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Original Authors: Bumpaneer, StoneRook and Andre

First step, I’d like to give big thanks for Bumpaneer on allowing me to write this tutorial on realistic

water making for Renegade. Well, let’s get started.

  • Load your Ren-X

    and make a plane 10x10 or bigger. Remember this is only to get you

    started, once you learn this tutorial, you will be able to make the

    water any size you wish.

  • Press the M key on your keyboard, which should open the Renegade Material Editor.
  • Click on the blue box icon (Make New Renegade Material) to avoid conflicts between a material already used in other object. Then, change the Pass Count to 2 and select the Surface Type (Naturally Water) as show in the picture below:
  • Usually, when you start by the Pass 1 tab, Ren-X crashes, so let’s move on to Pass 2 tab, then we come back to set up the #1.
Click on Vertex Material tab on Pass 2. Make sure Ambient, Diffuse, Specular and Emissive colors are black. Under the "Stage 0 Mapping" (bottom Left of screen). Select the drop down box to the right of Type and select "BumpEnv". And fill the box Args below with:




And don’t forget to change the Stage 1 Mapping Type to Environment (Basically to make it reflective) as shown in the picture below:


  • Now let’s move to the Shader tab (Still inside Pass 2 Tab). Select the Blend Mode to Add. On the Advanced (Still on Shader Tab, but on bottom), select the Pri Gradient as Bump-Environment and the Detail Color as Add. Watch picture below:
  • Now let’s move to the Textures tab to set up the textures and the details of the water and it’s movement.
  • Check the Stage 0 Texture and click on the None button to select the proper texture. Use the texture called bump_water.tga here.
  • Now check the Stage 1 Texture (Detail Texture) and click again on None button and select the texture named water_reflect.tga
On next page you are going to see how your Textures tab should be after setting up all these changes.


  • Once you are done with setting up Vertex Material, Shader and Texture tabs on Pass 2, click on the button shown on the picture (Assign Material to Selection) to apply the changes to rhe object.
  • Now let’s move back to Pass 1. On Vertex Material Tab, change the Stage 0 Mapping Type to Linear Offset and add VPerSec=-0.01 to the Args box, as shown in the picture on next page.
Important Note: The Ambient, Diffuse, Specular and Emissive are already set up properly, you don’t need to change them.


  • There is nothing to change or set up on Shader Tab, so let’s move directly to the Textures Tab on Pass 1.
  • Check the Stage 0 Texturing and select the remaining texture included in the pack:
water_texture.tga – Once you select the texture, check the Display button and then, to finish, click once again on Assign Material to Selection button, wich will


Finished Product:


Tutorial Written by André. Realistic Water technique developed and improved by Bumpaneer and StoneRook.


you wish to know how to make more realistic effects for Renegade, start

using WDump provided with the Renegade Mod Tools, there you can view

all W3D’s Textures settings, making you be able to duplicate any effect

Westwood added to their maps with textures.

== Enjoy Your New Realistic Water ==

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Couple things about this.


By using Screen instead of opaque or alpha blend in pass 1, you can allow shadows to come onto water.

You can swap the textures used in this to allow different results.

Environment is not recommended. I recommend Worldspace (WS) Environment, as it works better for flat meshes like water.

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  • 1 month later...

Requesting a tutorial how to make the water plane transparent, that means you can see what is under the water. :)


YES I MADE. My error was both in pass 2 xD


set the opacity to 0.5 and alpha blend the texture... the black paint will make it tranparent

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So if I am redoing a map, can I delete the water and put this is? :o

If you still have your river in your map, just change that "one" setting that Camo said, and you'll see shadows and it will be more transparent. That's what I did. I don't know which I like better however.

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