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  1. Windows key + G, to take screenshots and videos (ss and vids will be there: C:\Users\[username]\Videos\Captures) You can install Nvidia GeForce Experience too if you have a GeForce video card, you will be able to take ss and videos ingame and broadcast too (Twitch and Youtube)
  2. Try to delete the ttfs folder located here "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client" Or try to re-install the TT 4.6 patch from here "http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe"
  3. Open cmd.exe and type: tracert and copy paste the result here
  4. Already played on it but i prefer ren ❤️ ren for life !
  5. Google is your friend the best friend who someone can ever had xD
  6. Damn no.. not him ... not zunnie 😢 very sad news for the community 😥 all my thoughts for his family Resquiescat in Pace Zunnie ☕
  7. download broken ?? i got this message --> ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE
  8. good tutorial for beginners and for experienced players
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