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  2. Hello, link is not working, could you please provide another link? Thank you very much
  3. We would like to see your ideas into reality, create scenarios, maps, etc. and we will host them for players to enjoy! You need your scenario/map to include: 1. Mutant spawners with limited number of spawns. 2. Co-op map/scenario (only one team for players, either Nod or GDI). You can also transform AOW maps into Co-Op. 3. The map must have an end. Here is a tutorial on how to make scenarios for mutant co-op. For mapping, check out this archived page of renhelp.leubi.de Post your current or finished work on forums at Mutant Co-Op General section. PS: I will post more tutorials on this subject if people are interested! Happy modding! - Mutant Co-Op Staff
  4. You can check out your current ranking on Mutant Co-Op here ! Have fun on our server! - Sla Studios
  5. You can give us a like or post on our official Facebook page here Latest changes and news are posted! Keep track of what's going next!

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