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  1. zunnie is the man who brought me on board back in the FanMaps site days and the first MP sites. we use to stay up all night and day on TeamSpeak drinking coffee and modding & Mapping Renegade, counter strike unreal and so on. Zunnie you have changed a lot of life's and made some dam good friends. and will be Missed by all. My condolences to his family and friends. Grime1209 FMFear NotAfk
  2. old layout is best I cant find anything in this layout.
  3. nub!


    1. NotAfK


      n00ber how ya been.

    2. NotAfK


      n00ber how ya been.

    3. Hunty


      I've been good man, how's life treating you? 

  4. NotAfK

    New here!

    Owned! brb coffee and welcome to the forums.
  5. NotAfK

    Hi people!

    Welcome to the Forums.
  6. Happy-Birthday Zunnie! have a great one.
  7. I use the 550 ti 2gb card and it runs everything I throw at it on max setting without issue.
  8. NotAfK

    epic prank

    beat me to it lol someone sent this to me via facebook. check out some of his other pranks aswell.
  9. NotAfK


    Welcome Don't forget to make yourself at home and invite your mates.
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