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Muslium Moderator Application

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My Real name:((( Mohamed Mosad )))


My Nickname:((( Muslium )))


My Age:((( 16 )))


My Country:((( Egypt )))


(((( Yes I've an IRC ,, My nickname on IRC is : Muslium )))


Why do you want to be a moderator?:((( to kick cheater's ass , to protect server and to improve server )))


What will you do if you saw someone cheating?:((( First, I'll give him a warn 

if he still cheating I'll kick him ! )))


Are you ready to wait in the server for more than 20 minutes until someone join the server?

:((( Yes I'm ))) 


Are you a moderator or admin in any another server?:((( No )))

Do you want to add anything else?:((( Yes I hope to be a moderator  on this server It's interesting very interesting 

Thank you very much for reading my topic  ))

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