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Found 8 results

  1. To expand upon in the near future:
  2. I'v eadded three new commands on the server: !stats <player> - Displays the overall stats of passed player !joins - Displays how many times you have joined the server !played - Displays how many times you played the current map
  3. UT3 Servers Online Our MPF Unreal Tournament 3 servers have been online for a few weeks now. We're hosting a DM and WAR server for 32 players each, the servers are running only Custom New Maps from the community. The servers website can be found at http://unreal.multiplayerforums.com/which has some basic info and news on it. New Content & Downloads You will be able to just join the servers and download the maps automatically. There is no need to pre-install them Just add it to your favorites, join it and play The IP's Below you can find the IP and Port of the servers. Simply add them to your favorites and join! European DM Server: European WAR Server: IRC Channels The servers report ingame kills and chat at irc.cncirc.net in the channels #MPF-UT3-DM and #MPF-UT3-WAR Statistics The stats for the servers like kills, deaths, games played etc, are recorded at the link below: http://ut3.multiplayerforums.com Fun Have fun in the servers!
  4. tcw Stats Weapon Icons

    I've created the weapon icons now for the stats pages. View them on your stats profile over here.
  5. Thank you all for visiting our websites, playing on our server and donating to us to keep this online and active Stats for http://multiplayerforums.com Stats for http://www.ultraaow.com Stats for http://www.ren-x.com Stats for http://www.mpf-imperial-age.com Stats for http://www.mpf-games.com Stats for http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com Stats for http://www.csgods.com Stats for http://www.unreal4ever.com
  6. MPF CSGO Back Online

    CSGO Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/ ( 13.99€ ) MPF CSGO Website: http://www.csgods.com MPF CSGO Forums: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/forum/74-counter-strike-global-offensive/ MPF CSGO Tournament Stats: http://us.multiplayerforums.com/csgo/hlstats.php We restarted our servers for CSGO just recently. TRFL, Mike, Kenz3001, CireX, Spiders, PwnCall, Wyld and zunnie (to name a few) are trying to make our servers active for it. There are also monthly prize(s) to win when you are ranked first for example. In the future we will create tournaments with different goals apart from being ranked 1st. Have fun!
  7. Website Statistics 2013

    MultiPlayerForums.com Stats: UltraAOW.com Stats: TiberiumCrystalWar.com Stats: Thanks everyone for continue-ing to donate, joining our servers, visiting our websites and liking it as well It's great to see the increase in website traffic and players on the servers Game On!
  8. IRC Web Statistics

    I have setup MagIRC Web Stats for our Network It can be reached here http://stats.cncirc.net/ Most users have CHANSTATS already turned on for them and a few channels. To enable stats on your nickname /NS set CHANSTATS ONTo enable stats for your channel you first need a BotServ bot in the channel. Check out these commands for that. /BS help ASSIGN/BS help BOTLISTIf you want a special named bot with its own custom nick!user@hostmask#realname PM me and I can set you one up! Once you have a Bot in your channel you can /CS set CHANSTATS #ChannelHere ONThis will only track your stats if CHANSTATS is turned on in the channel you are in. ~Cronus

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