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  1. Yeah I'm pretty sure the modding teams actually hired him. Probably a couple hundread bucks cause they still do this as a hobby and they don't get any money out of it to use the resources and hire full time musicians.
  2. I agree, over the past decade only the community looked after the C&C games. Releasing unofficial patches to improve gameplay and such, new maps, hell of a lot mods(pretty sure the whole C&C mod database is bigger than any other game) and from time to time they recieved support from people that worked on the games. For example Frank Klepacki(imo the one that made c&c what it is through his epic music) remixed some tracks and/or created new ones for mods like Twisted Insurrection and Mental Omega. To be honest, no matter how fucked up the gameplay will be, there are always going to be modders that will try to improve it to the best of their skills and keep the C&C legacy alive for many more years to come because without us, it would have died a long time ago. I honestly hope it’s going to be a new Renegade, improved graphics and such but with the mechanics of the original one(free aim for instance) and not too many gameplay changes(like Ren X and the bullshit sprint, arties having to shoot in an arc and other crap like that) and I’m really curious about how it will play out and hopefully it will bring back some oldskool players and possibly even revive normal Ren.
  3. What many don't know* c: I clicked on your up arrow(idk how to reddit), your post is just above mine.
  4. Oh God please don't be another Tiberium Twilight. I would much appreciate a remaster of the older games though, like Red Alert 2(my favorite C&C of all time), or someting based on Tiberian Sun/Tiberian Dawn(C&C 1). Even Generals 2 looked promising, I got to see the early stages of it on the forums for Tiberium Alliances(the shitty browser game) and I was really hoping that it would actually become a thing but unfortunately EA stopped paying those people working on the game and they eventually shut down the development after months with no paychecks. You see, it's not the developers' fault that some games are weird(hint hind Twilight) but the fact that the higher power behind them pushes them to do their bidding. For example, the reason why Twilight was made this way is simple, they(EA) intended the game to be released for the asian community as an esport and it failed to become one so the game is basically trash and no one really wants to play it. Renegade 2 would be awesome indeed although it would bring a lot of players that have no idea about the original game(just like Ren X) and I don't really know how it would play out. Will it actually be a good game and be played for years just like our loved Renegey? Or will it end up just like Ren X and die out after a few months? I guess we'll see and all we can hope for is that we'll finally have a decent C&C game after so many years which will make all of us C&C vets rejoice. One last note. If you're a EA employee/dev and reading this, then don't fuck up the new C&C or I will be very mad and start protesting naked in front of your HQ. That is not something you will want to see and I assure you that this will remain in your head forever.
  5. Don't do that. It's not... safe. He will kidnap you. Do nasty things to you.... like, make you play poker and stuff. v: Welcome :v
  6. WNxH3adSh00t


    Umm, none have 3 GB RAM, maybe you meant VRAM of the nVidia GPU? The PC with the GTX card has 8 GB DDR4 and the one with RX 480 has 16 GB DDR4.
  7. WNxH3adSh00t


    So I want to buy a rig on steroids since for the past 7 years I only used laptops and I've had enough of them. They are premade(some might say, you fool, make your own shait) but I did create one from parts and compared the prices, they were the same. These aren't brand PCs but rather they're made out of parts kinda, better performance/price ratio and whatnot. So, both have the same CPU, 6th gen i7 6700(no 6700k though which was kinda bad). One has a ASUS GTX 1060 with 3 GB DDR5, the other a Sapphire RX 480 NITRO+ with 8GB DDR5(talk about overkill). The one with the GTX has 8GB DDR4(with one more slot available, making it 16 if I would upgrade) and the other has 16 + space for another 16(2x8) making it 32. I want to go for the AMD to be honest, they have the same prices and you can upgrade it better. The AMD one has more SATA III slots for SSDs than the other. I want to get several 250 GB SSDs since they're fairly cheap, I will use the HDD to store random junk. With the AMD one I'd get 1TB in total from SSDs and with the GTX one I'd get about half. For price comparison, the CPU and the GPU alone make up about 80% of the price of the already made PC. i'll still need mobo, ram and all the other shenanigans which will already go over.
  8. I don't like to say this, but cuntlary will win. Mostly of the rigged election but also because all the moronic BLMs and SJWs will vote for her. I watched the elections live, she was smirking every time, even when Trump was mentioning all the bad things she did. Do you know why? Because she was supposed to win from the beginning. She knows she can't lose, the election will be rigged. Even knowing this, I really hope she won't be elected president. I don't want a WW3 to happen, not now, now in the future. She's fucking insane if she wants to attack Russia. Putin even said that russians won't do the first move, they do not want a war. The anti-missile system in EU was not made to 'defend us from Iran' but to be used against Russia. The thing is, she's not the one deciding what will happen, she's just a puppet controlled by the 0.1% put in that place to establish a new world order. Call me crazy but that's what I believe. If God forbid WW3 happens, it won't be like any war we've ever seen. It doesn't matter which country invades wich. The invaded one WILL launch nukes on the attacker. They want to take out Russia because it's like a wall between them and world domination. Which country will go to war against someone that took out a superpower like that? This election is more than a new US president. It literally holds the faith of the world. There will either be peace if Trump gets elected, or War if the corrupt shit gets elected. I'm not an american, so I don't know that much about your elections and how stuff works, but this is a true fact.
  9. WNxH3adSh00t


    Highlight his mumbo jumbos and it's gonna be easy to read :v
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