker and weapons spawn inside it! The crane was created by ImperialKaskins. You can climb all the way to the top and get the sniperrifle that spawns there The appartment buildings at the side of the map were also created by ImperialKaskins and are a nice decorative touch. The trees on the map were designed by Blazea58 Have fun people


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