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  1. My memory escapes me as to the date. Ren has no beginning or end... it is forever. That particular assortment of time was utmost somber but also one of the most invigorating in recent years. Never have I seen so many mourners, us vs them... united. Spoons was a very kind & benevolent, capable "leader" (if you will) Transmission garbled: Anywho... thank you all again for keeping this up. Its up to you, you know? Thanx! End transmission.
  2. Ren X... where have I heard that? Ren Xylophone? Ren Xenogeny? Oh wait... Ren Xerox... that's it.
  3. That may be the way to go... but aren't there hundreds of maps? I can barely remember the names of the ones I do like.
  4. I will. Ren has seen many a good entity come & go... their legacy lives through us!
  5. We were born under a wandering star. Keep up the good work though!
  6. Is there any way we can get the !rate or like/dislike, whatever, extended to half the duration of the map? MPF continues to spam us with so many great new maps that I hardly have a moment to look around & explore let alone decide if I like the map or not. In conclusion: move map rate time to 1/2 map time or at least 25 minutes to give us ample time to gauge. Ty for ur time.
  7. Got bored while I was gone but now I'm here. U all bust shots, only in fear. Tuesday I was home, AR's were drawn... Relentless' {R} Unit forget affiliation we R 1. It is senseless for U2 prevent this, that .50 cal put U under sum photosynthesis. @ any given instant, another incident... U just got a glimpse of Relentless' temperament. This short fuse will put ur portrait on the news, n00bs them screws is loose when u fk with them Relentless dudes!

  8. Or you can wait until WinDoh's pulls their head from their ass & create a more worthy operating system. Win 7 for the Win! or 98+ & XP depending on how avid one is at programming. Vista wasn't too bad if you have the 'ins'. I use Win 7 myself & Win 98+ on "ancient" games. I am personally waiting for Win 1438 dash B. Kinks should be worked out by then right?
  9. U R possessed! I AM ur livid PEST who puts U 2 rest. TONIGHT you'll be MY guest. U R oppressed! ABUSED @ MY request! Get ready 4 our VIOLENT quest!

    1. rackzz


      u fukin woot m8

  10. Umm.... was I muted from hearing other ppls nonsense? Or a fluke perhaps? Happens a lot. Still can not hear my or others join gibberish! When blah join... some noise is heard! Not for me
  11. Still gone??????????????????????????????????????????????????? CABAL is upset it can not laugh...
  12. Sorry to get 'off topic' You all do well, & have answered my questions; keep it up! Grant would still like to pay MPF a visit if I can get in your MC server... regardless of stealth: etc. On the other hand; is "!qkick" all I can really do? Surely I place lousy mines from time to time, or even buy a vehicle suddenly and accidently destroy a team-mates vehicle. No refund? No disarm? If not... how would I gain those privileges? Don't ask me to join your Team Scrotum; I don't mind reading from you... but hearing??? Gah! Learn sum (an amount) etiquette & annunciation techniques! Yeah... I said Sum, go look it up. Tyvm4urtym
  13. Up to everyone, but thank you for the consideration. Does not have to be exact quotes nor will I take any credit. . Points/Creds! Only a few points/Creds behind? Rep your ppl! . Don't get out of tank, dangerous to go rep alone. . Take a bullet now & then for the team, need to die for a K/D. . Jump around, harder to hit! . If you can't do it, don't. Don't give them the points/creds. . Head on a swivel; people like to sneak around. . Are you a Fobbit? Shoot around base to find SBH! I can think of much more if you want... lmk...
  14. Thomas Paine wrote a book called Common Sense b/c most people do not naturally posses it. I've seen unspeakable acts of n00bishness time & again, perhaps they just need a friendly reminder?
  15. Very good to know, makes sense ok thank you :) And I donate from time to time! $150 so far but prefer to remain anonymous. Admittedly I haven't donated recently....... Find a way to magic me into your Minecraft server! I have cracked version, can join other servers, though not many except this one. If so, my friend Grant will pay MPF a visit