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  1. Version 1.0


    C&C Renegade - Nod Sakura - Alternate skin Sexy Sakura Version: 1.0 Created: Mauler Replacement skin for the alternate Sakura (Red Suit Sakura), She now has her sexy legs showing, boobies too! Pink suit Install: PLACE INTO YOUR \Westwood\Renegade\Data folder, where ever that may be..
  2. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== This will change the default low quality vehicle Purchase terminal icons into newer HD quality icons Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  3. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== This will change the default low quality Nod/GDI Refill, Characters and Vehicle purchase icons into newer HD quality icon textures Affects both GDI and Nod Icons Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  4. We've added roszek's (former MPF Administrator) map to the server tonight. It has all cool vehicles from C&C 4 working in Renegade. The map uses the sidebar with beacon purchases available. Below is what roszek says about this map: This is a custom map created by me with help from Mauler. All the Renegade vehicles have been replaced with C&C4 vehicles. There is also a working Chronoshpere for GDI, and Nod has a mutant lab which allows Nod to buy Mutant soldiers even if the hon is dead. This map uses custom crates (instead of the reborn ones) which are dropped of by cargo plane. For this map to work properly you need to install the included scripts and ssgm plugin to your server. The sidebar.dll (created mostly by zunnie) puts beacons on the sidebar. Again, thanks to Matt Fabian for his great waterfall. Some Screenshots: Have fun
  5. Version 1.16


    This nifty tool lets you reimport models from the W3D file back into Max, for you own editing needs Extract into your 3dsmax8 Folder to install **Now that you have the model it still needs to be optimized for Rengade, as the importer messes with the W3D file, Please read the tutorial on the subject Here is the "Importing and Optimizing W3D's Tutorial" - using this script to import
  6. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== SUPERPACK CONTAINS ALL PREVIOUS HD ICONS IN ONE ARCHIVE, OR PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH YOU WISH TO DISPLAY FROM THE OTHER DOWNLOADS This will change ALL the default low quality Nod/GDI purchase icons into newer HD quality icon textures Affects both GDI and Nod Purchase Terminal Icons Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  7. Version 1.0


    This will change all the default low quality Nod and GDI purchase terminal icons into newer HD quality icon textures. Do not change the default installation destination unless you know exactly what you are doing and it is required. Changing the destination wrongfully will cause this addon to not function correctly with your Game. For support visit http://support.mpf-imperial-age.com
  8. Created by mixed assets from the MPF Dev Team created on maps by PwnCall Seven New Maps by MPF will be available tomorrow on the server NewMaps 4.1: Airai Atoll Cracked Ferk Night Lazer Tag Stockade Winterfell
  9. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== This will change the default low quality Nod/GDI basic (Free) infantry purchase icons into newer HD quality icon textures Will affect Nod and GDI free characters purchase icons Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  10. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== This will change the default low quality Nod/GDI Advanced Characters purchase icons into newer HD quality icon textures Affects both GDI and Nod Advanced Character Icons Includes the all Alternate Skins as well! Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  11. Guest

    Mauler's HD Blank Icon Pack

    Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] PLEASE ENJOY THE FILE, BUT PLEASE CREDIT THE ORIGNAL AUTHOR OF THE FILE USED.. THANKS! ===FILE=== This pack contains HD versions of the stock Renegade Purchase Terminal icons (BLANK) in DDS format and TGA format , Create new PT icons with these blank GDI and Nod PT icons!! ===Install=== Extract to directory and edit for your own custom content
  12. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] _____ _____________________ / \\______ \_ _____/ / \ / \| ___/| __) / Y \ | | \ \____|__ /____| \___ / \/ \/ ===FILE=== Stealth Black Hand - Todd McFarlane's "Spawn" Skin Replaces the SBH character skin to legendary comic character "Spawn" created by Todd McFarlane The download also includes a PT menu Icon to replace the SBH character select icon in the purchase menu Enjoy it! Greetz from Mauler ~Expect only the best from Mauler ===Install=== PLACE FILES INTO YOUR RENEGADE DATA FOLDER, WHERE EVER THAT MAY BE..
  13. Version 2.0


    ==Custom 4.0 SHader Hud - Renegade Stock Style== Version: 2.0 Created: Mauler, Kenz3001 Replaces the the Hud_Main.DDS texture, with a new custom 4.0 shader hud , that is far more customizable with the Hud.INI file =Changelist/Features= 1.0 Changelist The health bar displays health level in color form, could not find a way of add it without errors/ or not displaying colors properly The selected weapon text is now been moved to the middle, aligned it with the credit, time text info Disabled vehicle steering image and gunner images... could not find a way of add it without errors Features fully customizable fonts, and colors for all text! 2.0 Changelist Moved the weapon text,vehicle text to far top left corner - was not displaying properly on lower resolutions Tested multiple resolutions up to 1920x1280 Small fixes to graphical image Hud.ini colorizes the host/private message to lime green, instead of that hard to see dark blue =Install= Place Hud.ini and Renegade_Hud.DDS into you \Renegade\Data Folder, where ever that might be..
  14. Guest

    Mauler's Sexy Red Hotwire

    Version 1.0


    C&C Renegade - GDI Hotwire Sexy Red Hotwire Version: 1.0 Created: Mauler Replacement skin for Hotwire, She now has her midrift showing, boobies too! Red suit, with black cap, and alternate makeup Install: PLACE INTO YOUR \Westwood\Renegade\Data folder, where ever that may be..
  15. Version 3.0


    Combo pack that removes the annoying chatbox semi transparent bar and recolors the Host and Private message text to a easy to see lime green color. Enjoy 2.0 Update Added Cyan color to the public message text, the chatbox bar removed made the white text impossible to see, this fixes that issue. The team text is unaffected by this change 3.0 Update Took out all data for custom Hud texture/color.. and left only the info for the private message/team color texts.. "To use this in conjuction with another Hud simply copy and paste all text from other Hud.ini file that contains the info for your custom Hud after the infotext line. Cheers!"
  16. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] _____ _____________________ / \\______ \_ _____/ / \ / \| ___/| __) / Y \ | | \ \____|__ /____| \___ / \/ \/ ===FILE=== Stealth Black Hand - Venom Skin Replaces the SBH character skin to Marvel's comics character "Venom" The download also includes a PT menu Icon to replace the SBH character select icon in the purchase menu Enjoy it! Greetz from Mauler ~Expect only the best from Mauler ===Install=== PLACE FILES INTO YOUR RENEGADE DATA FOLDER, WHERE EVER THAT MAY BE..
  17. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Created by Mauler Administrator [email protected] ===FILE=== This will change the default low quality Nod/GDI transport helicopter textures into newer HD quality textures Nod and GDI have updated texture Enjoy ===Install=== Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
  18. Guest

    Lightmap tutorial

    If you wish to host this tutorial elsewhere please let us know below.. I have finally gotten around to creating a simple tutorial on how to get lighting effects from 3DSMax 8 into Renegade, Some would call this "lightmapping" when using this and some other tools TT have developed you too can get professional looking shadows, lighting effects... just one thing i should mention, this method is not dynamic lighting, but rather static baked in lighting Let's begin Open your completed level, textures are optional, but recommended that the level be completely textured before starting the process. Just easier to render and see the effect the lighting will have on the level Here I have placed some lights and other atmosphere effects to the scene. Let's render [F9] the scene and check out how the lighting looks, Everything looks fine, When you happy with the final product move on to the next step. **Remember to render often to check for lighting errors or glitches be sure to look at all surfaces etc.. Now that our lights are done, lets hide them and just keep the terrain I want to lightmap visible, First thing you want to do is clone all the terrain pieces you wish to apply the lighting to... In my case, it is the concrete boxes and ground. [Right Click > Clone] Now both pieces are cloned simply move them to the side, Leave it there for now, we will work on that in a bit.. As you can see I've moved mine a bit off from center. Now select the original two pieces and remove the materials from them [utilities Tab> UVW Remove>Materials Make sure "Set Gray" is checked] With the materials off the original meshes, we need to combine them for the lightmap. [utilities>Collapse>Collapse Selected] This will make the pieces into one mesh. Now that it is one mesh, we need to apply a UVW unwrap, Select the mesh [Modifiers>UV Coordinates>Unwrap UVW] Now that it has applied a UV unwrap we need to flatten all faces for the lighting information. ** Before moving on set the "Map Channel" to 2, we will need to remember this for later Under "Selection Modes" click on the third button to the left "Face Sub-object Mode" then select all faces in the scene [Ctrl+A] to select all, then we need to flatten, [Mapping>Flatten Mapping]. Once that is done just use the defaults that are displayed on my screenshot. Click "Ok" when done. The modifier should auto-flatten to something similiar to what i got pictured above. Once that is done, move on to the next step. Now we need to render the lighting information to a texture, [Rendering>Render to Texture] This will provide a pop-up of the settings of the texture we will render, Set the Padding to 64, Object should "Use existing Channel" then set the channel to 2, we set this channel from earlier... Continue down to "Add" button, Click on it and select "Lightingmap" after it will provide you with the ability to change the file name and type of the texture output [To change output location click on the " ... " ] **For lightmaps I tend to make them DDS with DXT-1 settings, and Use a 256x256 size Once you are happy with file name and output location press "Render", You should see a pop up with the lightmap texture, something like my lightmap pictured above. Once rendered close the pop up windows Now the lightmap texture is applied to the original mesh, At this point we need to detach the single mesh back into the orginal two pieces we started with.. [Right-Click on the mesh>Detach with the element tool] Once complete move on to the next step. Now this is where the cloned copy of the original comes into play, We need to attach the cloned pieces to the lightmapped pieces. Ground>Ground, Concrete Boxes>Concrete Boxes... Once you attach the cloned copy to the lightmap meshes a pop up will appear [Pictured above] leave those default settings and press Ok. Now that the pieces are attached together we need to re-apply the materials over the meshes, Once complete move to next step Now the two pieces are retextured we need to get rid of the cloned mesh we made earlier [Mine was the top one] just make the mesh editable and select and delete the cloned mesh [Pictured above] We are left with the one piece, Now we need to apply the lightmap texture we made earlier to the materials of the Ground and Concrete Boxes.. Go into the material editor [ M ] and apply the next step settings to the materials. Vertex Tab, Stage 1 Mapping should be set to 2 Shader Tab, Pri-Gradient set to "Disable", Detail Color to "Scale" Textures Tab, Check Stage 1 Texture, And place the Lightmap texture you output earlier here, Click on "Clamp U" and "Clamp V"Once completed close material editor and Export your scene into a W3DOnce all is complete and lightmap textures are applied to the mesh/meshes.. You will need to add a user defined parameter.. Right click, goto properties and goto User Defined tab... There you will see a text box add the line [ Prelit=true ] - everything in between the brackets.. And apply this line to all lightmapped mesh.. This is so that the Renegade vertex lighting system ignores these pre-baked light meshes Here is my completed level with Lightmap applied in W3D Viewer...Enjoy! and experiment!! This is what the model looks like without a lightmap texture and using default vertex lighting instead Hope you guys learned a bit from this... you can now go and create some cool looking levels with this method of lightmapping I've provided for you...It can get very complex for larger, more detailed levels, so you will need to dedicate quite sometime to do it right! I've only covered the basics on this tutorial, but I'm sure you guys can experiment and achieve more... Good luck and please feel free to post any questions you might have about Lightmapping in this tutorial thread...
  19. Level Of Detail Model tutorial Here is an example of the HLOD model of the GDI Hummvee, The image shows us the amount of polys and what distance the model will render at... The HLOD system is also used when the settings are set lower to provide better performance.. the engine will choose an appropriate level of detail depending on what the slider is set to in the configuration menu... To create a new HLOD model, we will need 4 models.. You can add addition models but 4 is a good number to start with For this tutorial I will be using a tiberium crystal model that was orginally created for TCW and is in use across different maps on UltraAOW, You can get the example file used here Let's begin! First thing you notice I have 4 different models spread across the y-axis... and for mesh models "mcryXX" etc.. at the end of each mesh name is followed by a .00 .01 .02 etc.. The highest poly model you wish to display must be centered at 0,0,0, on the XYZ axis.. the remainder can be spread across the y-axis like mine is... the only one that matters is that .00 model.. It must be centered in the world axis.. the other files will be originated at the highest poly model on export anyway.. When done creating your model you will need to create " Origin " bones for level. As you can see above the small box centered to each level is a Origin box, and then each of the different level Origin box is linked to the proper 00, 01, 02, 03 level meshes When I create LOD models, I tend to create the highest poly mesh and simply clone it and move it aside to create and edit lower poly meshes... you can edit the material, vertexs, faces, or anything to create a lower polygon model of the highest mesh Here are the settings I used for the Origin bones and the actual mesh of the crystals, you can also take a look at the file provided for reference, I did not apply collisions to the actual crystal as I did not want the model to interfere with bullets,characters,vehicles... You can however change it to your preferences.. Once all the Origins, Meshes are completed, you can now export the model to W3D.. once exported the W3D is not complete.. we still need to configure the render distances and export the HLOD info.. Ok so open up the model in W3DViewer As you can see the model is loaded, and rendering the highest polygon model ( .00 ) Currently the HLOD is not setup to switch to lower poly models... and we will set them up and export to a model that will automatically switch depending on the player camera distance. Since we have 4 models we will need 4 spots to where each level will render ingame... Keyboard Keys to switch between levels of detail are [ key and ] key and spacebar to set the render distance First I want to get the viewer camera set to about 25 units away.. you can see this at the bottom of the viewer under Camera Now at about 30 units is want the model to switch the the .01 model, set the camera to 30 and press [ to render the next level ( .01 ) press spacebar to set the distance.. Now move back to about 40 to render the next level ( .02 ) press [ again and spacebar to set distance Now move again back to about 50 to render the last model ( .03 ) press [ and spacebar Now that we have set the distances we can check our results of the switching, go to LOD>Auto Switching then move you camera back and forth and you should see the model switch from the high poly model to the lower poly models...and after 50 units the crystals won't render at all We've completed another step in the process but we need to export this new LOD model.. Go to file>export>LOD and make sure to save the file in a different directory as the other model we exported from max.. so you'll end up with 2 W3D files that share the same name... Now w3dviewer doesn't export the LOD information.. so you will need to use TT 4.0 tools to get it working, we will need to use mergelod.exe to export a correct W3D model with the proper distance settings, so we can use it ingame Now drag and drop both files into mergelod.exe once dropped the file is now ready to use.. notice the 1kb file... that is the information file, the larger 2,023kb file is now the proper file to use... open your larger W3D file and check Autoswitch option.. it will now properly switch the models when you import into Renegade.. You can delete the 1kb model and simply rename the 2,023kb model back to the original file name without the (2) Thanks for reading and goodluck! You can get the TT 4.0 Editor/Game tools here
  20. Version 1.0


    ======================== ==C&C_Winter_Field.mix== ======================== Gametype: AOW Size: Large (45+ Player accommodation) Version: 1.0 Created: Mauler -- Addition Files: Blazea58 C&C_Field set in winter conditions ===================== =Changelist/Features= ===================== - CnC Mode - Rotable MRLS Turret - Ramjet Rifle ammo decreased to 1 clip rounds - CnC Crate Spawner for (serverside mods) - VIS system in place, for maximum performance
  21. C&C_Lava Mauler and me have finished working on the map C&C_Lava. The textures were mostly made by Mauler as well as the bigass rocks that cover the scenery. Beware that you cannot drive or walk over the lava, you will die lol. The Design Scene is set in a fantasy world with 3 volcano's and lots and lots of hot Lava! The map is divided into several small islands where some have a building on it. They are connected with a dozen bridges to access each building's island. In the center of the map you can find two Helicopter Pads which can be repaired to full health after which you can purchase a GDI Orca or a Nod Apache for $700. The Silo's and Repairpads do not count to the buildings and can be repaired when they are killed. Inside the Sniper Towers are weapon spawners. A crate spawns in the center. When? Right Now! Beta 1 is already installed on the server and is in rotation. Just join and let the 4.0 integrated downloader download it when it comes by (20MB). Screenshots Video
  22. Version 1.0


    General Map Information Snow_Warfare is a deathmatch type of map with a little twist to it. You will spawn as a random character on this map, with a higher chance of becoming the lower class characters than the high class $1000 characters. The map is based around Christmas, Snow and Trees scenery. Domination The purpose of this map is not to braindead-kill-and-shoot like most Deathmatch maps. On this map there is five "Control Points". When your team repairs a Control Point your team gets 1 Capture Point per second per Control Point. When the target of 4000 Capture Points has been reached your team will win. Creator Information The map was created by Mauler from the TCW Dev Team originally for Tiberium Crystal War and now ported to Renegade. Special Notes The map uses custom written scripts by zunnie for the Domination Style which are unavailable in the TT 4.0 RC1 scripts. The latest TT 4.0 RC2 now contains the scripts used for this level, ENJOY!
  23. Guest

    RenX - Scale Models

    Version 1.0


    This RenX file contains scale models of the GDI Mammoth tank, Medium Tank, and Havoc Character models for your use in RenX... These were made to use as a scale tool for terrain and props you have created
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