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  1. My wife battled Cervical Cancer for 2 years end result all female productive parts removed and then after 2 years find out it destroyed her left Kidney as well and that as well was removed and now we may be battling incoming affect with her liver being affected as well sigh I know how this works and I hate to hear about anyone being taken down by this visions and sometimes relentless disease. You and your friends family have our deepest condolences.
  2. I will consider moving some funding around when I make my donations to the main server in support of the Ren servers please consider firing up a Java version of Minecraft for cross platform players only if its feasible to do so with enough support. "Let me know how this develops.
  3. Just a side note from research - It is my understanding that a Server running in native Java SDK format C++ coding platform that the Java Ver server setup is Backwards compatible for Windows 10 Minecraft, Minecraft PE though Minecraft Server running in native only for Windows 10/PE IOS is not backwards compatible to Minecraft Java edition. I understand and sympathize the idea to setup the server in Native Windows 10 /PE Ios was due in part that one would expect most everyone to be beyond the realm of Windows 7/8/8.1 however that is not the case for many I know are still reluctant to upgrade to Win10 or even 8/8.1 with valid reasons I agree with. So if the idea were to arise to make the change over to the Java Version of Minecraft Server please let me know for now I will attempt to get her on with either the Ipad. Thank you for your time and attention please try to have a ggood day on your end.
  4. Okay my question is this I see your direction is Win10/Mobile/Console Version am I to assume Console Version is Xbox Version ? she also has minecraft for IOS Ipad version as well her native desktop is an isolated Windows 7 64bit ver so I believe she wont be able to use her desktop version as that I believe is Java SDK run time let me know if and when a Java version will be supported please. Her Xbox is not authorized to be on my network I do not allow that so her Xbox version is out of the question. I like to monitor very close her in game playing not that it is of any major concern if she is playing on one of the community services however just the same I monitor her close. Option can she connect and play on her IOS Ipad version ?
  5. I just posted in other discussion about RileyBug playing she is all over me to ask so is this still up and running ? I just saw this discussion post sorry for the DBLS....
  6. My six yo Granddaughter is a total mine craft freak now "RileyGirl" Mine craft handle is RileyBug question is the mine craft server moderated for inappropriate content? and how if possible can she if I allow it her to connect to the server on her xbox 360 or her computer she does have a computer she is not as proficient onthe computer yet however she has that dang xbox down to a T me I can't use that controller I am old school QuakeWorld FPS I need a kb and mouse...Thanks for any feed back or info.

    1. zunnie


      I dont know nothing about the minecraft server. Talk to @Cronus or @Genesis2001 for minecraft please. I really have no clue, sorry :(

    2. Genesis2001


      @Cronus is the one to ask.

    3. MorDos


      Thanks I sent a copy to him.

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