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  2. Hey folks! We've made an update yesterday (11/12/2019), and here's what we made: - Added 6 new radio commands. - Added BECTFDropFlag (Default: F12), so you can drop flags you carry now. Doing this will not effect your rank points, to prevent abuse. - Fixed a important bug where flag observer tries to heal player which was left the game. - Fixed a bug when protected nicknames leave and rejoin and tries to type chat causing crash. - Fixed a important glitch and crash about random characters. - Added !support command. Typing it will drop Soldier, Shotgunner and Officer. You must have all your support bots killed to call another support. - Added !ping command. That shows specified player's latency. - Improved !refill command. - Added 8 new taunts. - Fixed duplicated or multiplied radar blips not disappearing after flag drop & capture/return. - Some miscellaneous fixes to various systems in gameplay and serverside.
  3. We've updated our server today (18/11/2019). Here's the changelog: • We've added a new map "Crazy_TheCanyon", from the original C&C_TheCanyon. We made the Silo uncapturable (unkillable), and removed automated defenses. • We had to remove Crazy_Canada from rotation. A preset setting conflict caused a client-side crash. We'll be on it to take it back into rotation. • We added a FDS relay function powered by UltraBot, which we are still working on it, for Discord. Users will be able to view server chat, event, and other things in a specific Discord channel as soon as possible. (Function is still WIP, nothing much left.)
  4. This topic is locked. Please report bugs, requests and thoughts under https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/535-bugs-requests/.
  5. Hello! Recently, the development of BlackEagle was resumed. And we made a lot of changes in our server. I want to talk about them a bit now. The changes are currently like above. If we add more features soon, we will post them here. You can post your thoughts about updates. If you find or notice a bug, please report them under https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/535-bugs-requests/. It is very important for us to fix them. For a better game quality.
  6. Hello everybody! I took the development progress of the BlackEagle with the leading of SpEeDr. As everyone knows, zunnie was sadly passed away, we're still under the shock of it and incredibly sad. We're decided to continue development progress to keep zunnie's projects alive, and I was a volunteer for this job. The team should still be same, we'll keep zunnie in the moderators list. Just I've been assigned to the project as developer. We've been working on the project for more than 2 months silently. Server should be public in the following months. The project idea is still same, maps will be still same, logic will be same, server will be improved.
  7. Welcome to the bugs and requests forum. Please read below before posting. If you are reporting a bug: Please try to reproduce it as far as you can. Lke when it was happened, what happened, is the game & server crashed, etc. If you are requesting something: Please tell us detailed about your idea. We care our member's ideas. Because they will keep the population up by listening to you.
  8. For anyone who want to become a part of us.. Apply here and answer these questions and we will come back to you with our decision as soon as possible. Real name: Nickname: Age: Country: Do you have an IRC? if yes what's your nickname there ? Why do you want to be a moderator ? What will you do if you saw someone cheating ? Are you ready to wait in the server for more than 20 minutes until someone join the server ? Are you a moderator or admin in any another server ? Do you want to add anything else ?
  9. You have been REMOVED Sorry buddy! we need active mods
  10. Server Rules : ~ no cheating ~ no advertising of other servers ~ no intentional bug exploiting ~ respect everyone ~ no erroneous nicknames ~ no racism ~Spamming is not allowed Server Info : ~IP : ~Port : 5050 ~server moderators : Administrators: zunnie unknown SpEeDr hesh94 Full Moderators: Rossnisbe Half Moderators: Muslium Developers : @SpEeDr - Founder, allround devloper @zunnie - Coding
  11. I've added these stats to the server, you can look them up for anyone ingame by typing !stats <player>
  12. Hello everyone, as you can see SpEeDr and me started working on a new version of Crazy Capture The Flag originally thought up and created by Jessica back in 2004-5 or something. It was immensly popular then because it had many custom weapons, little secrets and special stuff. I've fixed a few glitches here and there in the source code provided by Jonwil in the TT 4.6 server scripts and combined it with Dragonade 2.92's latest release by @Whitedragon. Vehicles are enabled in Crazy CTF, though only the APC's and Hummer + Buggy. You cannot pickup the flag while inside a vehicle, nor can you drive in it while carrying the flag, you can however be a passenger of a vehicle. Furthermore you need to know that you cannot capture the flag while you are inside a vehicle, you have to get out and walk over the flag pedestal to actually score. Returning your own flag while inside a vehicle and driving over it, is possible. You can look up the !score and your capture- and some other gaming stats by typing !stats <playername> Those stats are processed once every map at the gameover event for every player in the server. If you leave the server before the end of the map; tough luck, your stats are lost for that map. (i will see if i can fix this soon tho). If you have bug reports, concerns, feature requests or thoughts about Crazy CTF then feel free to post them here. TODO - A bug or feature that will be fixed sooner or later PENDING - This has been fixed but has yet to be installed on the server DONE - This has been done and is applied on the server NEGATIVE - This will not be fixed or added TODO List: Coming shortly.......
  13. @Muslium did you mean to post this for BlackEagle CTF? See here instead https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/517-moderator-application/
  14. Oh thanks for your application we will back to you soon
  15. Hello, My Real name:((( Mohamed Mosad ))) My Nickname:((( Muslium ))) My Age:((( 16 ))) My Country:((( Egypt ))) (((( Yes I've an IRC ,, My nickname on IRC is : Muslium ))) Why do you want to be a moderator?:((( to kick cheater's ass , to protect server and to improve server ))) What will you do if you saw someone cheating?:((( First, I'll give him a warn if he still cheating I'll kick him ! ))) Are you ready to wait in the server for more than 20 minutes until someone join the server? :((( Yes I'm ))) Are you a moderator or admin in any another server?:((( No ))) Do you want to add anything else?:((( Yes I hope to be a moderator on this server It's interesting very interesting Thank you very much for reading my topic ))
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